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์New Moon 17.10.2020 in sid. Virgo

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

This New Moon occurs conjoining the Stars Spica (28°50’7”) and Heze (27°7’40”) of Virgo in sidereal Virgo at 28°36’.

Opposing the New Moon Eris at 28°43’02”R in sid. Pisces. And not as exact but still conjunct is Lilith at 1°38’36” sid. Aries.

In T-Square to that we have Pluto at 27°14’18” and Chariklo at 29°28’57”R and Saturn at 0°18’29” sid. Capricorn (at 28° Saturn’s Southnode and Pluto’s Southnode at 25° which means their “rebirthing”/discerning points)

In Grand Trine with Lilith/Eris there is Vesta at 2°56’28” sid. Leo on her way to conjunct Regulus (as we had Venus there a couple of weeks ago right after the full moon) and third is Ixion at 2°56’53” conjoining the Galactic Center in early sid. Sagittarius.

Vesta is in opposition with Ceres at 3°19’39”R sid. Aquarius.

Spica and also Heze mark like the “root and sacral chakra” of the Virgin (if we look at her as in the modern picture lying on the ecliptic. Protected by Star Arcturus of Bootes and “his” constellation”. Traditionally Virgo is about agriculture, hard work, refinement, improvement of self and others and also health and healing (especially the natural ways). I also look at her as the “birthing process” – also “re-birth” in the sense of “renewal” and its roots – before we do anything, there must be the idea. There always Pallas Athena comes to mind as being Jupiter’s “brain child” – anyways, back to Virgo – to “birth” an idea we need to feel safe, secure, confident, trusting all themes of the root chakra. Oppising that – meaning the “opposite pole” of the same axis there is Eris and conjoining her Lilith. Pisces-Aries cusp is strongly under the influence of Andromeda, Perseus and Cetus. Eris by now roughly half way between Cetus and the fish. Lilith conjoins the star Torcular of the “upward swimming fish. This area does speak of entrapments, fear and how to escape. Eris is a warrior queen, she’s fearless and wants to show us hidden truth, when we were lied to, where deceit occurs etc. – she may show us these things in a “disruptive” way as so Lilith powers. She’s the “demonized”, exiled feminine, she can be “angry” and powerful as she only wants equality… - The “T” are Pluto, Chariklo and Saturn. Meaning death and rebirth / transformation (Pluto), the misunderstood ones and outsiders (Chariklo) and the structures, societies, companies, religions and so on at the Sagittarius / Capricorn cusp, which is an area that talks about bringing the learnt, the ideals and dreams to test, if it’s possible to actually translate them into practical manifestation and under the “all seeing” eyes of Aquila the Eagle…. And remember, these 3 also stand on Pluto’s and Saturn’s Southnodes which is also talking about discerning/digesting and rebirth!!!

So it’s like an strong energy of birthing the new with integration of the “exiled” and misunder-stood. To overcome the fears by seeing the truth… It’s the time now – to emerge, as the whole Humans with integrated divine feminine powers to finally overcome fears and birth, create and live as the One and All that we are….

Lilith and Eris – feminine power, which can fight for her place in harmonic trine with Vesta (devotion, inner sacred fire) with Regulus, who I dub the “heart chakra” in this picture. Powerful, all filling, just, intelligent, creative, confident and true – integer…. The last power in this Grand Trine is Ixion and the Galactic Center. Ixion the “lust for life” in its pure form, not distorted and corrupted by lack, fear, anger, greed and so on… The Galactic center speaks for itself with its name but there are other “galactic” points and places at that area of sid. Sagittarius.

One more important aspect and placement here in the picture is Ceres at at 3°19’39R sid. Aquarius opposing Vesta and the “heart chakra”. Opposition means, need to be integrated. Ceres is about nurturing. How we nurture others, how we like to be nurtured and how we nurture ourselves but also about the “universal flow”, sharing, nature, food and mother Earth… She’s in the future orientated constellation of Aquarius, traditionally also about technology, science and the greater good of All and so it’s also a “revolutionary” part of the zodiac - the cusp is influenced by the northern constellation of Cygnus, the Swan, gliding gracefully shifting the energies away from the self-centeredness….

When I look at this whole picture, I get the impression that now is the time – the time to realize who we really are, in a fearless way, integrating and accepting our inheritance as complete, multidimensional Beings with a place in the Galaxy and Universe that we may explore again 😊

But first, yes, we need to integrate and nourish – we need to accept and live the fact that we’re divine feminine and masculine and mind….. as long as we can’t share and integrate we won’t go very far… the state we brought us (Humanity) and Earth in, does speak many books of that…. So again IT’S TIME…. We do the work and then we have fun 😉 … ohhh, by the way – I love Pallas concept of having fun working, she and Jupiter aren’t far from Pluto….. so they both play an important part in this picture too but for today, it seems they only get the “last word”….

Much Love to you All,


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