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Planets - Celestial Bodies

 The Planets and Asteroids (main belt)

In Astrology the "Bodies" are talking about certain themes - the "WHAT".... and the
Stars and Signs are talking about the HOW. To me, they're All "living Beings" just a bit like the mythologies of Egypt, Greece, Roman and so on... the expression of the themes can be either harmonious or "challenged" or anywhere in between.... It's important to understand that "polarities" or challenges aren't a "bad thing" in this sense, they just show what reflects, needs to be integrated or be learned or what can be obstacles on the evolutionary path of learning and growth... 

For example: Planet Mercury was also a Roman God and equivalent with the Greek God Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth. Hermes in Greece and Mercury in the Roman empire were looked at, as the "God's messenger" - fast, logic and a little "tricky" as well. Thoth in Egypt was also the Scribe - so communication was a theme here as well.... 

Many of you may have read or heard about the teachings of Thoth (emerald tablets) or the Hermetic teachings and Philosophy - all an example of how differently we can interpret planets in a horoscope using their more evolutionary or spiritual meaning. 


The "main Asteroids" most commonly in use in Astrology are the most famous and biggest ones. They link the realms between Mars and Jupiter. Mars as the last of the "inner" or personal planets and Jupiter the first of the societal or a little outer planets. The Asteroid belt can be understood as being a connecting, bridging "river" or zone - physically as well as within our psyche and development or evolution. 

The Centaurs

They are Beings half horse, half human - we could say, they embody both, the "instinctual", raw and direct energies as well as the "human energies" - they link the realms.... just like their actual orbits do - their orbits are situated between Jupiter and Neptune and some even to Pluto and they behalf partly like Asteroids, partly like comets.
From this perspective I think, it's easy to see that their linking or bridging quality does work on a different level - it's far more "out or in"....

Chiron and Chariklo on the other side, both also Centaurs, are born of "gods" (partly) and show us how this can be integrated - interestingly  Chiron and Chariklo both do have "rings"..

- most of the Centaurs you'll find on the TNO's dropdown - 

Earth - you'll find a whole page in the drop down menu


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