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Full Moon 30th of November 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This full moon occurs in Taurus, therefore the Sun shines from Scorpio – so we have emphasis on earthly energy – Taurus brings themes like self-worth and self-love but also generally the value-system and with it - money themes. The moon is about our deep emotions or better said, about our emotional needs and about the intuition. In nature, as we all know, the Moon has great influence also to plants and trees – during a new Moon, the strength lays in the roots and during the full Moon it’s up in the branches and leaves. So it’s more likely to give out our emotions during a full Moon – that can of course show in many different ways – just be aware of it, be active and not reactive, as with Mars now direct again, we may also feel this energy more outward again and with the Sun in Scorpio (deep emotions, secrets or simply tabus and “death and rebirth”) may just pave the way, to speak about themes deep from inside and not caring about what others think about it. The lunar Southnode in Scorpio adds to this theme in an even deeper way but also speaks about what we have to let go of, in order to make space for new – clearing out, what no longer serves us. As the nodal axis and the full moon axis are this parallel, these themes will come up in one form or another. Just remember the Universal law of the polarities – both sides of the axis have their validity and only need integrating with discernment.

Scorpio is Pluto’s “home” and so even the Sun has to “answer” to Pluto – which means that Pluto becomes more enhanced than he already is on his own. Mercury (our communication and social planet) stays in early Scorpio – so, he also answers to Pluto… well – this will go on for a while as the next new Moon will occur in late Scorpio with Mercury conjoining the lunar Southnode in Scorpio and Venus in early Scorpio – so we can already get a bit used to this powerful energy.

Jupiter will just have shifted into Capricorn (Pallas as well!!) for the Full Moon and started another conjunction with Saturn, which will go on, until their exact conjunction on 22nd of December 2020 (Univ. time 21st Dec. 18.20) during the Solstice, confirming their new synodic cycle. As Saturn is “at home” in Capricorn, Jupiter will have to “answer” to him of course. Jupiter brings the ideals and dreams over from Sagittarius (his home) and now that is all brought to the test – can we build or create our dreams and ideals to become a more structured reality or manifestation!? … Jupiter and Pallas (creative, intelligent solutions to problems) have started their new cycles with Pluto, so this energetic will be with us for a while – the transformation – it’s a process that takes time. Most of the time, such transformations do include failures as a kind of learning process – we’re just not to give up, if a great idea doesn’t work out right away, there might come an even better way to make it happen…. Just like a Toddler learns to walk, with some falls, Adults learn from little “falls” too (or at least are supposed though) – just like in the horoscope drawing, you will notice, there’s a lot of red in the aspect lines, meaning there are a lot of challenges, they can be looked at as the famous “little kick to the butt” to bring us into action 😉 Just don’t be surprised, when there are many “truth” come out – scientific findings, new insights, drama and crimes revealed and so on – could all be from the “Scorpio energy” that likes to reveal to be transformed….

Two minor planets are standing out in this chart – It’s Orcus in Leo and Varuna in Cancer – both forming important energetic paths with other Bodies. Orcus is conjunct with Vesta and both opposing Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune is also in square to the lunar nodes axis (Orcus only widely) – all these Bodies and points are talking about inner work, about the “soul oath” (Orcus), the devotion (Vesta), the transcendent spiritual and everything “hidden” as well as “escapism” (Neptune) and the emotional path of life/learning/experience (lunar Nodes)- all connected in challenging aspects.

Varuna is about the principals of life – so, about the Universal laws – and how we can access and live them… in Cancer, that gives the picture of going within, to our very own foundations and get to know, what we find or discover there. Varuna is in “light/wide” opposition with Saturn in Capricorn but more importantly in Trine with the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces – meaning a grand water Trine that gives really harmonious energies in the “watery areas”, therefore more emotions but never forget – water is a most important building part of organic life as we know it – Quantum- and Astrophysics did actually show, that there is water everywhere in the Universe and according the Universal laws, everything is connected, which Quantum physics did prove as well – so, our “water” or emotions are connected to the Universe – can’t we use that for our own growth and betterment – I love this to be a proven fact 😊 Varuna is also in square with Uranus, the Liberator – so he may bring the sudden happening, that will be as that already mentioned “kick" into the harmonious Trine energy.

Full Moon 30.11.2020 4.29pm Thailand time (Univ. = 30.11.2020 9.29am)

Moon 13°20’27” Taurus and Sun 13°20’46” Scorpio – conjoining the Aldebaran-Antares axis and parallel to the lunar node axis – North Taurus and South Scorpio at 24°36’33”. So – this is the “fixed” axis here, and the other fixed axis is Leo-Aquarius, which then forms a great cross and great square. There are placements there, but the angles aren’t exact (I usually do not use orbs of more than 5°). Here the Leo positions: Lucifer 16°7’5” – Orcus 17°54’57” – Vesta 18°1’34”

Aquarius positions: Ceres 8°17’7” – Nessus 14°51’50” – Neptune 22°52’34” (stationing direct)

Varuna in Cancer at 9°46’30”

Our 2020-stellium shifted into early Capricorn except for Pluto who remains in late Sagittarius.

Jupiter at 0°44’29” – Chariklo 0°59’33” – Pallas 2°33’18” – Saturn 3°3’48”.

Orcus represents the awareness and awakening to our own life purpose and soul oath. Orcus belongs to the “Plutonian Bodies” and is in relationship with Neptune as well. There are the themes of greater evolutionary cycles, awareness and consciousness. Orcus is “silent” – Pluto is “loud”. Orcus, the inner knowing and realization and living those realizations – integrity and authenticity for the greater good of oneself and therefore also for the greater good of All.

Leo is also about integrity and authenticity – to live oneself in full, unconditionally and in full self-confidence and awareness of the global circumstances. Now with Orcus, this task becomes galactic. – it’s about to become aware and embracing and living the knowing about the cosmic, galactic “entanglement”, to embrace the facts we get presented by the new scientific discoveries (Uranus) and to live accordingly. To embrace and live the Self we discover within ourselves. It’s not about becoming selfish in this meaning – once we accept and love ourselves and understand the “humanness”, we’re living ourselves and same time, accepting and honoring every Being’s same rights – integrating the humanitarian aspects of Aquarius as the axis “demands”……

Varuna influences more the cosmic, galactic or “Soul level” – all the outer “Trans Neptunian objects” seems to me to “refine” the Astrology towards the inner life, in the meaning of knowing oneself and humankind and then to be integrated to the “outer world”, our every day life and the growth it brings to us All. Varuna is about the Universal laws, the principles of life within and without and how one is able to access the understanding of these forces for the growth and betterment of oneself and all life on Earth.

Cancer is about going within the ones “shell, nest, home” to reconnect with the own roots and foundations and to get a bit of a rest from all the outside activities and stresses…..

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