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For a while now we have Ixion conjunct the lunar Southnode and the galactic Center in Sagittarius right over the tail/sting over Scorpio. Not far away but a little further North of the ecliptic we have this 60 year lasting conjunction of Pholus and Quaowar.

Right opposite in early Gemini we have the lunar Northnode in conjunction with Vesta.

I talked about these points and bodies before and will give you an interpretation of how I see, feel, perceive it in a moment….

The full Moon this Saturday (2.15am Chiang Mai time) is taking place in Scorpio just under Ophiuchus. The Sun logically in opposition in Taurus conjunct by Venus. Venus is in her home-sign Taurus – already for weeks in her home as she retrogrades back through it….

It feels as time is flying passed and we soon will reach the Summer-Solstice. The Solar eclipse will take place in Chiang Mai on 21st of June around noon and about 1,5 hours later the New Moon will happen. This location – 5 degrees Gemini – is also called “Gate of Man” and the opposite point 5 degrees Sagittarius is called “Gate of God” – formed by the square-cross of the vernal axis. The lunar axis just on 3 degrees 50 minutes in the same signs.

Obviously the Sun and especially the Moon will move on and out of these places but the rest will continue to influence us for a while… The Lunar Nodes will change into Taurus/Scorpio on 7th of September and with that some energies will really shift….

The lunar Nodes are showing us the path we shall go – it’s “karmic” but not in the sense of judgement or punishment but based on Universal laws. The South node describes former, past experiences and lessons learned, so a kind of “comfort zone” that holds great potential to grow, evolve, “ascend” to the “higher” North node. Sagittarius (South node) is about higher learning, ideals and tasks – highly intelligent as well (mental intelligence as all air signs) and is about truth. Truth is one of the main themes all over the world right now and in my opinion it’s like that we’re asked to take the truth that is offered to us through all the experiences we make in many different ways at the moment. We have to integrate the truth, develop new ideals and tasks and translate them into practicality and every day life (Gemini). Integrating is meant in a logic, mentally strong way – we have been for so long always judging and punishing (also ourselves) that we have forgotten where the 0 point lies within us, the point of balance, through which we can achieve all that we intent to – yes of course we can say “no, not acceptable” to the things we feel accordingly about but without bringing fear, anger and imbalance or separation to the table… Are we able, as a collective to find such agreements and work together – hand in hand – including everyone’s individual gifts and talents to bring the truth and it’s conclusions into practicality and every day life!? YES we can – together – as one – as the HUMAN race (racism is by the way an expression of fear and separation).

Ixion: he’s currently just between the Galactic Center and the South node. He’s exposing disrespect, betrayal and deception – tyrants brought to justice and so on…. Also power-plays in all kinds of relationships and especially when they’re “forgiven” one after another time – here we could add words like gaslighting, manipulation…. These themes work inside and outside of course – but again, we decide which way we want to go – do we forgive and forget once more or should we maybe use the knowledge we gained to change… Ixion also stands for the lust for life in general – so why not going into this positive direction!!

At the Galactic Center – where every body of the Milky way is cyrcling around, is a very special point in the heavens – it embodies the limitless possibilities of the Universe!!!

Every law and rule only works as long as we say “yes please” – if we do not agree, it’s none – it’s all as simple as that … how many of you do feel the lockdown is too much, how many of you feel the religious limits are kind of “strange”, how many of you feel the societal rules are kind of limiting…. It ALL hangs together and defines the whole manipulation and deceit we’re trapped in…. DO NOT misunderstand – there are the Universal laws – they apply to everyone in the Universe and include the sacredness of life and free will – and free will is exactly what’s at stake here and was for a very long time!!!!

I understand very well that we Humans have to learn through suffering but don’t you agree that several thausend of years is enough and it’s time to wake up and do something for our highest good, for the transformation (Pluto) and restructure (Saturn) the life on Earth… put our dreams of peace and equality into our daily lives in respect and honor of life….

Don’t you think it’s time to heal our inner wounds (Chiron) with the help of the raw feminine power presented by (Lilith, Venus and many Asteroids and dwarf planets) to finally find our inner “O point” / balance…

It’s not about between the divine feminine and divine masculine to decide but to put them into balance, to let them work together as they are created for and live the result of it…. One serves the other and full life can evolve….

INTEGRATION is the solution not imbalance, war, cruelty and crime against universal law!!!

We live forced division/separation for thousands of years already – it’s really time to put an end to this…. Embrace yourself in the wholeness of your being for the greater good of yourself and All…. This is the meaning of wholeness, of oneness….

I had a few glasses of red wine tonight, so I speak a bit more frank than usual – we know so much if we study the past – history teaches us everything but usually Humans choice is to just look over this, forgive one after another time for all the betrayal and deceit that had happened but now it took on an extent that can’t be forgiven like this – we shall not respond in anger and war but with a graceful “NO”….

Back to Astrology – there will be the shift of the nodal axis to Taurus / Scorpio on 7th of September. Meaning the Southnode in Scoropio, which embodies the karmic-cycles or the poison of it in the meaning that also this cycle has been “infiltrated” into a distortion of it’s true meaning… under Taurus on the other side we find the “seamonster” cetus that chained Princess Andromeda to the rocks at the sea but luckily Perseus came to her aid – WE do not aid in the form of a savior or something – we have everything needed within ourselves – sometimes we need some pushes into the right direction from our “guides” but other than that we got it all (beside that, our guides are kind of part of ourselves as well)…. That’s how an incarnation on Earth works….

So, between now and September there’s some time for me to find out some more significant dates and “placements” to share with you 😉 until then… much love and blessings to you All

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