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Chiron and Eris cycle - uncover and master..

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

.. the Love, fears and pains - and the behavior patterns they create....

Here the link to the You Tube video presentation about this cycle - the past, present and future ;-)

Here now the "written" presentation as used in the video - of course the video contains

further information though....

Chiron – the “wounded” Healer – the Master of Loops and Self…. He’s a bit an “outsider” but even as that, he was respected and loved by many….

More about Chiron:

(Chiron: artwork by “celestial team”)

artistic interpretation of Chiron

artistic interpretation of Eris by Riordan wiki

Eris is about “revelations”, the reality of situations in their core – she exposes lies on a core level…

More about Eris:

Picture by "Riordan wiki"

Current cycle 15th Jan. 1972 – next 21st November 2025