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New Moon 11./12.02.2021 in the constellation Capricornus

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

12.02.2021 02.05 am Thailand time (Univ. = 11.02.21 at 19.05 - USA earlier as time zone)

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Capricorn – therefore we on Earth in Cancer. The new Moon is the time when nature is in her roots. The Moon’s home astrologically is Cancer and so these themes are even further emphasized on. The roots, the womb, SAFETY – whatever that means to one individually ….. Globally we’re in new energies, many new cycles have started but there are some, that still need to be wrapped up before they can start anew and same is about the themes we’re presented with in our birth-charts, therefore each of us contributes with their own “healing”/clearing to the Human collective.

The energy of the Grand fixed Cross, I talked about before, is still active and therefore is still challenging us and in addition to this, Pluto has now changed into Capricorn as well and he’s very parallel/contra-parallel with the lunar nodal axis, this is an energy a little less intense than a conjunction/opposition but also very influential. Makemake (a Trans Neptunian – so Pluto family) is even closer (within 2 seconds) – Pluto parallel to the Southnode and Makemake parallel to the Northnode… fascinating…. In addition to this, it’s important to note, that several planets do have their nodal axis also in Taurus and Scorpio and now here is to mention especially Uranus and Venus as closest. With this Pluto-shift, now all the Bodies of last years stellium in Sagittarius have moved over to Capricorn, joined by the Sun and Moon. A heavy feel as we try to give all that we have experienced and seen last year a form or structure – we try to understand and how there is a solution, a way out or better said a solution.

The New Moon is a time when we usually are more “within” in the search of our true needs or better said, our emotional state, which is becoming the basis for the new cycle. Kind of “calibrating” the inner “cell phone”… maybe it’s needed to clear out some old stuff in this cell phone, old pictures that have no value anymore or old numbers we don’t need anymore… With less baggage traveling is much easier and we have room for more experiences with more clarity for the future (Neptune in Aquarius). The Moon’s nodes in Taurus and Scorpio as a part of that grand square are very much “activated” now (as well as Venus’ and Uranus’ nodes). Taurus and Scorpio are talking about the self-definition we program us with. We’re asked to really go within when we get reflected back and see clear what there is, or why. It’s how it works, we “shine” out and get reflected, so that reflection tells us something about ourselves. We can just only ask “why” do I experience this or that – this question is answered by yourself, through yourself and not in the outside. Whom can you fully trust if not yourself!!?? Your heart is within yourself and not outside!!!! Yes, I know, it needs courage to face the deeper truth within but as a “jewel box” filled with junk we put on top of the things, filling it and filling it, we need to sort through it before we reach the “diamond” in the base…. You see, the Universe never leaves us without help – the courage and bravery are right there in Leo together with his noble heart (Leo is “Sun” energy), Vesta’s passion and inner fire leads you and furthermore, there is the Mars and Uranus placement in Aries, which brings us the self-leading willpower for such search and change which is supported by Neptune’s clarity in the emotional pathways…. Don’t forget when you work with these energies – what you claim yours in form of “my or I am” you “possess”, so clean out your cupboard or jewel-box and discern what you need but also what is yours and what not …..

We can’t change someone else, only ourselves and that will change the world….

Much Love to you All,


New Moon 12.02.2021 02.05 am Thailand time (Univ. = 11.02.21 at 19.05 – 07.05 pm)

The Sun and Moon conjunct at 27°59’18” in the constellation of Capricorn. Conjoining Stars are Deneb Algedi and Sadalsuud of Capricorn, the stars of Equuleus and Cygnus. This is the let’s say “transitional” part from Capricorn to Aquarius under the wings of Cygnus the Swan. You may know the “story” here – the little “gray mouse” that changes into a beautiful Swan.

Conjoining in the north is Pallas at 26°39’43”(=separating) – Pallas Sun-conjunction and new cycle started on 9th/10th of February (less than 4 hours before the exact Vesta-Neptune opposition). Pallas was one of the “main” Players during the whole last year, while Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter were so entangled and with her as well, Chariklo also still stays in this picture (her cycles with the 3 did already started to happen in 2019) now at 05°45’9” Capricorn, a little further than Pluto….

Eris and “black Moon Lilith” still in Taurus – a lot of feminine power, often misunderstood and “demonized” but never the less part of us and most supportive. We can fight, neglect or dismiss these sides of our inner, more “archaic”, instinctive powers or we may be pushed into with “force”. If we resist and resist, the themes are only presented harsher and harsher. The Taurus themes are “possession” – so, the values we have. Early Taurus is under the constellation Perseus, who slayed Medusa, who is representing fear (everyone looking at her, turned to stone)… So, kick off the heavy stones of fear, you/we will feel them falling off the chest – breathing will feel free and light.

From my post in January 2021:

Grand Square involving the lunar node axis Taurus – Scorpio at 24°21’59” and the cross is Neptune at 23°26’49” Aquarius – Vesta in Leo at 25°57’36. On 22nd of January Ceres and Neptune make their conjunction in exact square to the nodal axis at 23°40-45’ – Vesta retrograde and at Leo

26°4’17” – their opposition will be exact on 10th of February.

So, let’s take a look at the “emotional” points in this picture. The nodal axis – the intake and digestion of the emotions, their needs – physical, manifested self and it’s created believes to the self mastery by allowing the own inner truth to surface. Our beliefs help to manifest and the manifestations we created do create new beliefs – an ongoing process, hard to say where it starts and where it ends…. Sometimes we’re emotionally trapped in fear based cycles and don’t find the liberating “gate”. Fear of loss of security, money, health, friends, family and so on and that makes us feeling tired, powerless, little and so on. Such deep “hopeless” feeling can lead to extreme reactions of giving up, anger, search for something or someone to blame or even suicide.

Another “water-emotion” body is Neptune – he’s the ruler of the sea. He can either bring crystal clear vison or very cloudy sight. Paired with Ceres – the mothering, nurturing dwarf planet and mother of the Asteroids. Yes, we do nurture ourselves, our beliefs, our being alive – not only on a physical level though. The Two are at an interesting place – like the “urn” where the water flows out to nurture Formalhaut and Pisces Austrinus, joining the delta of Eridanus… a place of nurturing, but again, not only ourselves but all life so to speak.

Opposing – other side of the axis – Vesta at the tail of Leo under the Leo Galaxy Cluster, just passed but still influencing is Mizar of Ursa Major. An area that stands for the overseeing, controlling systems and the diversity in them – most importantly though, this area talks about creative forces, a power that can be used in either way – constructive or destructive (sometimes both is needed though in the meaning of letting go).

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