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"full moon thoughts"

Looking at the Astrology and the happenings around me and “globally” I see the correlations clearer and clearer and the next month will bring more of the crucial energies needed to transform our world…. Cycle over cycle beside cyles…. That’s what is going on and the Universe wants us to wake up!!! We shall wake up and grow up, from our kindergarden behavior at least to school age but please a little further than 1st year!!!! All this blaming, shouting and harmful behavior is really not the way to change – it only hardens the polarities and the separation!!!

Remember how easily we’re All manipulated (I include myself here) – we tend to take the easy way and then wonder, when it didn’t come out the way we thought it should, as we did not give it enough thought or attention – ohhh “they” know what “they’re” doing and so it’s all good…. NOPE we see now, it’s not “all good”!!!!

A little, tiny thing like a virus can “come” and we lock the world down, stay at home scared or are fighting against each other for something simple as of wearing a mask or not, with the reason of “freedom” – seems there is few understood about what freedom really is and that it includes the freedom of any other person / being as well – one can’t claim freedom without respecting the same of other people…. – Universal law of correspondence – as above, so below and any other direction…..

Many of us understand some principles of the Universal Laws – if we understand them and live according to them, everything will change accordingly. First of all though, we have to understand and accept the fact that everything happening now is co-created by us. Any action or non-action is a cause for an effect…. If we think that there is a “savior” coming to take us out of this situation, then we will probably wait for a long time – we shall take care of our stuff ourselves. We can do this!!!! I’m absolutely certain about our abilities to change!!!!! But hey – lets actually DO something – even if it’s just a very tiny little thing, but know, many little things become a big thing if enough participate!! I think to “stop blaming” would be a good starting-point. Yes, some people are suffering badly from illness, loss of financial stability, even no outlook for simple survival and so I hear more and more about suicide including whole families…. Shall we blame the Governments, or those who gained during these times or those who keep their status? Where would that lead to? Change? Nope, it would worsen the situation as then we turn against each other and maybe even more wars/fights would happen…. Don’t blame but also DISCERN – each of us decides where, how and what we participate with or not – remember, focus is part of the creation process, so be aware of that and think before creating…..

There is an Asteroid called Pallas Athena, just as Jupiter's "brain child" from Roman and Greek mythology. She's about finding creative, innovative solutions to problems and she's also about fairness and respect...

Much Love to you All,


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