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Chiron and Eris cycle - uncover and master..

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

.. the Love, fears and pains - and the behavior patterns they create....

Here the link to the You Tube video presentation about this cycle - the past, present and future ;-)

Here now the "written" presentation as used in the video - of course the video contains

further information though....

Chiron – the “wounded” Healer – the Master of Loops and Self…. He’s a bit an “outsider” but even as that, he was respected and loved by many….

(Chiron: artwork by “celestial team”)

artistic interpretation of Chiron

artistic interpretation of Eris by Riordan wiki

Eris is about “revelations”, the reality of situations in their core – she exposes lies on a core level…

Picture by "Riordan wiki"

Current cycle 15th Jan. 1972 – next 21st November 2025

They met at 17°55’35” sid. Pisces and will meet next at 29°49’31” sid. Pisces…. The previous cycle started on 25th of October 1917 at 4°6’39” near SGP and vernal point…

Their current cycle started conjoining the stars Deneb Algenubi of Cetus and Linteum of Pisces in opposition with Uranus in Virgo… (the current Uranus – Eris cycle started in 2016 and the Chiron – Uranus cycle in 1969).

The whole theme here is to “uncover”, reveal what is “loved”, got potential for growth of our very own being – each of us individually as well as a collective… we can gain riches by “listening” the own inner whispers and following the natural guiding system around us…. By doing this, we break repetitive “loops” of the past, we break free of the “sameness” thinking and improve ourselves and same time may even give example for other people's empowerment….

We may also be asked here to break free of the perception of so called “negative experiences” to be “bad” and to be “avoided” for “any price”…. Every experience is unique even if there are similarities that reminds us of something else that can be “used” as a hint but nevertheless needs further examination and response should be based on the “now”, the reality and not the similarity….

In December 2021 we will reach the last 13 degrees before their next conjunction – this means we’re very clearly in “balsamic phase” for the next few years… you can compare the energies with the feel of the last days before a new Moon…. It’s special, “mystic”, full of wishes and foresight for the future, hopes and so on but most of all future oriented as like it would be “touchable” already….

History 1971/72

  • Many different airplane crashes including the one in the Andes where cannibalism happened as a way of survival

  • Apollo 14 to 17 missions

  • Black Sunday and Black Friday (Ireland, England, IRA)

  • Munich Massacre during the summer Olympics

  • Official “Anti-Terror” units are “installed”

  • War on drugs

  • Greenpeace founded in Vancouver Canada

Much Love to you All,


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