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Uranus still in focus - Solar conjunction

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

geocentric astrology chart about Uranus at solar conjunction May 2021

On 1st of May (Thailand) early morning (Europe and US on 30th April) Uranus will be at Solar Conjunction at 15°23’16” Aries. They are in a trine to Orcus in Leo by only a few minutes. Beside that, they’re also within just a few minutes, in a 30° and a 150° angle with the lunar nodal axis.

Same time Pluto stations to go retrograde and Vesta is stationing direct.

Uranus a world on his own – seems so distant for us and yet, energetically or “quantum physically” just right here… however we want to look at this – what he know about him from a mere astronomical view point is really astonishing already. Like for example, his polar axis is tilt almost 98°, he looks like rotating on his side and he’s the only planet like this. Beside this, he rotates from east to west, so clockwise, which beside him only Venus does…

From this perspective he’s truly a bit “rebellious”.

According to Greek Mythology, Uranus represents the sky/heaven – Gaia mated with him and they had three types of children – 1 “type” were the Titans (12 names), of which Two Saturn (Cronus) and Rhea “married’ and became parents and Grandparents to the “Olympians” as we know them. Saturn was the youngest of the 12 and he overthrew Uranus from the “throne” with the help of the other two “types” of “brothers” – the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchines (hundred handed ones) – Saturn won in the end by castrating Uranus who’s testicles fell into the sea and out of the foam Venus (Aphrodite) appeared.

So… maybe Venus is kind of his “daughter” 😉 just as the clockwise rotation suggests a “relationship” of some sorts….

Back to Astrology: As talked about it many times – Liberation – he really can bring us that, liberating ourselves from all that is “false” and remaining does only that what is essence and beneficial. To liberate our own “inner bio-technology”. Yes, it’s not an easy task and so we need to experience some “disruption”, unexpected experiences, maybe even despair of some sort to find us in a situation we’re kind of “forced” to look at ourselves from a different view point. To make a kind of “inventory” – to see where we’re at in order to find some kind of direction for oneself to head towards to… sometimes it’s a long journey and sometimes things change just in an instant.

Maybe you remember, Mercury and Venus both just met with Uranus – I don’t know, what else the Three chatted about, but for sure about how to get their energies within us recognized. I know, to open the heart-mind and to live it, isn’t always easy and it’s not needed to go from “10 to 100” but constant work on the topic will bring us where we want to go – sometimes with huge steps forward and a little back but hey, I’ve learned in school that “double sewed lasts longer”, so be kind with yourselves during small “ apparent set backs”….

The task of all is “transformation” and that’s actually Pluto’s realm. He once more stations to go retrograde. Pluto, since over the last 1,5 years again and again in “high-light” by the various new cycles created with many of the other bodies (some more known than others) – all of those meetings took place in later Sagittarius. Now in early Capricorn, we tried to concretize or manifest those higher ideals and truths we gained but it seems, we need to have a chance to “double sew” 😉 another round within, another little “death” for what is “outdated” within and start again towards “rebirth of self”… He’s now under Aquila and he’ll retrograde back under the Eagles wings and will meet late parts of Lyra again too – to me like the old saying: “the tone makes the music” – vibration and its energetic colors.

Uranus and the Sun are at 15 degrees Aries - the lunar node axis is at 15 degrees too - Taurus Northnode and Scorpio Southnode - meaning the Southnode (task / gifts) in Pluto's realms. And the Northnode, as a tool or way how to "live" the Southnode gifts, in Venus' realms. They're 30 and 150 degrees from this Uranus - Sun placement. It may feel a bit heavy and at times "impossible" to stay true to the own path we want for ourselves but hey, why not now? Against all odds in a strange "world" - yeah, with all the help in energies we have - really why not? - what are we afraid to loose???...

Vesta in a first Trine with Uranus and the last with the Sun – Vesta is one of the heart too – she’s about our true passions, what we’re devoted too and is therefore often called the “inner sacred flame/fire”. She gives us an idea, the feeling of “purpose” if you want to call it such – it’s not about the logic mind but a “calling” we feel within… She’s going to go direct – so a wonderful motion for that inner flame – to shine and try out that liberated “fire”, Leo’s confidence will hopefully help. We had some time now to make sure within, that we’re really devoted to what we do or get an idea in what direction to “change”, so now the harmony is here, just don’t take it for granted and put some actual “power”/action towards it, so it can “work” for and with you…. Orcus - one of Pluto's "Family", is even in a closer last trine with the Sun and Uranus than Vesta and Vesta will conjoin him again on 25th of May - so it's important - as he's about the promises and oaths we made - also those within self and to self, even if we don't remember, the heart and passions and devotions are actually a tool or way to "retrieve" what we may have thought "forgotten"....

Doesn’t this sound as really a change in energies? … yeah, see – Uranus at “work”….

Ohhh, that reminds me – I’ve read an article today about the Titan Prometheus – some “sub-titels”….. then it said “occupation”: God I laughed out loud – thought this so funny….

Much Love to you All,


P.S…. I’m planning on doing a little video presentation about Uranus tomorrow….

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