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The cycles of Saturn and Neptune -
a cosmic dance

A few years ago, I was fascinated and inspired by the work of Nick A. Fiorenza about planetary cycles – I wanted to know more than he did share and also about other planets, so I started to research the cycles in order to maybe be able to see patterns – the geometry….

When I do this research, it means that I print out a chart for every time they meet – this cycle I didn’t research for as long a time period as they meet often – the oldest I printed out is from the year 271BC and in the future the last I printed is the one in the year 2384…. I plan to continue in both directions but for now it’s ok….

All the data is based on heliocentric, sidereal Astrology - all dates according the

Gregorian calendar... 

Saturn and Neptune meet every roughly 35,5 to 36,5 years

a pentagram shape with many more pentagrams in the center of each one

Saturn and Neptune cycles form pentagonal patterns

One pattern of cycles for pairs that involves faster moving planets, is as of how many times it takes them to meet once around the zodiac. 

Saturn and Neptune as mentioned do meet roughly every 36 years and they need 5 plus a little meetings to go around the zodiac ones.

So, it’s a pentagonal cycle pattern – that “little bit” more does happen through the “space” in degrees between their meetings. It’s 77 to 79 degrees (rounded), whereas the whole cycle of 360° divided by 5 gives 72°…

Therefore, it’s the 6th “line” (time between two meetings) where the cycle is completed but it starts some roughly 32° past the first meeting – so it describes a kind of a pentagonal spiral.

As I stated many times, “I do not belief in coincidences” – Neptune was officially discovered in 1846 and the letter confirming/proving this discovery arrived on 23rd of September 1846 after several months or longer of observations and calculations with Officials… 

Yes, of course, there was a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in that year:

25th of July 1846    sid. Aquarius    3°44’6”       around  Neptune’s discovery place

26th of May 1882    sid. Aries        23°1’33”        it’s roughly 79° apart

19th of Aug. 1917     sid. Cancer   10°50’27”        it’s roughly 78° apart

19th of Feb. 1953     sid. Virgo      27°51’19”        it’s roughly 77° apart

18th of July 1989    sid. Sagittarius 16°30’50”    (Jupiter’s Southnode) it’s roughly 78° apart

12th of Dec. 2025     sid. Pisces      5°52’18          it’s roughly 79° apart - 32 from 1846

This 2025 conjunction is roughly 32° passed the 1st of the 5 conjunctions in Aquarius. 

I think, this degree and individual placements when working with cycle astrology should be considered relevant - as well as the degrees of the "first of 5"

For Neptune’s “time” it’s really just around the corner, that next meeting and Saturn is now not far from that Aquarian degree… and that next conjunction will take place just a good degree from the vernal point and ca. 1 degree or less from the South Galactic Pole (in ecliptic view).

I don’t want to implement that this is one cycle within a cycle as we can’t know, when and where it really started – millions or billions of years ago – yet, the pattern stays the same, wherever you start counting in this let’s say more recent or present times of which we have the data….

In this perspective, every conjunction does “complete” and start a new pentagonal structure – to see the exact longitudes, we only have to “count back”…

I’m pretty certain, that the nodal axis would actually play a major role but I can’t get these data back further than 1500 in a computed way, so I would relay on estimates only - another project for me to work on, lol... 


Let's combine the Geometry with Physics and more:

 Adam Apollo and others explain that the 5 – the pentagram or pentagon describes physicality in the sense of curvature of “space time” or in other words gravitation and goes further to describe it as the understanding of the 4 elements and connection with spirit/consciousness, we can perceive ourselves as the vessel (ether / time-space). 

The Pentagram is often depicted as a Human standing in full connectedness. The 5 or pentagram is only 1 of many in our case here right - we'll get also the 10, 15, 20 etc., evolution in consciousness - a "spiraling pentagram"... 

Already as a kid, in my dreams and "out of body experiences" I did encounter spirals - had no clue what it means and that I would use them in Astrology decades later, lol

The number 6 or Hexagonal structures as we for example see at Saturn’s Northpole (see picture below). With this 6 or bringing the 5 further, we get equilibrium in the sense of the giving order to the 5, to the pentagonal structures...  (3 - 6 - 9 the numbers Nikola Tesla was obsessed with and of course, they also go further and further) 

We produce the curvature as a basis for anything to be in physicality – it’s the consciousness, the imagination, the dreams that need to be put into actualization, into order, into structure…

Thus, Neptune and Saturn….  

Saturn-NorthPolarHexagon vortex and ring by NASA JPL Caltech
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