The cycles of Saturn and Pluto through time

Saturn and Pluto meet every 32 to 38 years, depending where they stand in their own orbits/cycles... It seems as the orbit of Pluto doesn't cross the orbit of Saturn, but at times they become VERY close - also in latitude and declination, beside the longitude we examine here as the "cycles"....

As many of you know, there was a conjunction of the Two in January 2020. It occurred at 27 degrees Sagittarius, close or in between their Southnodes (Saturn's at almost 29 and Pluto's at 25+ degrees Sag.). I thought this significant and started to research their cycles. 

They meet 7 to 8 times "completing" a cycle around the zodiac. They meet 3 to 4 times in row with around 30 degrees difference (1 sign) and then it becomes a bit more "irregular" but in full still regular, repeating a pattern. Such a "cycle" of 7 to 8 meetings, takes them roughly 230 years. 

The 30 degrees "shifts" take place between Pisces and Gemini - interesting to note is, that Aries and Taurus are every time (of all the cycles I researched) included. This is also the area where Neptune and Pluto make their interesting cycles - view here 

Pluto is the "Transformer", the Gatekeeper of the deep "unknown" and therefore very powerful - more about Pluto.

Saturn is about all kind of structures and want us to mature - more about Saturn 

Pluto's nodal axis moves very slow, just about 16 seconds in 500 years and Saturn's faster with 2 degrees and 40 minutes in the same time period - his nodal axis changed in the early 1800's from Capricorn/Cancer to Sagittarius/Gemini. Jupiter's nodal axis also lies here but around 15 degrees.... 

Planetary nodal axis are showing us something about the magnetic, evolutionary path of a planet (Earth nodal axis are the two equinoxes). 

Pluto and Saturn are really on a journey together here, their individual themes pointing in a similar path of action from the Southnode (Sagittarius) through the Northnode (Gemini). 

The stars in the late degrees of Sagittarius like Sheliak of Lyra, some stars of Aquila and in the South Pavo of Peacock, speak of resonant harmonics, high visions, high ideals and "illumination". 

The stars opposite in late Gemini like Pollux of Gemini (one of the Twins), stars of Canis Minor, some stars of Monoceros (the Unicorn) speak about "galactic" connection, immortality, clear intellect, co-operation but also "magical"  quests. 

Some cycle data: 

22.08.1947  conjunction 18°47'12” Cancer

24.12.1982  conjunction   2°34’08” Libra 

10.01.2020 active cycle   27°31’09” Sagittarius    

18.11..2053 next cycle      17°53’14”  Aquarius    

Word data sheet with my research data

Years: 529BC to 2352 AD

(Origin: my laptop - my local word)

last time it was similar: 

25.11.-528  conjunction 18°10'09” Cancer

06.05.-492 conjunction   1°30’40” Libra 

13.09.-455  conjunction 27°45’54” Sagittarius    

23.07.-421  conjunction 18°12’34”  Aquarius    

26.01.-10131   conjunct  17°09'45” Cancer

22.04.-10095  conjunct   1°07’37” Libra 

03.08.-10058 conjunct  27°41’44” Sagittarius

I have not yet found, those in between, which I think should be some more but not in the same "linear" interval of 2475 years as this we just "finished and rebirthed"....