Full Moon in Aries 31st October 2020

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Conclusion: (Details below)

Over the last years, many Scientists and Researchers found facts about Humanities ancient past as well as physics that reveal partly that ancient teachings in mysticism seem to have a valid foundation. We also see more and more how our way of living is in disharmony with nature and creates problems to ourselves. We see that our Governments are restricting the societal freedom more and more….. whatever we may belief or not, there are many facts jumping into our faces and many people are starting to ask questions and start to doubt that maybe what we All thought is true, might have been not the right conclusions taken. Sometimes when new facts come out, we need to integrate and adjust on all levels….

I think the Sun/Moon axis (Full Moon) talks about that. So many facts are out in the “light” (Sun) and need to be “weighed”, discerned, integrated to give us the basis to a new beginning. A beginning that is collaboration with the liberating, cool-scientific/logic mind of Uranus, which may decode/revealing which blocks us and what way to take for a new beginning…. The Moon and her emotions may be strong in outbursts but when we can tap into the cool level-headed energies of Uranus, that might be balanced out and gives us the right “integration” tools to choose the innovative energies over the “war like” energies.

Interestingly at around 11° of the Aries/Libra axis is the nodal axis of Eris. Aries Northnode and Libra Southnode. Eris was together with Lilith opposing the new Moon on 17th of October, so her themes are still in focus as well – which is to fearlessly revealing truth about the nature of all but especially of Self. – Also that might now help us to tap into the harmonic energies of the Grand Trine – Lilith on Nessus’ Northnode here in Aries. This specific placement may talk about Lilith need for us to look at our denials and abuse we cause to ourselves through these denials. Lilith wants us to embrace our feminine side, to release her and with it, bring all abuse (within and without) to full light and understanding. There is a lot of growth to gain from that…. As there’s also the Vesta/Lucifer conjunction with it’s immense energy of inner fire and devotion after we freed ourselves from fear…. One more Trine energy is the Pholus/Quaoar conjunction – the more we listen to our divine feminine intuition we heighten our perception and be open to the natural order of life…. Where ever we enter that Trine, it’s energy is most freeing…. Leo does provide our devotion with the courage to face and overcome our fears with it to perceive the natural order in life, which will ultimately free that Lilith energy – she has been misunderstood and entrapped for too long… treat her well and with understanding and not with vengeance!!

We are, as the whole year talked about already, asked to finally embrace our whole, integrated and liberated being. It includes to accept and free the divine feminine – to overcome the fears and let the divine masculine work together with her. Within each and everyone of us – with this, we can reach or start to work on our full potentials – when we understand that we’re One of all of Humanity, or even the whole Universe, that what we’re made of, is the same the whole Universe is made of – therefore, we can unite, transform, transmute and build a new….


This Full Moon occurs conjoining Uranus . Moon at 13°21’8” sid. Aries, Uranus at 13°23’59” both over the head of Cetus.

Therefore. the Sun at 13°21’12” sid. Libra under the feet of the Virgin conjoining the Star Khambalia.

The Moon; intuitive, feminine power that influences so much on Earth and within ourselves. Our emotional “needs and wants” in material ways, that cover our inner, unconscious real needs and tasks and together with her Nodes describes our most personal evolutionary task.

Uranus is all about the unexpected, sudden and surprises but also about liberation and freedom; therefore, he’s also about science and the future. Anything from genius to madness…

Aries traditionally the sign of new beginnings including the innovation, “action” and leadership needed for that kind of tasks. It’s also about the Self – the Identity. Aries is of a lot of energy/power also in the meaning of physical energy and therefore also of sexuality. Aries stands along the ecliptic, the constellation Cetus the sea monster below and Andromeda above entering from Pisces and then constellation Cassiopeia (Andromedas mother, the queen) and further north, all 30° of Aries there is Cepheus (Andromedas father, the king) – in the myth, Andromeda was captured by Cetus due to her parents command, in order to calm Poseidon (king of the ocean) until Perseus came to free her. In modern Astrology Cetus is seen as the administration in all areas of life (birthcertifate to deathcertificate – all is about some kind of papers right), the duties we have to serve according tradition, society, politics and beliefs, which are often blocking and can even make us psychological and physically ill and yes, that is kind of the “enemy” of intuition and creativity.

The Sun is our “center”, the life in its fullest expression and that’s what it’s about – confidently live/express/create the life according the inner/heart truth: to shine.

Libra has become a kind of a strange sign, as it’s half of the virgin and then its own constellation. In ancient times, the virgin was seen standing and Libra as an own constellation bigger as having “gods” operating the scales and the scales were same time the claws of Scorpio. So, a lot of changes that Libra had to go through over the last few thousand years. Because of this, the first half of sid. Libra is actually “under the skirt and legs” of the Virgin – constellation of Virgo. As this “picture” drawn above, there is something mysterious about this part of the skies – “hidden under the skirt” – one needs to undress to find, so kind of lifting the veils but that’s more of a Neptunian theme, so maybe decoding the knowledge. Hidden purpose, sacred path and truth in life – hidden within.

The themes of the constellation and sign of Libra are balance, fairness, truth, equality, justice. The ancients saw Libra as the “judgement day” or the entrance to the afterlife or better said, the soul-path either trapped from lifecycle to lifecycle or mastered and freed….

In Grand Trine we again have Vesta at 8°11’48” sid. Leo with Lucifer at 9°47’34” sid. Leo – we have Pholus at 6°29’47” sid. Sagittarius and Quaoar at 7°46’43” – and true Lilith at 6°5’28” sid. Aries.

Vesta is our inner, sacred flame – so it’s our devotion but she’s also about “time sharing” in the mythology – how much are we going to “endure” in order to keep our flame burning….. Lucifer (from Christian beliefs and is one of the “fallen Angels” – the “Lightbringer”) he brings the “evil” to be looked at, understood and “rejected” by saying “no”, turning around and focus on the “light” of truth. Leo does have a lot of energy but he also likes to lay down in the Sun and let it shine onto him. A balance/harmony of physical power to the powers of a creative mind that likes to express in a confident, pride, leading but yet warm and open hearted, way. The star Regulus is the “alpha” of the constellation Leo, marks the heart of the Lion. Leo is about taking the stage of life, confidently express and shine, highly creative and intelligent, “royal” integer and noble, passionate and loving. The later part of Leo, the tail, is less about the physical but more about transcending this physical, outshining part of Leo and translate it into and bring it toward the more grounded and responsible Virgo. To find a deeper truth, soul truth maybe…. But the passion of Leo is still very deeply feelable here. Don’t forget that the tails are used by animals not only to balance themselves but also to communicate.

Pholus is the assistant for healing or transformation processes as he heightens the perception – he works together with Uranus and Neptune and Pluto. He may be most “active” during extreme, traumatic times. Quaoar is about natural laws and therefore life, he’s in a very harmonious orbit and so he may show where we’re not in that harmony. Sagittarius is about higher learning like a “truth-seeker” or Philosopher or similar… It’s about integrating different view point through that higher learning gained through experience. He’s about foreign lands, galaxies but also ideals and visions. Highly intelligent and intuitive.

The first Decan of Sagittarius is a very intense and special area of the zodiac. There is the Galactic Center, where it says the whole galaxy is spinning around, then there is GEN (equatorial ecliptic node) – opposite in Gemini is the “anti”-GEN, furthermore there is also the Solar Apex (direction of the sun). I would say a special galactic space and therefore also enhancing and “expanding” energy, so about evolution of our whole solar system as well as “life on Earth”. The ecliptic north node of Orcus is at 4°. For all of these reasons, deep themes and search for Truth, purpose and the soul may arise.

Lilith represents the exiled, demonized raw feminine principle and is often difficult to handle, with her extreme outbursts at times, when she feels not treated “equally” to the masculine, when we don’t listen to her appeals in form of strong intuition, we often “overrule” these deeply rooted intuition, when we find it’s not what we want. wish for or when it’s too “inconvenient”. Aries traditionally the sign of new beginnings including the innovation, “action” and leadership needed for that kind of tasks, Self-identity and of sexuality. (more details look above) …. At 6° there’s also the Northnode of Nessus.

Much Love to you All,


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