Aries and "surrounding"

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Aries is of cardinal fire. Traditionally Aries is about new beginnings (Aries the partly evolved Roman counterpart of Greek's Mars). Aries is about the Self - defining oneself and the own ways with self confidence. Contemplation, new beginnings, leadership, action, bravery etc. are other themes. Very alike Mars energy...


Aries - the ram - itself is a small constellation but lays right along and above the ecliptic. South of it the head of Cetus and Eridanus (river of life) and above Andromeda, the little constellation Triangulum and the queen Cassiopeia (Andromedas mother) with her husband king Cepheus. Perseus expresses into Taurus, so will be explained there.

Important stars are: Alrescha (the upward fish -Alpha Pisces), Kaffa and Menkar of the head of Cetus, Sheratan, Hamal and Botein of Aries, Mirach and Almach of Andromeda, Shedar, Caph and Ruchbah of Cassiopeia.

Isn't it strange, that Pisces Alphastar resides in the sign of Aries!!?? But maybe both signs kind of need this as a "balance".....


When we now take the energies of Andromeda and Cetus into count, we get the impression of entrapment, enslavement, limitations and obstacles on our way/path to find our own true self. The limitations we put on ourselves are often resulting from the conformity pushed upon us for various reasons - it does not necessarily mean, others want anything bad for us, most people act of their own best knowing, which does not always match with our own "good" though. The mastery here is, to find the own self and path/life with respect and honor for the others and their own ways.

The head of Cetus: The head is where we process our plans of how to deal with our fears and limitations. We can either create the unpredictable "monster" to try to kind of avoid our fears or we can bravely face them and find better solutions - to slay the monster and setting ourselves free..... Cetus speaks also about the "conformity" of the current collective consciousness, that often hinders us in true personal development and thus may be felt as a monster, instead of the beautiful, divers collective of the human race it could be.  

Andromeda: A beautiful and famous Galaxy and Myth. She's the entrapped one and luckily she had Perseus to come to rescue her from the monster - it's the talk about the divine feminine and the divine masculine - we have both energies within us - we only need to decide to give the divine feminine the room and space needed for harmony within Self for the journey called "life" - we can, full of energy and life force go on and create what we wish for ourselves - go on, with our evolutionary path as an Individual and part of Humanity as a whole.

In the later parts of Aries, we encounter extreme energies or better said "life force" and action orientated energies - as usual, this can be used in many ways and as in history it has often be used in destructive ways, Aries and Mars have been perceived as being of "war", which only shows us how the destructive and imbalanced ways play out - we can either act in a "distorted" way, that is full of the "baggage of the past" with it's judgments and fears or we can "slay those" and start to live integrating a "healed" divine feminine or short "in harmony"..... Our decision, how we gonna face the monsters....

Cassiopeia A a remnant of star explosion

Cassiopeia A

Is the "remnant" of a massive Supernova.


Picture by NASA 

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