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Spirituality and change through inner work and the retrogrades....

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Horsehead Nebula by NASA

By now, I guess, if you read my posts and are interested in these topics, you have woken up. You may feel the chaotic times now and with the reopenings worldwide slowly happening, it may feel strange and confusing. We were blocked to some degrees from the outside over the last months but now we start to see how much has changed and with the retrogrades we have to look also inside and see how that fits in with the "new You" - did you overcome some of your fears, did you find your passions and appreciations in life? Does every day life now fit in with those inner changes and new insights?.... Only you can answer such questions to yourself and start to see what needs to be done to find the balance between the inner and outer world, to live from your own and real Self.

Many people around me have changed over the last months and weeks - more appreciation for what they have, for their families, their friends and so on.... less of running after material things but many creative ideas that are tested out and spread among friends and neighbors. It seems that on a certain level people are happier even so they still have problems (I'm no exception, lol)

Many of us feel anger and fear the more we hear about the truth and the extent of manipulation taking place - it's ok to feel angry, it's also ok to feel fear but we need to address these feelings and integrate them, otherwise they will block us. I talked in previous posts and videos (You Tube) about that and ways how to do this kind of work but if you should feel like needing help, do not hesitate to reach out....

The Universe is helping us in many ways - we can read the placements and energies and we can always see 2 ways - are we going the way towards the positive or the negative expression of their energies - there's always an option, a choice and it's fully ours to take.

But we also have help from ourselves in taking the needed steps and choices - we have our intuition, our guiding system that will tell us which is the right way to take. Some of you may see synchronicities in different ways and also in numbers and number sequences - this is just a sign of awakening and that you shifted your awareness. You may start to feel that there's more to everything than meets first glance and you're totally right about that....

For me this part happened through a deep trauma but same time it made it easy - well, paradoxons are kind of part of my "new normal"and I love them.... A few years ago I had a so called "near death experience" and some of the memories from "there" helped me understand as I through this knew, that things are not as we got told - we really decide everything ourselves and there are other Beings in the universe - some positively orientated, some negatively.... if you have searched for such topics already, you may be familiar with the term "service to others" and "service to self"... Now things become complicated - we do have to serve ourselves and stand with ourselves, place boundaries and say "no" if we feel it's right but we don't do that for personal gain and overpowering others but for our own evolution - when we do that, we then automatically put our knowledge and insights to work for others - we put it into service.... The thoughts are energy or better said frequency and if strong we actually feed the "collective consciousness" to which we can tap into - but I feel this is a topic for another time.....

So for today I leave you with this and as I said earlier, you can always reach out to me....

Picture: Horsehead-nebula by NASA

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