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Cycles-Astrology: November and December 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Antennae Galaxy Hubble-NASA

CYCLES – middle of November to middle of December 2021

– heliocentric and some geocentric

We have some heliocentric cycles that did start anew over the last months and now some of them are about to start anew from geocentric view…. We also have some heliocentric ones 😉

(Picture - Antennae Galaxies by Hubble space telescope NASA / ESA)

I think for many of us the energies may seem a bit difficult right now but I see there's no need for any worries - "revelation times" - keeping the focus on our "higher ideals" and the heart is most important and we'll make it through just fine, I'm sure...

As I mentioned with my last post, I feel that's part of this time right now and so here the link to that "sayings-post":

Juno – Ixion geocentric on 15th of November 2021 – heliocentric was on 10th of September

Geocentric at 4°53’36” sid. Sagittarius…. Heliocentric was at 5°31’50” sid. Sagittarius…..

Here we talk about our relationship with the navigation of our “life-force-power”. The energy is “neutral” in this way and will go where we direct it. Ixion reminds us about the “lust for life” as on one side wonderful energy but can become “corrupted” which can even lead to criminal behavior – knowing this, can also on the subconscious level lead to avoidance out of fear… We are here asked to strengthen the relationship with ourselves, to stabilize this relationship and trust ourselves then we automatically will lead our “lust for life”/energy into the direction we want…

What do we relate to in this question – how corrupt or corruptible are we – these questions we can only try to answer with strong honesty to self. The connection here to the Galactic center talks about the extreme pull (gravity) from this black hole that same time is the center around everything in this galaxy revolves- the Center – the Heart... Energy is never “lost” nor destroyable, only transformable… What are we “centering” ourselves and therefore our action (energy) around/towards… same time we also have a direct connection to the GC as the life energy for the whole galaxy does flow through it – it’s truth and in this sense pure…. It also represents “stability”. The GEN point (galactic equator node) is kind of the “gate- way” to this galactic awareness, the connection, the communication… it’s also this inner communication (relationship) that influences our “lust for life”… In this area we can also talk about trust….

Interestingly the heliocentric chart of 15th of November 2021 shows a clear “Kite” aspect choreography (I call it Pyramid) with Vesta at the Scorpions head on the “ground” and Sedna with Ceres in early Taurus on the “top” and Pluto with Chariklo in Capricorn and Hygiea in Virgo… with the full Moon on the 19th, the Earth-Sun axis will start to close into this choreography…

Earth will be with Ceres on the 27th of November and the Sun with Vesta around the 28th….

So it’s Vesta that forms the foundation for the harmony to unfold that is “promised” with the Trine energy of the others… Vesta is about devotion – does make sense right – we need devotion if we want to achieve anything in the world or within ourselves…. Devotion that “holds” health and hygiene in one hand and transformation in the other…

Juno – Pholus geocentric on 26th of November 2021 – heliocentric was on 5th of October

Geocentric at 8°43’50” sid. Sagittarius…. Heliocentric was at 9°30’4” sid. Sagittarius….

Juno is about “one to one” relationships of all kinds including the one with ourselves and it’s also about the “equality” within relationships…. Pholus is a wise teacher/healer and works with perceptions, mostly on the “visual”… He connects with his orbit Pluto to Saturn and therefore helps in transformational processes….

It seems that the cycle of Juno and Ixion and the one with Pholus are connected – work hand in hand together…

When we “center” ourselves for truth, have this focus we have to have the bravery to see “through” that which is in “between”, we may notice it but we can’t focus on that which is between and still focus on the truth….

Therefore the message here is, if we want truth, we have to focus on it – the heart knows and we have to learn to perceive from that inner center as its magnetic forces will pull/attract the truth to us if that’s our goal and then also trust into that which we perceive/know/see….

What is our truth? What do we really want our “life fore” direct towards?.... this truth can only be answered individually… everyone decides but decisions based on betrayal, deceptions and manipulations will bring exactly those attributes into manifestation and trying to break free of those is much harder than not “buying” it at the first place…. Simple truth in life most of us will have already experienced in one form or another – our hearts, our memory knows as it’s all there within our experiences….

Both “Juno-cycles” here will finish in 2026…

Heliocentric: Venus – Uranus over the head of Cetus sid. Aries on 29th of November 2021

With Mars in approaching opposition in sid. Libra under the feet of the Virgin and with Saturn forming a T-square in Capricorn….

Venus talks about the heart, our values and beauty and Uranus is the Liberator, Rebel and Scientist all in one… Saturn wants us to “mature” and talks about our structures on all realms….

Venus will conjoin Uranus again on 13th/14th of July 2022 with Pallas as a companion….

Well, I have talked about this part of Aries and Cetus many times – the “head” of the collective consciousness, the kind of “mind” that constructs this societal construct and with Venus we talk about the values we put into that on an individual level and Uranus about how or what we’re able to “liberate” ourselves from and what to liberate within ourselves… do we have stamina and honor to stand for the own values and follow our own course? – Mars does give us willpower, leadership and the physical power to do so and at the feet of the Virgin he has the right “grounding” to do so….

Same time (exact just a few hours prior) the conjunction of Mercury and Vesta near Al Niyat and Antares of Scorpio… Devotion and inner fire meets the mind, communication and collaboration near the throat and the heart of the Scorpion… isn’t that matching to the above conjunction? Brilliant… so, we need to go “deep” and listen and speak what we perceive there… from the depths of self/heart and soul…. They are also at solar conjunction and opposing the Earth-Ceres conjunction and are in a T-square formed by Jupiter in Aquarius…. Jupiter will expand everything especially and will be lucky for those who act from that inner space with coherence between intention and purpose – fear does lead to hell….

Mercury will meet Vesta again on 8th of March 2022 – after he meets with Mars, Ixion, Pholus and Quaoar – Vesta did the same before him…. End of February and beginning of March will be very intense cycle wise (heliocentric) – but more about all of this closer to the time….

Heliocentric: Hygiea – Makemake on 5th of December 2021 in sid. Virgo

They meet at 12°13’48” – Hygiea south and between the stars Zaniah and Porima of Virgo and above the “Antennae Galaxies” – Makemake north near Diadem of Coma…

Health, hygiene and purity meets with the governance of resources.

Diadem and the Antennae galaxies are talking about receptivity and Zaniah talks about the use of will according those perceptions – we also talk about the “time-stream” here, where past and future may merge to the present – “warnings”, foresight and so on…. What does the past hold to give us “ideas” about the future…. We need to merge our “outer and inner being” for best perception of messages/knowings etc. and to will/act according to them – to use and maintain our “resources”/abilities to the best outcome, improvement and refinement… in a “bigger” scale we shall also not forget that as much as every Person got unique “resources” so also every Person is a “resource”/aspect of the whole Human collective on all realms!!!

Heliocentric: Venus – Sedna and Mercury – Pholus both on 9th of December 2021

These are both “fast” cycles as Mercury and Venus are the 2 “fastest” planets but same time they’re very influential…

Venus – Sedna: The heart, beauty, values meet with the re-emerging feminine principle in early Taurus where we talk about the beauty of the earthly realms and the reflections/ mirroring of our inner values into the “manifested reality”… maybe a bit more “imagination and possibilities” would do us good instead of being trapped in the duality of polarities…. Facing the “fears and worries” of that unknown and developing a sense of trust can help here… Sedna isn’t only talking about the “re-emerging” but also about what was suppressed in the “good and bad” to use such rather “judgmental” terms, so that means that it can be either things we have to “clean”/transform or recognize as part of us in the sense of an “ability”…

The mythical story of Medusa is a “multi-faceted” one – she was born as a very beautiful woman with beautiful hair and very unlike the rest of her family – she faced straight “retaliation” out of jealousy and was in the end turned into the “monster” we usually associate with her – here we have the story the other way round – the beauty into the beast instead of the beast into the beauty… be aware….. Medusa was also the mother of the mythical horse Pegasus….

Venus will move on to meet with Ceres (mothering, nurturing) on 15th of December in middle of Taurus near the star Aldebaran… more about that closer to the time….

Mercury – Pholus and Quaoar: The logic mind, communication meet with the “wise Teacher” that may have deep lessons to show (literally through “visuals”) and this in broad minded, idealistic Sagittarius that aims for “truth”/ honesty… and in additional conjunction with Quaoar “the sacredness of life” – isn’t this “matching”….

Pallas – Nessus geocentric on 11th of December 2021 – heliocentric was on 2nd of August

Geocentric at 16°42’21” sid. Aquarius… Heliocentric was at 17°59’41” sid. Aquarius

Geocentric the 3rd conjunction due to retrogrades…

Pallas is about “problem solving”, connecting dots, wisdom and Nessus is about “abuse”, self- abuse and how we spiritualize our past in the meaning of learning to use the past as “information” and lesson learned.

They will meet/met at 16°42’ - 17°59’41” sid. Aquarius conjoining stars Skat, Hydria and Situla all of Aquarius. When they met last in 2016 it was at 8°551’49” sid. Aquarius – so a little shift here in the energies – we had to integrate the “heart-mind”, shifting or breaking down “walls around the heart” to become more open for sharing and ideas but also to see signs/synchronicities and opportunities.

Now we’re moving on to “use” the gained wisdom and knowledge – “resources”. In this part of Aquarius the resources, their distribution, “fair sharing” are important. It’s also an area where the investor meets the inventor etc. but also the awareness about our very own personal resources – in combination with Nessus that also means our past experiences. This means also the Individual as a part of a group, family or society - to bring the fullness of self into such groups for the growth of All. Furthermore, it talks about our own inner abilities, the biotechnology, the connectedness with the “All” (One-ness) etc…. Resources want to be “used” and every Human is a “library” in its own right – each of us got something to share and something to gain in collaboration….

Past experiences are a form of “private library” in best case or we can be “reigned” by them. This is the same on a personal level as well as society or humanity as a whole… We need to overcome the emotions that “reign” us due to experiences and conclude their “message” and use them as information for creative solutions…. It’s like using “alchemical powers” and turn the abuse or neglect we have experienced as “information” in the sense of “how, why and effect” and such information is a very important “resource”/information for any goal at hand 😉 – now globally, what do you think how many “resources” do we have for our collaboration to find information and solutions for challenges at hand or generally for the future….

It’s a roughly 4,5 to 5 years cycle….

Much Love to you All,


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