The cycles of Neptune and Pluto through the ages

Neptune and Pluto do have very interesting relationship together. Due to Pluto's high inclination as well as eccentricity their cycle pattern takes on a very specific form... 

They meet roughly every 490 to 498 years and form an opposition in between - Pluto always "stays" or better said, returns to the same sign they had their conjunction and Neptune forms the opposition. Pluto's orbit around the Sun takes him 248 earth-years and Neptune takes 164.8 years to complete his course. So far I studied their paths over a 29000 years period and can see  a pattern. They meet in the constellation of Pisces, in the middle of it "turn" and move back towards Aries where they meet regularly for roughly 3000 years and then enter Taurus until the "middle" again and then turn back towards Aries and then Pisces... From one change from Aries into Pisces until the next Aries-Pisces change it takes them roughly 19'700 years. 

We're currently in the "Taurus" part - started in April 3780 BC with an opposition (first conjunction happened in January 3552 BC) and turning point was at 20°24’13” on 10th of December 84 BC - they will shift back their meeting points into Aries with an opposition on 22nd January 4110 and their first conjunction in Aries will be on on 28th of February 4356.  

Even though there's strong evidence now surfacing that our "modern" history started far earlier than any of our official history books state, it seems there was a kind of "change" point there with the shift into Taurus over 5000 years ago - if not the start of civilization, then it was the "forgetting" (Neptune's veil) so to speak.... 

A few years ago Pluto lost his status as a planet - he's now categorized as a "dwarf planet" and he "rules" that kingdom. Because of this, Neptune is the "last" planet, which also caused the term "Trans Neptunian Objects" for all the bodies outside of Neptune's orbit. I see the Two as kind of "gate-keepers" to the outer and the inner realms - in a physical and metaphysical meaning.    

more about:

a pattern of eights on their sides and are ongoing

This is the "pattern" form I was reminded of, while doing the research. 

It actually describes the "loops" we like to take very well. If we believe in reincarnation or not doesn't matter, as in one lifetime we're often bound to some "loops" - themes (polarities) that want to be integrated. Neptune and Pluto are talking about the "further" themes, not the physical ones. Where are our inner portals - what we hide from ourselves or what we try to escape from. Our deep inner life , which sometimes feels very "distant" and not part of our physical reality.  We're All Individuals with therefore very unique themes - our deep inner "truth" differs from that of another person but we All have themes.... The portals are always open, if we allow ourselves to look. - On a "global" level there are themes too - they're not "solved" by one generation of people but each generation is adding and the next continues building "on top" of what the previous (all of them) left behind. - Yes, we All know that but sometimes "refuse" to integrate those experiences our Ancestors went through, which means we leave one part of the polarities out and therefore need to go through another "loop"... "learning from the past" is a theme here. There are many parts of Humanities history we "dislike" and by this judgment we then tend to go into "escapism" or "forgetting" and bury it in the taboos....

We're not even half way through the cycle that started in 1892 - but we're still and remain in the beneficial 60 degrees part of the cycle, within the first quarter - an inspirational and strength, power, security gaining time.

Here some details about the conjunction we're in:

Conjoining stars are Ain and Aldebaran of Taurus and near Tabit of Orion (the shield)

The Sun stood at 15 degrees Capricorn and Earth/Moon at 15 degrees Cancer - in Trine and Sextile to Neptune + Pluto.

Jupiter and Saturn in opposition in very early Pisces/Virgo. 

Finally the Two made it pass the shield of Orion with their conjunction and kind of "opened" the gate for massive changes, which unfortunately were accompanied by war but that changed the power structures of countries, societies as well as the financial and business world. 

BUT don't forget - we're not done with this cycle yet - it doesn't seem we're happy with the changes that came out as "first reactions", so to speak, nope - we're now challenged to go within and find the strength, power and clarity needed to go on the path of  transformation from within....

The data of the currently active cycle:

29.01.1892  conjunction 14°31’33” Taurus

12.01.1917   30 degrees     9°34’56” Cancer-Gemini 

12.11.1952   60 degrees    27°16’39” Virgo-Cancer       

05.06.2029 60 degrees   13°34’19” Capricorn-Pisces    
11.08.2063  90 degrees   29°29’27” Taurus - Aquarius

27.04.2139  opposition    13°48’24” Scorpio - Taurus

 08.04.2311 270 degrees  29°06’43” Scorpio - Aquarius 

07.04.2385 conjunction   11°49’17” Taurus

More informative data: (sidereal data of Dec. 2020)

Neptune SN: 16 Cancer 57   NN: 16 Capricorn 57    Perihelion: 21 Pisces 47  Aphelion: 21 Virgo 47 

Pluto   SN: 25 Gemini 32  NN: 25 Sagittarius 32   Perihelion: 21 Libra 21    Aphelion: 21 Aries 56 

An overview of the planets orbits - including some of the minor planets (no asteroids) - Neptune and Pluto do have only a specific part in their orbits, where it's possible for them to meet and so it takes quite a while for these "meetings" to take place - roughly every 490 years....