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Mercury - Earth cycle energy leading us towards the Solstice.

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Mercury at superior conjunction 20.12.2020 at 10.26am Thai-Time – 03.26am Univ. Time

The heliocentric Mercury – Earth opposition takes place 18 minutes before the geocentric time.

Sun and Mercury align at 3°24’47” in sid. Sagittarius – at the start of the Solstice, they will cross over the GEN (Galactic Equatorial Node) but are conjoining the Galactic center, which brings confidence, stability or let’s say “centeredness”. If viewed from the Sun, the Earth stands in Gemini….

Mercury being at superior conjunction, means he’s at the 180 degrees point of his current cycle (meaning as viewed from earth, we see the Sun and Mercury would be “behind” the Sun) – the “culmination” of his cycle – he will be starting a new cycle with his inferior Sun Conjunction on 8th of February 2021. This “culmination” takes place in Sagittarius, the higher/broader view points and “learning” (information gained) – we validate the “truth” of the information, towards the “goal” which is manifestation and re-integration (the 3rd and 4th quarters of the cycle). The flow of information (communication) is at its peak – illuminated by the Sun. Some of us may feel or experience this in special ways of communication within ourselves and our “guiding system” or however you perceive and “name” it – others may have just sudden ‘realizations”. This energy will be around for a few days…. Talking of such: Last night (18th to 19th) I watched the sky and actually saw Canopus of Carina in the southern sky – usually I don’t see him – he was sparkling really bright, outshone even Sirius. In ancient times there was a constellation called Argo Navis – now it’s divided into several constellations but when we look at it with the eyes of soul and evolution, we need to consider to Argo Navis. Canopus as the “leading figure” in this (the Argo sails in the direction of earth precession – clockwise) and confirms within the evolutionary path of planetary systems as well as our own soul path, growth and evolution. (Ref. Nick A. Fiorenza –

Mars is in a “loose” Trine (Pisces) with the Lunar Southnode (Scorpio)

We’re also in a water-grand-Trine: Chiron in sid. Pisces – Varuna in sid. Cancer (the Two only 21minutes apart) and Venus sid. Scorpio (loosely joining this Trine is Juno in sid. Scorpio)

Both of these watery aspects we will still feel during the Solstice, even though it’s “separating” due to the faster moving Venus and Mars….

Trine energy is a harmonious energy/resonance between planets/bodies – especially the “closed” harmonies of a Grand Trine are influential if we can tap into it – too much harmony can sometimes go “unnoticed” as we often tend to focus more on the difficulties and obstacles.

Mars’ action or “life energy” is still at the end of sid. Pisces, therefore “watery”, meaning emotional and in trine with the lunar nodes in Scorpio/Ophiuchus, deep themes may be surface and need to be taken care of – The Southnode stands in an area that is most importantly about “self-mastery”. Even these deep themes, spiritual and “soul work” may seem something “still”, it’s still “work” and needs will-power, the action to take the idea into motion… we often learn in little steps and to stay “active” instead of “reactive” may be a step in the right direction for some people already – for other people it may go in another “direction” and seems to me a special placement in combination with the Mercury – Sun conjunction….

Chiron is direct now (still slow though) in sid. Pisces - Varuna in sid. Cancer – Venus sid. Scorpio – this gives us a wonderful Harmonic, matching the time of the year, as well as the other placements of these days…. We can, if we choose though, access our self-healing capacities by working with the universal laws and our heart. Maybe some of us, do have to heal our heart – “her” value to ourselves as often, by “overruling” our heart we entrap ourselves in the values of others… By living true to ourselves we access all there IS within us and liberate our gifts, talents and abilities – each of us uniquely wonderful and important. Juno is “loosely” involved in this story - she’s about relationships also the one we have with ourselves and that confirms above said topic. In these times it’s all about ourselves – how do we react to the happenings in these truly challenging times? Are we going the easy way of blaming and “fighting” or are we going within to connect with our own truth and inner harmony? When we trust in the working of the Universal Laws, we will get what we need… “miracles” happen and they’re actually “self made” in some ways 😉

We take all these energies towards the Solstice on 21st/22nd of December, depending the location. I will post about this as well…..

Much Love to you All,


some Details:

Sun 3°24’47” Sagittarius Mercury 3°24’47” Sagittarius

Moon 12°32’54” Aquarius Mars 27°19’25” Pisces

Jupiter 4°50’31” Capricorn Saturn 5°01’23” Capricorn

Venus 10°17’13” Scorpio Juno 5°10’24” Scorpio

Uranus 11°42’14” Aries (R) Neptune 23°00’11” Aquarius

Pluto 28°31’24” Sagittarius

Northnode 24°35’55” Taurus Southnode 24°35’55” Scorpio

Pallas 8°41’42” Capricorn Chariklo 2°08’06” Capricorn

Chiron 9°39’39” Pisces (direct) Lilith (true) 11°51’01” Aries

Varuna 9°31’20” Cancer (R)

For all of my chart-calculations, I use the website:

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