Astrology - the energies unfolding May 12th/13th onwards...

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Over the next weeks and months many Planets and Asteroids will turn or already turned retrograde and with this constantly forming and reforming aspects that are talking and calling for action.... Here a compilation of these energies to unfold over the next weeks, read from the chart/situation on 13th of May - a day after Saturn turned retrograde and the day when Venus turns retrograde....

The whole chart presents itself colorfully filled with aspects - many oppositions and squares give a lot of red to the chart - meaning that there's a call to action (squares) but also there are some grand crosses to look at, which may make us feel "torn" from one theme to the other but in the end, you will see throughout this post, we're asked to choose and hopefully change - this holds great opportunities...

An outstanding aspect is the Kite formed by the Grand Trine between Juno/Makemake in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus and the stellium Jupiter/Chariklo/Pallas/Saturn in Capricorn - The oppositon of Juno/Makemake to Chiron/Lilith in Pices which forms the focal point as the Chiron and Dark Moon Lilith are in sextiles to Mercury and the stellium on the other side.

Healing, teaching and bridging Chiron in conjunction with the instinctual divine feminine energies of DM Lilith (the healed and teaching instinctual intuition), that can through the help of the two sextile points (Mercury – fast, neutral, logic, communicative, social and the stellium – empowering, idealistic, supportive, balanced, non-judgmental, equal, grown up, responsible and constant energies), activate the complete flow of the Grand Trine Gift integrating the opposition (Juno/Makemake – equality, acceptance and support within self and relationships with others in conjunction with "the creator" of resource-administration in Virgo the sign of health, service, organizing, improvement and relationships).....

In a natal chart the lunar nodes axis talks about our abilities, what we bring and know already and what we want to learn/achieve on a soul level. Same we have on a collective level – now the Northnode is in Gemini (the “task”) and the Southnode in Sagittarius (what we know) – this axis will shift into Taurus and Capricorn in September this year – so the emphasis on this Gemini theme is given in the chart and supported by many placements – there’s a lot of universal help we get and can translate and use….. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and represents growth, a bigger picture or view, idealism and enthusiasm, the law system, religion and similar organisations – Gemini ruled by Mercury is all about communication, commerce and social relations (sibblings, neighbors, friends and similar), curiosity and embracing the new….. Taurus ruled by Venus is about values (of self and general), money, property and land, beauty, arts but mainly physical, the body – Capricorn is about work, responsibility and structures but also reliability.

Generally we can say, that Sagittarius and Capricorn are "the Elder" - they're "older, more mature energy" - also from the perspective of the various constellations not in the zodiac, the regions (energies) are of the "spiritual / transforming / higher view"... Taurus and Gemini are more on the physical levels, more like the beginnings of a cycle when we have to define ourselves and the relation to the outside world....

There’s a story unfolding right - do you see it already!!??

Interestingly but not surprising the Southnode in Sagittarius is conjoined by Ixion – an Asteroide that is associated to be the father of many of the Centaurs – representing lies, betrayal, overpowering, cheating and even murder (according the mythology) but on the positive side he stands for inventiveness, materialism, lust and joy of life…. To me a true “crossroad” here, we can actually take the positive aspects of the Sagittarius and Ixion energies and curiously and open minded go new ways and leave the entrapments, lies and betrayals we’re so used to already behind us – we can build a joyful and happy future….

The Sun in the last few degrees of Aries gives emphasis to the theme of new beginnings and innovative action but also stands for self-expression and confidence, leadership, optimism, generosity and passion…. Uranus, the Liberator and scientist in a humanitarian way is also in the constellation of Aries and gives further powers to the new beginnings bringing his gifts into play – as he likes to surprise and the unexpected we should truly stay strong in the “curious and open minded” energies of Gemini…. – remember, not only do we have the Northnode in Gemini but the ruler of Gemini – Mercury – is part of the Grandtrine of the Kite and sits in Taurus the future sign of the Northnode (for roughly 1,5 years)…

Now back to Aries and Uranus – a little “surprise” or not, lol – Mars, the ruler of Aries stands in Aquarius, the home sign of Uranus – so they’re in constant communication as they “answer” to each other through their “rulerships”…. And now as we just changed into Aquarius, there’s some more going on there – Ceres, the goddess (dwarf planet) of agriculture, nature and living within it’s flow in appreciation and love for self and the environment expressed through the “lenses” of future orientated Aquarius and it’s scientific and technological gifts could truly bring change for a more equal and humanitarian society (desperately needed here in Chiang Mai as so many suffer of hunger!!) … But hey, it’s not enough yet – also Neptune is expressing himself in Aquarius – the god of the waters, the transcendence and spiritual which can sometimes be hidden behind the veils of ignorance and forgetfulness – can we lift the veils and step into our real own powers and begin a new era and world for the greater good of us All….

Isn’t it simply amazing how much support and love the Universe is sending us!

Speaking of love – Venus – she’s still in conjunction with Vesta (I talked about that in an earlier post and/or video) in the 3rd decan of Taurus and they are protected by Asteroid Asbolus the Seer. Venus in her home sign emphasizes her and Taurus themes of the physical (body) including values, self-values, property and money, beauty and the arts and as she’s now (13th of May) turning retrograde will be for a while and then again in Taurus and Vesta, she’s the inner sacred flame, devotion and the protector of the hearth/home…. Remember, Mercury our open minded, curious messenger “god” is in the early degrees of Taurus.

As I said in the beginning, there is a lot of help here, but we have to take action and choose our paths individually and collectively - we're actually pushed on every level, the physical level, the money systems, the agriculture or lets say the fulfillment of the daily needs (food and shelter and happiness) - we're also asked to lift the veils and uncover the truth and come together in community to solve the problems resulting in non-judgmental, balanced and respectful, supporting way... I think the "neutral"and curious energies of Mercury/Gemini are really needed to be able to fulfill this transformation and building anew.....

How could anybody think that’s all just coincidence ….

One more note: Please do not fear Saturn – he tries to bring us from one stage of evolution to the next together with all of them – like parents who want to bring their teenage kids to become independent adults….

With love and appreciation to the Universe and us All inside.

(Photo: Triangulum Galaxy - I don't know taken by whom)

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