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Signs, Constellations and the Stars in sidereal Astrology

Constellations are very important in Astrology - not only the 12 to 13 zodiac signs or constellations but also the surrounding constellations that are either south or north of the ecliptic - some of these constellations are situated along the current celestial equator, which does point to a connection with Earth. 

The individual Stars are talking as well - if in a horoscope a celestial Body is directly conjunct then that wants to tell us something and we have to look more closely. The same is about other strong alignments and aspects.

As I do the Star-watching ritual so often, I use a zodiac that is based on the actual placements of the celestial bodies as viewed from earth. Because of this, I start the subpages and descriptions with Pisces the current March equinox constellation. 

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