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Interesting times

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

"As above, so below" it says.. I find this in many ways very true and significant.

When we look at the sky, we see some "Friends" - the stars - but we know, they're actually never really at the same place, neither are Earth or any Planets, Asteroids or whatever else there is up there... everything moves and so do we.... we can never relive the same moment again and nothing can - it's always kind of forward... we can "revisit" moments and may visit the future in dreams and visions but the feel to it isn't the same.

So in this perspective every moment is even more unique than we usually anyways think about - it's also a unique moment in the Universe...

There are a few stars and constellation degrees that kind of "pop up" all the time right now and in personal charts as well - so I have started to investigate/research/feel into them in order to make more sense of it all - not finished yet but it's in the works right now :-) here just telling, that it's about the Hyades (head of the bull - Taurus), Orion (Taurus and Gemini) and some more in that "region", Terebellum (in Sagittarius but right at the cusp to Capricorn), Arcturus of Bootes and more... their influences have been going on for a while now and will for some more time, so no hurry, even so each moment is passed is past....

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