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New beginnings end of July / beginning of August 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Hourglass nebula by ESA/Hubble

The longer and the more intense I work with the various cycles and the very long time cycles, I see, how all is interconnected – as above, so below and the other way round 😉 - I have started to use the term heliocentric sidereal planetary cycles Astrology...

Here now a few of the "new beginnings" we can "shape"....

I already talked about Mars and Hygiea in the “July new beginnings post” as the restart/ conjunction of the Two will be on 21st of July – here the link:

Picture: Hourglass nebula by ESA - Hubble

The conjunction takes place at 14°56’7” sid. Leo A short reminder though: it’s about the focus in the theme of health we take – of course, health is a “holistic” theme, includes body, mind and spirit and hygiene of all these matters is important and require an action accordingly.

As what we focus on is what we attract as we vibrate with it - fear and worries are a form of stress and stress does lower our immune system and therefore we’re more vulnerable and makes us “prey” for manipulation and deception….

Hygiea (“holistic health”) as well as Mars (the physical energy, will power, leadership and protective energies) are further active in these times and she has been for quite a while now.

Mars conjuncts Orcus exact on 27th of July 2021 in sid. Leo.

At 17°19’36” sid. Leo – Mars in Leo and Orcus in the constellation of Hydra in the south of the ecliptic. Hygiea at 15°58’5” Leo. It’s the longitude near Zosma and Chetan of Leo, Alioth and Mizar of Ursa Major and some stars on the sail of the Argo Navis, which lays south of the unnamed stars of Hydra involved.

Hygiea conjoins Orcus exactly on 3rd of August 2021 – last was on 10.12.2015 also in Leo.

At 17°20’46” sid. Leo – Hygiea in Leo and Orcus in the constellation of Hydra in the south of the ecliptic. Mars at 20°26’26” Leo.

These two conjunctions and the next few cycles of other Bodies are all connected, interactive. Even though, I list them here separately, they’re not… it’s all one big theme 😉

But let us try to have a look at these Mars-Orcus and Hygiea-Orcus cycles in one go first… All in Leo and also the previous times….

constellation map Hydra, Crater, Sextans and Leo

red line = ecliptic blue = equator

The ecliptical longitude of around 17° is diagonal between Zosma and Coxa down, crossing through Sextans to “reach” Orcus is in the constellation Hydra. North would be Ursa Major…

This longitude of the heavens talks about the “outcome of the own actions”. It’s an area we may be willing to take on risks and so there can be either outcome. We need to trust ourselves and be sure that we’re doing what we personally think is best to do and as with every adventure, we may have to steer through and around problems/ obstacles but always with the greater task in “sight”/vision. Will power, flexible thinking while standing strong are attributes here – “self -reliance and confidence”… and if one feels “broken”, burdened, carrying the weight of whatever on the shoulders or similar feelings, then it might be a sign of having lost “sight/vision/passion”… it happens, we can just take it with understanding for self, with compassion for self without pity though!! We have also some stars here that are very forceful, active and creative – it will want to come out – and there are also some that talk more about the thought of “there’s more”, the intuition, the gut feeling that wants to be integrated for a more “balanced” way of creative force “outbursts”….

Remember, if “imbalanced”, then Mars can become a “warrior god” and he’ll conjoin the longitude of the more active, creative, forceful energy during the Hygiea-Orcus cycle start… so this energy will “remain” part of all these 3 cycles…

During this time, Earth will be at her conjunction with Saturn in middle of Capricorn, giving emphasis on the theme of anchoring the theme into the material world with its structures of any kind – may that be organisations, the media or simply the consciousness. The grounding energy here can also be helpful in times of crises anyways…

The Pallas-Nessus conjunction is active and is in opposition with Mars-Hygiea-Orcus already since the Solstice and is an integrated part here as well as the other way round – these themes go together, same axis…. And the same is about the Ceres-Uranus conjunction, which is in Trine to our Trio and actually in a Sextile to the Pallas-Nessus conjunction… so you see, this is all not separable and will for the next years…. Also the Vesta – Haumea conjunction is active and during the Mars – Orcus conjunction new cycle, also Venus is a part of that Vesta-Haumea cycle…

Vesta and Haumea conjunct on 1st of August 2021 – last was on 02.12.2017

This heliocentric conjunction takes place at 2°53’36” sid. Libra “under the skirt” of Virgo – Venus near at 6°. The “Leo stellium” – Orcus, Hygiea and Mars is still active and “shifting” and still in opposition with the next described Pallas-Nessus conjunction in sid. Aquarius. They are also in aspect with Sedna in early Taurus.

- Vesta is our “inner sacred flame”, devotion….

- Haumea is about birthing something new, a “mid wife” energy.

Interestingly “under the skirt” of Virgo region, there is a large “hidden” star-birthing region. Very fitting to the modern “drawing” of the region and the conjunction at hand. This region seems somewhat mysterious – “hidden under the skirt” – something that needs to “undressed”, to go within and “decode” the knowledge hidden within – the sacred path and truth in life, matured consciousness, an integration of the feminine principle and the “unknown, limitless possibilities”.

Obviously there is a feeling of devotion to find the truth in situations, to assist in the birth of that “mystery” to be solved. For some that may play in “worldly life”, the spiritual world, health related or otherwise…

Pallas and Nessus conjunction will be on 2nd August 2021 – last was 08.10.2016

This is heliocentric – geocentric they met and will meet actually 3 times, due to retrogrades. I have talked and posted about that before…. Same happens with Neptune….

So we have the theme Pallas – Nessus – Neptune for the whole year from various perspectives.

The heliocentric conjunction is already active – so it’s now the wishes and ideas for the future that we make within their themes.

Pallas is about “problem solving”, connecting dots, wisdom and Nessus is about “abuse”, self- abuse and how we spiritualize our past in the meaning of learning to use the past as “information” and lesson learned.

They will meet at 17°59’41” sid. Aquarius conjoining stars Hydria and Situla both of Aquarius. When they met last in 2016 it was at 8°551’49” sid. Aquarius – so a little shift here in the energies – we had to integrate the “heart-mind”, shifting or breaking down “walls around the heart” to become more open for sharing and ideas but also to see signs/synchronicities and opportunities.

Now we’re moving on to “use” these gained wisdom and knowledge – water or further on, either, is what nourishes every biological system existing – it is life giving, it’s a “resource”. In this part of Aquarius the resources, their distribution, “fair sharing” are important. It’s also an area where the investor meets the inventor etc. but also about the awareness about our very own personal resources. This means also the own Being as for example part of a group, family or society - to bring the fullness of self into such groups for the growth of All. Furthermore, it talks about our own inner abilities, the biotechnology, the connectedness with the “All” (One-ness) etc.

Past experiences are a form of “private library” in best case or we can be “reigned” by them. This is the same on a personal level as well as society or humanity as a whole… So, we talk about “shadow work” or when that has been done already, the continuous awareness of the happenings around us being somehow a “response” to something that we may have to look at – the good and the not so nice stuff both 😉

Ceres – Uranus on 7th of August 2021 – last was 21.09.2016 in sid. Pisces

They now meet exact at 16°28’42” sid. Aries over the head of Cetus. They’re still in Trine with Hygiea and Orcus and they’re in a T-square with Venus (15°59’ const. Virgo sid. Libra) in opposition and in square to Saturn and Earth (16° and 19° sid Capricorn).

We’re no longer wrapping up but starting new, especially as the geocentric conjunction already was on 11th June (different but similar) …

Ceres, the nurturing, the care meets Uranus the Liberator, Rebel and Scientist… sounds not such a great match right – but what doesn’t need any form of nurture or care or any kind of liberation and who isn’t sometimes “rebellious” about something…

Middle of Aries, over the head of Cetus, under Andromeda. The long legs of Andromeda symbolize the “stamina”, the honor we need to keep. These stars talk about being in the own self, uncorrupted but can also bring a taste of naiveté to the powerplays around us. As we’re the co-creators of this “collective consciousness”, we need to be aware of how we “nourish” not only ourselves but also that collective. What we think, what we watch, what we talk, what we do – all of it does impact ourselves as well as our surrounding/environment… As we start to understand that, we also need to “anchor” it into our daily life and action to kind of “widen” or liberate our very own structures, beliefs, systems etc. accordingly as well as our hearts, and values need a “re-birth” in the meaning of letting go of the “old, antiquated” (that part, which isn’t serving anymore) – all of this on an individual level and consequently collectively….

Much Love to you All,


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