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Full Moon, Grand Trines, Venus/Regulus conjunction

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

vintage artwork - ancient globe and constellation map

Full Moon 2nd of October - Chiang Mai time:

The Sun in the actual constellation of Virgo 13°51’09” sid. Virgo – loosely conjunct Zaniah at 9°49’34” and Porima at 15°07’57”

The Moon at 13°51’02” sid. Pisces. Conjoining at 11°46’54” retrograde Chiron.

One of the main themes of the Virgo/Pisces axis is “healing” but also hard work and transcendence, veils covering truths – these themes are further emphasized by Chiron (being the healing teacher), as well as also in Pisces, at the late degrees, Mars and Eris conjoin and both retrograde as the warriors for freedom and truth. Mars and Eris are also in a grand Trine with Vesta in late Cancer and The Lunar South Node in late Scorpio. Same time are Mars and Eris in a Square to Pluto in late Sagittarius (also in a few minutes exact 30° to Southnode and 150° to Northnode) and to a lesser degree with Jupiter also in Sagittarius.

This whole picture does tell us to go within, to work with the illuminative, creative powers of the Sun, combined with the intuitive and emotional powers of the Moon, to break through the veils and uncertainties that are built up by our history to form false believes and self-betrayal, which does reflect to the outside – as we do the inner hard work, the success will radiate to the outer life. A couple of weeks ago we had a new Moon on the Leo-Virgo cusp, seeding that theme for this full Moon. Wonderful energies here – a lot of support. Pluto sends his transformational power to the Southnode in Scorpio (modern Astrology sees Pluto as ruler of Scorpio) to help with the “digestion”/discerning energies of the Southern Lunar Node to create a direction for the North Lunar Node. Same time will this activated Southnode help to access the Grandtrine energies as in this whole inner and outer process of discerning/digesting, healing and taking down of the veils to pull everything into light, we need the inner flame and devotion that Vesta can assist us with especially her being under the Lion’s head in late Cancer, which symbolizes to come out of the shell, the security and explore new territory or to “challenge” what we have brought from “home”.

This Grandtrine will stay active for a while.

All not an easy task but with so much help, much easier to handle 😉

As a practical tip to those who are not familiar with such inner work so much yet. It’s easiest to start with a theme we feel familiar with, we feel a certain “security” with and so it’s easier to find the devotion and the strength there and then can go on to themes that are a bit more delicate. Overwhelming one Self, does not help…..

On Saturday morning 6.02am Chiang Mai time (Univ. Time 2nd 10. 2020 at 23.02) Venus now conjoins Regulus, the heart of Leo, at 4°49’25” sid. Leo. Same time the Moon is coming closer to our Mars/Eris conjunction and so adding the energy to that Grand Trine.

Venus, our heart center – beauty, art and our personal value system as well as the collective one – conjoins with the royal star of Leo. The Leo energies here are of heart, self confidence, “noble pride”, integrity and leadership – also “self leading”, in the meaning of standing with the own heart and truth. Vesta will be here around the 21st of October (starting to feel probably already with the New Moon on 17th of October until roughly the 27th/28th)