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Archive of "the years" 

The 2023 planetary cycles 

4. January          Earth at Perihelion and Venus - Vesta - Jupiter
                              - Chiron in sidereal Pisces and Mercury - Mars

7. January          Juno - Eris in very late Pisces

31. January        Jupiter - Chiron with Vesta in sid. Pisces

8. February        Vesta - Chiron with Jupiter in sid. Pisces

12. February       Vesta - Jupiter with Chiron in sid. Pisces

26. February       Pallas - Varuna in sid. Cancer

4. March             330 degrees of the Jupiter - Uranus cycle

10. March           Juno - Uranus sid. Aries

12. March           first 30 degrees of the Saturn - Pluto cycle

17. March           Vesta - Eris at 29 degrees sid. Pisces 

21. March           March Equinox at 4 degrees 40 minutes 33 seconds Pisces                      
followed by new Moon 20 hours later

8. April                Juno - Sedna in early sid. Taurus 

18. April             Neptune changes into the sign of sid. Pisces 

24. April             Ceres - Makemake in sid. Virgo 

4. May                 Hygiea - Pluto in sid. Capricorn 

13. May               Jupiter - Eris at 29 degrees sid. Pisces

1. - 28. June       triple conjunctions Mars - Pallas - Orcus in sid. Leo

9. June              Vesta - Uranus in sid. Aries

16. July                Mercury - Mars cuspal Virgo opposing Neptune 

21. July                 Ceres - Haumea in sid. Libra (constellation Virgo) 
                              in opposition with Jupiter in sid. Aries

31. July                 Venus - Pluto in sid. Capricorn 

13. August            Mars - Makemake in sid. Virgo 
                                Vesta - Sedna in sid. Taurus

19. August            Jupiter in Aries - Saturn in Aquarius
                               60 degrees 

4. September       Mercury - Saturn in sid. Aquarius
                                Venus - Neptune in sid. Pisces

6. October             Pallas - Makemake in sid. Virgo

11. October            Juno - Varuna in sid. Cancer

26. October           Mercury and Mars near their Southnodes

November             Earth with Uranus opposing Sun, Mars
                                and Ceres... - new and full Moon - interesting.

25. November       Hygiea - Saturn in sid. Aquarius


The year 2022 - planetary cycles sidereal Astrology

we're empowered by the Universe on our evolutionary paths.

The year 2022 - planetary cycles sidereal Astrology

(mainly cycles or their aspects longer than a year) 

09. January      Venus – Earth in late Gemini and Juno in opposition in Sagittarius

The heart – the values anchored in the earthly realms but especially visible and to be integrated is the relationship we have within, with the “heart communication” and the collaboration within – when we can listen to our hearts and take this to be a “middle point” within, we may “manifestation” accordingly…

25. January      Mercury – Venus in sidereal Cancer and Earth – Varuna also Cancer

Heart – mind – coherence / receptivity / the inner self-talk etc… but being aware of what we “anchor” within as that will dictate the “rhythm” (ups and downs) in life….

07. February     Juno – Pluto in sid. Capricorn

The relationship we have with ourselves on all levels "defines" also the relationship we have with other people/world/society and so on - if we want to change something for "good", we can reach this transformation by changing/knowing ourselves. Such inner work needs focus and a "safe/solitary space" (especially within) but also both views, the "observer"/bigger picture and the detailed view.... relationships also talk about "ratio".... 

14. February     Vesta – Ixion in sid. Sagittarius

Combining devotion and “lust for life” meet near GC, GEN etc. –  directing the own forces according the truth of self, which brings stability and truth into the outer world. Life force energy doesn't judge, it acts - so be careful what you devote yourself to.... The GC nor the Galactic equator are judging but the Universal laws work "faster" and therefore "cause and effect" are very "visible".... 

16. February     Pallas – Chiron in sid. Pisces

Creative solutions meets with the master of self and “loops” – pulling the “head out of the sand” and to rise above repetitional behavior, seeing the “loops” and take oneself  out of the “cage” we put ourselves in and looking for different solutions…. Giving responsibility away, means also to give power away.... Chiron is also a wise teacher and healer, therefore a new cycle for innovative solutions in that area too. 

26. February    Jupiter – Nessus in sid. Aquarius / Venus – Makemake in sid. Virgo /   Vesta – Pholus in sid. Sagittarius and there’s also the Hygiea – Eris opposition 

Growing/emphasis on the “higher views and ideals” to deal with the “abusive encounters” in life especially to “grow” out of the walls we put around us and free the flow of resources and health. Realization of the reality of a situation and to see its origin and purpose and with that "heal". When looking at "flow"/effect we can also see the cause/origin/intention and with that "correction"/growth can happen by "discerning". A "cool" mind is needed for such - to become "reactive" isn't helpful.

3. March        Geocentric lunar node change – Southnode Libra and Northnode Aries
Here the written post about this all - link to the post

20. March      March Equinox

Here the written post about the Equinox - this is the post link

22. March      Juno – Chariklo in sid. Capricorn

One to one relationships meets the outsiders, safe heaven and discernment. In an area of details, spaces of knowledge, preparation and practice…. We can here start a new relationship with the parts of us we may have kept "safe", didn't share or maybe even treated as "outsiders"... might be we now feel safe enough to share those parts of us, or at least to get ready for that by building a relationship with them within self.

Early April     Mercury at solar conjunction and conjunct Chiron in sid. Pisces and there’s also a Mars – Vesta conjunction

Communication, collaboration, healing of loops, foresight, loopholes… action, leadership, will power, inner sacred fire, passion.... it takes some will power and consistency paired with an inner passion to truly heal the own "wounds", that which we have kept hidden even from ourselves but that wants to break free, to be seen and communicated... see, we not only "hide" what we dislike but also what we "love" at times....  

6. April            Jupiter - Saturn at 30 degree into their cycle (Semi-Sextile)

See the written post about the "new Moon 04.2022"... 

19. April          Mars – Pluto in sid. Capricorn

Action, physical energy meets the power of transformation and metamorphose… with emphasis on vibration, focus and higher view points on details…

22. April          Pallas – Eris in sid. Pisces

To respond with creativity to disruptions and problems can bring great abundance.

05./06. May   Venus - Vesta – Pluto in sid. Capricorn (geocentric 2 months earlier!!)

The Three are also in latitude and declination very close – important - strong!!The heart and values meet with the inner fire, devotion and with the Transformer and Ruler of the deep and far (underworld – subconscious) at an area where we start to put focus on our “higher learning and ideals” but also start to bringing them to “test” or practice…

17. May            Venus – Mars in sid. Capricorn (Juno and Saturn nearby)


Our feminine and masculine principles meet – the heart and values with the willpower and physical action in an area where we talk about starting to share our “library”, our creative powers or the form we gave them….


End of May     Mars – Juno – Saturn in sid. CapricornOne to one relationship meets with maturity and structure both accompanied by willpower and action (Venus – heart and values already passed) in an area where we have the energy of “loopholes and gray zones”/opportunities..

This is the blog link for the May 2022 cycles

3. June        Vesta – Chariklo in sid. Capricorn

Inner fire/devotion meets with the “sanctuary”, outsiders, potential in an area which is more about solitude, practice, planning, renewal etc… So it's about being discerning what we give "sanctuary" and devotion to....  


6. June        Jupiter – Neptune in sid. Aquarius (close in latitude and declination


Expansion, growth, higher views meet with spirituality, clarity and the ruler of the age and all liquids in an area where we talk about our bodies – all of them – the collaboration (wholeness / holistic) needed for best functioning/being… 


This is the link to the Jupiter-Neptune post


5. July              Mars – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (interesting chart)

Willpower, physical action meets with the “abuser” who holds us back (often ourselves), yet also the "good" we have neglected at the Urn of Aquarius – where we can find the flow, dispenser of the resources…


19. July            Pallas – Uranus in sid. Aries

Future oriented both of them – creative solutions, recycling etc. meets with the Liberator, Rebel and Scientist just passed the head of Cetus… even though there’s forward energy, there’s also a kind of “intro-retrospective” but from a new, innovative view point/ mind set and with a “scientific” approach…. it means using the "evolved" mind and not the emotional one... liberating from the "masses" and the "normal" mind-set can be a little lonely. 

25. July            Vesta – Saturn in sid. Capricorn

Devotion meets maturity and structure… when we devote ourselves to a cause, especially one that goes beyond our very own personal interest, yet including them we mature with the path... looking at the whole puzzle/story before acting and not     getting lost in the “puzzle pieces” (short term desires etc.) – short: chicken’s running without head are dead  

18. Aug.           Ceres – Varuna in sid. Cancer

Nourishment and care meets the planet of the law of rhythm – everything got it’s “rhythm” and so we do – the more we understand and care our own rhythm, the safer we feel within self….

2. Sept.             Pallas – Sedna in early sid. Taurus

Creative solutions, stepping stones meets with the re-emergence of the divine feminine (or whatever was suppressed) in the earthly, mirroring parts of Taurus.       What we see in the outside is a reflection of the inside – application of creative             action….

8. Sept.            Juno – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (with Earth)

One to one relationship meets with the “Abuser” or self-destructing behavior at the Urn of Aquarius – an “outpouring” region of the zodiac, the flow we have created may that now be one we wished for or not... This conjunction reminds us to work hand in hand together with our different energies within... 

19. Sept.           Jupiter - Saturn at 40 degrees into their cycle (Novile)

23. Sept.          Equinox at 4degrees 41 minutes Earth Pisces - Sun Virgo

9. October       Juno – Neptune in sid. Aquarius

One to one relationship meets the ruler of the age and all liquids, the spiritual, esoteric, mystic, dreams etc. … how do we relate to these themes on all of our               bodies – can we “know/relate” ourselves as spiritual beings AND physical beings…  

14. October      Mars – Uranus in sid. Aries (note, since end of May he also met with Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Eris)  

Willpower and physical action meets with the Liberator, Rebel and Scientist to a future yet unknown but ready, brave and curious – ready to conquer the world.

17. October       Vesta – Nessus in sid. Aquarius (square Pallas and square Hygiea)

Devotion/faith meets “abuse” – oh my – can we devote ourselves to share what is the way to sovereignty? Can we share our hearts and heal those who need it…..        

Abuse/Neglect can be looked at as a "mirror-cry" to what we need to develop…

30. October      330 degrees Saturn - Neptune cycle with Ceres at 180 and 150...


This Saturn-Neptune cycle part or aspect is integrated into the "new Beginnings" post of October 2022 - this is the link to the post


5. November     300 degrees Saturn - Eris cycle

I wrote a separate post about this cycle-aspect:  this is the link to the post

20. Nov.            Vesta – Neptune in sid. Aquarius

Devotion/faith meets the spiritual clarity – we need to devote ourselves to the task of gaining true clarity about our “spirituality” by unveiling our multidimensionality…

24. Nov.            Juno – Jupiter in sid. Pisces

One to one relationship meets the expansion, evolution and higher views in an area that talks about “weird” experiences that can either bless us or entrap us, depending on how we relate to it…. It’s also a lot about the mind and it’s “set up”…..

3. Dec.               330 degrees of the Neptune – Eris cycle

Ruler of the age/either/liquids meets with the goddess of challenge and revelations for the last 30 degrees of their cycle – seeding the new!!!!

11. Dec.              Juno – Chiron sid. Pisces

One to one relationships meet with the wounded healer and master of loops… in an area we talk about unveiling/ uncovering what is hidden or what we “love” ….


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