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Constellation-Astrology September 2020

Updated: Apr 18

For Thousands of years we have been in fear – we fear all kind of things and with that we stay in a state of confusion or “un-order” and we open the door to responses that are against our own value system, put upon us by seemingly “outside” forces.

The most extreme fear we give in, is the one of death – we’re so afraid of death that we actually “waste” our lives while living – isn’t that totally paradox….. Life as we know is a “cycle” – we’re born and we die and in one way or another “death” will be the beginning and birth of a new cycle. This “cycles” work at every level of Life – in the whole Universe – everywhere in Nature!!! I take the thought of cycles and of life and death further in the examination of the current astrology and evolution….

Not only the Moon but all Planets do have their own Nodes formed by their unique path around the Sun.

Many Planets still in “retrograde” motion, some ended this cycle and others just shifted into it. Cycles between Planets are starting anew in this year and some already have. In this perspective this year of 2020 is extraordinary “above” and so it’s here “below”.

The energies have shifted now, the Lunar Nodes have changed sign axis a few days ago to go through their path of the Taurus/Scorpio axis for the next roughly 1,5 years – so a full cycle takes 18,6 years. The Lunar South and North nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are about intake and digestion – about how we process, react to all what we took in… during digestion and “rebirth” we take on, what we find useful and let go of what isn’t. Thus the Nodes are about the “evolutionary process”…. The last 1,5 years the focus was on learning, gathering information by using our own curiosity as well as travels (far and near), trade and commerce…. Now, we’re still processing the reactions (digesting) while we take/translate it into the next round, where we face themes like value system (includes money/finances), “synergy”, what others do/feel/think but living the own self values, worth, validation simultaneously. This also means that deep rooted themes and taboos may surface. At the moment the Northnode is conjoining the fixed Star “al Hecka” of Taurus. I always have to grin about this name as it reminds me of the German word “aushecken” (concoct) – it can bring the realization of fighting old fights out of habits or that the original purpose is already gone…. Ohh by the way, the star’s name changed in 2017 to “Tianguan”.

On 17th of September there will be the New Moon (Sun and Moon conjunct) at 29 degrees of Leo just reaching the Virgin’s head. Neptune opposite the Two and Mars in Trine, additionally Mars and Moon are parallel (declination) – Neptune is about breaking through the veils and Mars is “action” (the Warrior and Protector). The Lunar Nodes are in Square to the New Moon. All together energy that can become a bit difficult, pressuring but also contain chances and benefits. Every night I go to my gate and watch Jupiter and Saturn on their path – knowing that also Pluto, Chariklo and Pallas are around but not visible for naked eye – interesting is, that not that they’re conjoining each other most time of the year closer or further already but that they also stand on each other’s Nodes, which I feel gives additional emphasis to the evolutionary themes up there as down here. Venus and Vesta are about to conjunct again this time in Cancer but it will become exact on 22nd (Equinox).

On 22nd of September there will be the autumn Equinox at 4 degrees 42 minutes Virgo – around this longitude in Virgo we “find” the North Galactic Pole and the Super Galactic Center Both in the constellation Coma Berenecis (a little North of the Virgin’s head). This area should bring a feel of “stability” and order – one of Virgo’s attributes is “organization and work” (the word “work” can be interpreted as our daily jobs/doings, but also our inner work). Venus and Vesta now exactly conjunct at 22 degrees Cancer. The Two were already conjunct earlier this year – still trying to merge intuition and inner fire… Mercury at almost 29 degrees Virgo in opposition of Mars (early Aries) and Eris (late Pisces).

When I look at all these happenings, shifts and cycles that occur this month and some more longer even, I feel like that there is the path into change, real sustainable change possible for us to build on – we can put the puzzle together, with the help of our logic and intuitive minds and find creative solutions that serves humanity. We can find “the heart” – the magnetic center within us and within society – but in order to do so, we need to “die a little death”, put aside what we have thought to serve us but didn’t, to put aside old “outserved” ways and reactions and find new ones…. Remember the Universal Laws – what we belief in, is what is real to us….

I think many people who read such a post, are also aware of the situation, the manipulation that is going on on a global scale. Many of us know, that much that we’re told are shady, dark and manipulative measures by some people who like or see the need for a change but same time try to make personal profit under the "logos" of social and societal gain. Well, we can all decide on which side we wanna stand and which path we gonna walk but I will for sure try to stand in Truth as much as I can…. I’m so happy to nearly daily meeting people who see through this and find their own, individual ways to “fight” against that and/or simply staying in their own “light and power”. So, the planetary energies are at work for us – don’t forget that neither 😉 … I lately think often about the way change was possible in the past – there was a task and you present it totally over-exaggerated to then in the end find a “middle way”/consensus with the opposition…

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