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New beginnings end of July / beginning of August 2021

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Hourglass nebula by ESA/Hubble

The longer and the more intense I work with the various cycles and the very long time cycles, I see, how all is interconnected – as above, so below and the other way round 😉

Here now a few of the "new beginnings" we can "shape"....

I already talked about Mars and Hygiea in the “July new beginnings post” as the restart/ conjunction of the Two will be on 21st of July – here the link:

Picture: Hourglass nebula by esa-hubble

The conjunction takes place at 14°56’7” sid. Leo A short reminder though: it’s about the focus in the theme of health we take – of course, health is a “holistic” theme, includes body, mind and spirit and hygiene of all these matters is important and require an action accordingly.

As what we focus on is what we attract as we vibrate with it - fear and worries are a form of stress and stress does lower our immune system and therefore we’re more vulnerable and makes us “prey” for manipulation and deception….

Hygiea (“holistic health”) as well as Mars (the physical energy, will power, leadership and protective energies) are further active in these times and she has been for quite a while now.

Mars conjuncts Orcus exact on 27th of July 2021 in sid. Leo.

At 17°19’36” sid. Leo – Mars in Leo and Orcus in the constellation of Hydra in the south of the ecliptic. Hygiea at 15°58’5” Leo. It’s the longitude near Zosma and Chetan of Leo, Alioth and Mizar of Ursa Major and some stars on the sail of the Argo Navis, which lays south of the unnamed stars of Hydra involved.

More about Mars:

Hygiea conjoins Orcus exactly on 3rd of August 2021 – last was on 10.12.2015 also in Leo.