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Cycles-Astrology: November and December 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Antennae Galaxy Hubble-NASA

CYCLES – middle of November to middle of December 2021

– heliocentric and some geocentric

We have some heliocentric cycles that did start anew over the last months and now some of them are about to start anew from geocentric view…. We also have some heliocentric ones 😉

(Picture - Antennae Galaxies by Hubble space telescope NASA / ESA)

I think for many of us the energies may seem a bit difficult right now but I see there's no need for any worries - "revelation times" - keeping the focus on our "higher ideals" and the heart is most important and we'll make it through just fine, I'm sure...

As I mentioned with my last post, I feel that's part of this time right now and so here the link to that "sayings-post":

Juno – Ixion geocentric on 15th of November 2021 – heliocentric was on 10th of September

Geocentric at 4°53’36” sid. Sagittarius…. Heliocentric was at 5°31’50” sid. Sagittarius…..

Here we talk about our relationship with the navigation of our “life-force-power”. The energy is “neutral” in this way and will go where we direct it. Ixion