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The cycles of Saturn and Uranus through time

Planetary cycles and their geometry and their "cycles within cycles" give us a much broader view and idea about their workings for the evolutionary path of humanity as a whole and for us individually. 

Saturn and Uranus meet every 44 to 47 years, depending where they stand in their own orbits/cycles... 

They meet 14 times "completing" a cycle around the zodiac forming a 13 pointed star- they do that by meeting at the opposite sign and then "shift" one sign over etc... One complete cycle around the zodiac takes them usually 590 years - .

We're currently in the cycle that started in June 1988 in Sagittarius near the GEN, celestial South pole. On 19th of October 2021 they had their exact last square, which was in geocentric view happening on 24th of December 2021. They will meet again in July 2032.   


Uranus is the Rebel, Liberator, Scientist and with that the natural laws but especially our own "bio-technology" within.

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Saturn is about all kind of structures, and authority and wants us to mature, grow up and commit and take responsibility... 
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Saturn and Uranus together are closely work together within us as collapsing the "polarities" and with that liberate and allowing a restructuring within us. That's the more mental process here, not so much an emotional one, yet, Saturn can be emotional as long as we have not yet grown up/collapsed a previous phase and brought the "hemispheres" together, the feminine and masculine etc. yet also the past and the future. 

Uranus helps to liberate our own structuring, a renewal within our bodies, the conscious use of all kind of "technology" within us - also our own memory and the "public" memory of the system, galaxy, maybe even universes...  



In 500 years Saturn's nodal axis shifted roughly 2 degrees and 40 minutes and did change in the middle of the 19th century from Capricorn/Cancer to Sagittarius/Gemini. - Uranus nodal axis is at around 19 degrees Scorpio - Taurus... He's approaching/reaching his own Northnode in 2029.... 

Planetary nodal axis are showing us something about the evolutionary path of a planet (Earth nodal axis are the two equinoxes) and is more like the path of action, whereas their most southern and northern areas talk more about their direction of work (subconscious - conscious or "home and public") and the Aphelion/Perihelion about intention and influence

Saturn's Aphelion/Perihelion axis also lays in early Sagittarius/Gemini but the axis of Uranus is in later Aquarius-Leo....

Saturn got an orbital period of roughly 29 years and Uranus 84 years, so they're in a roughly 3:1 resonance and this also shows in their cycles together - there' some "glitch years" as I call them - when they do not follow their usual "zick-zack" through the zodiac and suddenly meet in the same constellation as they just did before the opposition, it means their "speed" is much different.... it often happens in the constellation Pisces and I guess that's because of Uranus' Aphelion in Aquarius but I can only guess here as I can't calculate the axis further back than the 1500's... 


planetary cycles Geometry - Saturn and Uranus

Saturn and Uranus heliocentric conjunction geometry

Some cycle data: 

25.04.1897  conjunction   3°10'46” Scorpio

26.03.1942  conjunction   5°33’54” Taurus

09.06.1988 active cycle    4°05’19” Sagittarius   

20.07.2032 next cycle       2°19’51”  Gemini 

28.05.2079 conjunction   2°19’51”  Capricorn

As seen in the diagram above, Uranus' Southnode was closely involved in the 1398 conjunction and Uranus' Northnode in the 1442 conjunction. This correlation I consider the start of a "cycle within cycle".... 

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