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New Moon 14.12.2020 and the evolutionary path

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

New Moon 14.12.2020 23.16pm Thailand – 16.16pm Univ. Time

The new Moon marks a time of “new beginnings” – the power lays in the roots of plants for example and much less in the branches and leaves, the opposite occurs during a full moon. So, a new Moon is a lot about “digestion” and making plans or wishes for the future – for many people a few days before the new moon a time starts to go a bit more within, contemplate and “feel out” what and where they want to go to….

Already the full Moon end of November did bring a lot of Scorpio energy, but it seems nothing in comparison to this New Moon. It’s as in the meantime we have dealt with the values and the self- worth, self-reliance to come full power into the depths of “digestion”. – Remember, when we look at the chart from the Sun, then Earth and the Moon are in Taurus (from the Sun, the Moon is always conjunct Earth) – so it’s always the axis, that is emphasized on – one part we’re kind of obviously working on and it symbolizes the path to integration (Chariklo) to become “whole and healed” (Chiron – also the “letting go part”).

We have the opportunity now to go deep within and open the treasury of our own self and being (Scorpio / Pluto). While doing this kind of work, we change, we change our Taurus parts, meaning the self-values, the self-worth and recognition of that inner world, opens the gates to expansion (Jupiter) beyond what we have thought to be possible. It changes our perception/view (Jupiter, Neptune, Pholus), our thinking (Mercury), our heart (Venus), our expression (Sun) and all our structures (Saturn)…. Our inside is the portal/gate to true light and change!!!

Such processes of growth (Jupiter) and change (Uranus) so bring pain and insecurity – we see what’s going wrong, blame and “fight” in desperation and refusal of letting go (Chiron). Remember the quote “you can’t solve a problem from the same view-point that created it” (or similar, lol). When we’re open and trusting our own inner guidance (intuition – the Moon, its nodes and dark Moon Lilith), we transform ourselves and gain another view on ourselves as well as our surrounding and that creates the basis for solutions/ new creations (Pallas) of structure to emerge.

I know, it’s tough at times – me too, experience and see around me the effects of this year’s challenges. Families are torn apart through various circumstances – sadness and anger emerging. We luckily have many tools to “elevate” ourselves – we acknowledge the situation and accept it as it is, then go on – meaning “jumping” over it and just simply making the best out of it. This creates a different vibration and resonance – our experiences change….

Remember, the law of cause and effect. We can’t change the effect but we can change the cause and therefore the outcome 😉

It started last year, that various cycles (also longer ones) came to an end and re-start. Especially in this year many cycles, one after the other, went through these evolutionary changes. Chariklo, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the most obvious ones as they’re longer cycles – there were also Venus, Mars and Mercury involved and of course Earth – she makes cycles with most bodies within roughly a year. Interestingly the longest is with Mars and the shortest of course with Mercury.

There is more influence though – the squares to Eris and now to Uranus. It means the point, where they and therefore we stand in the cycle of evolution. Those are very long cycles as they include slow moving planets and their energies therefore give an “overtone” to all the faster cycles.

I wish you All a wonderful "festive" season,




Moon 27°50’37” Scorpio or better said Ophiuchus and Sun 27°50’57” – conjoined by Mercury at 24°48’21” Scorpio and the Lunar Southnode at 24°39’25” (this conjunction with the nodal axis means, that it will be a solar eclipse – it will be visible in some parts of the American continent). More Scorpio-energy: Venus at 3°27’31” just overtook (separated from) Juno at 3°23’5”.

Chiron stationing to go direct at 9°39’13” Pisces – Mars at 25°26’0” sid. Pisces

Leo positions: Lucifer 18°3’38” – Orcus 17°56’23” R – Vesta 21°42’39”

Aquarius positions: Ceres 11°43’16” – Nessus 14°59’7” – Neptune 22°56’43” (direct now)

Uranus at 11°49’45” R in sid. Aries

Earlier Sagittarius positions: Pholus at 7°56’22” – Quaoar 8°46’23”

Varuna at 9°36’14” R sid. Cancer

Lilith (true) at 27°51’59” sid. Aries

Our 2020-stellium shifted into Capricorn except for Pluto who remains in late Sagittarius.

Jupiter at 3°39’41” – Chariklo 1°47’53” – Pallas 6°57’5” – Saturn 4°26’53”.

Pluto at 28°21’32” sid. Sagittarius (he will be at geocentric solar conjunction on 14th of January)

The constellations Scorpio and Ophiuchus which share the sign of Scorpio. Or some Astrologers say Ophiuchus is the 13th sign – I think they kind of work together, though share…. The overall themes of Scorpio are deep and intense emotions, self-mastery and authenticity (includes lesser emotions but more feelings), transformation, taboo themes of all sorts.

The early degrees of sid. Scorpio are also marked by the constellation of the Centaurus south of the ecliptic. The stars here want to make us realize that we’re not victims to our surroundings but that all is part of the cosmic, natural laws including the “karmic” law of cause and effect. Once one starts the path of self-mastery and this realization is integrated, the whole life will change. This means the theme of taking responsibility for the own actions and therefore experiences we make. I know, it’s tough to digest – life is a learning process and if we refuse to learn a lesson, the lesson will be presented again and again until we learn and change, unfortunately each time of refusal the lessons become tougher as obviously we do not want to see, hear…. Yep, I totally know, what I’m talking about but once the lesson is learned, one even becomes thankful to the lesson and everyone involved as the change opens doors to new and different experiences…. So to deal with the most “prominent”, exposed point in the chart at this degree of the zodiac can indicate that there is a will and inner calling to these themes. To take the foundation into a far higher aspect.

Rasalhague is pretty north of the ecliptic and also just on the cusp with sid. Sagittarius. Even so he embodies the essence of Ophiuchus, directly close conjunctions of most of our bodies with him are not so common but his strong vibration is always radiated and accessible from the close longitudes. Ophiuchus stands for gaining wisdom through "lived knowledge" and of course stands for "healing" - not only on the physical but also on the mental and spiritual planes. To integrate our shadows/fears (symbolized by the serpent) and to stand in the own truth/power and overcoming victim-consciousness (standing firmly "on the ecliptic" - I mean the ecliptic as the kind of "common path" or maybe "highway"). Ophiuchus is also a teacher, he helps with the self-mastery, the path of truth and soul search within, helps with seeing through the emotions and finding the deep essence.

16° SN Ixion

21° SN Venus

19° SN Uranus

25° SN Ceres

Leo does have a lot of energy but he also likes to lay down in the Sun and let it shine onto him. A balance/harmony of physical power to the powers of a creative mind that likes to express in a confident, pride, leading but yet warm and open hearted, way. The star Regulus is the “alpha” of the constellation Leo, marks the heart of the Lion. Leo is about taking the stage of life, confidently express and shine, highly creative and intelligent, “royal” integer and nobel, passionate and loving. The later part of Leo, the tail, is less about the physical but more about transcending this physical, outshining part of Leo and translate it into and bring it toward the more grounded and responsible Virgo. To find a deeper truth, soul truth maybe…. But the passion of Leo is still very deeply feelable here. Don’t forget that the tails are used by animals not only to balance themselves but also to communicate.

25° NN Juno

28° NN Pallas

Aquarius is the future orientated Humanitarian. It’s about integrating the personality into a greater whole for the good of All. It means therefore also “technology and science” – everybody has something to contribute and is a part of the whole. Aquarius is highly intelligent – an “airy” energy, which sometimes feels a bit “cool” in expression but with it also the ability to see that the separation is right that and that the “healing” lays in the union of the “forces” – to work together.

25° SN Juno

28° SN Pallas

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