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Active Cycles 

Just a personal note first: all data, that I release on this page as on the other "cycle pages" are the result of thousands of hours of my own research and study and is "original"... 

To access individual cycle pair studies and geometries, you need to become a member and donate or otherwise contact me.... (process can take up to 48 hours)

Planets meet and align according their individual paths (orbits). We measure the time and speed according our own systems and methods. The Bodies all move on their individual shaped and "length" of path (orbit), it seems some move faster than others along the projected "line" of the ecliptic, because of the distance we perceive as speed.   

Some orbits are very elliptic and others are more round, this also means that sometimes conjunctions occur two or three times in a short time and then no more for a long(er) period of years - interesting is to note, when such double or triple meetings happen or for some reason a meeting that "should" take place, actually can't - it's significant!!


Long term Earth-cycles 

are talking about the long term evolutionary path of Earth herself and for Humanity as a whole - tasks of many, many generations and therefore lifetimes. 

There is the cycle of the precession of the Equinoxes, which we can divide into sections. Like the Crosses, which mark 3 different qualities of "squares" or "quarters" if you want. 

The so called "Ages" are the division into a 12th of the whole cycle and therefore each quarter includes 3 Ages of different "states" - just like there are the 4 Elements (earth, water, fire and air) and the 3 states (mutable, fixed and cardinal). There is a 5th element of course - it's the "heaven", the ether which is an "all", an integration....

We're now in the "mutable cross" and with it in alignment (parallel over) the galactic Cross, meaning the equatorial and polar crosses do align, therefore we're at the end/start of a new Quarter within the 25'920 or 25'770 (depending how one calculates) years cycle. Such a cross-alignment happens only every ca. 6'400 years. 

That arises the question of which Quarter we are in, right - I'm honestly not sure about that, but I would say, as right now our equator is aligned with the galactic polar axis (March Equinox the Sun with the South Galactic Pole - Earth with the North Pole) and Earth stands (as viewed from the Sun) at the GEN and near GC during the June-Solstice and of course her South-Pole lays south of the GC. We may start the "last quarter", before our "equatorial line/axis" aligns with the galactic equator (and Galactic Center) during the equinox or we're actually completing the cycle and starting a complete new one, if we would think as of the South Celestial Pole as being her "IC".. as I said, I'm not sure.... either way, as the two different lines of the cross "overlay", it for sure asks for integration and huge shifts - we're going galactic....    

List of longer term active planetary cycles: 

some short interpretations follow after the list...

13.09.1264 Eris - Sedna in sidereal Capricorn

07.01.1757  Pluto - Eris  in sid. Scorpio

08.07.1764 Neptune - Orcus in sid. Leo

14.04.1766  Neptune - Varuna in sid. Leo

05.09.1814 Pluto - Sedna in late sid. Aquarius

07.08.1848 Neptune - Eris in sid. Aquarius

24.08.1850 Haumea - Sedna in sid. Pisces

25.03.1861  Neptune - Sedna in sid. Pisces

02.05.1867 Orcus - Varuna in sid. Sagittarius

29.01.1892 Neptune - Pluto in sid. Taurus

14.12.1898  Chiron - Uranus in sid. Scorpio

27.12.1929  Varuna - Eris in sid. Pisces

10.10.1940  Neptune - Quaoar in sid. Virgo

24.01.1941  Chariklo - Neptune in sid. Virgo

08.01.1966 Uranus - Pluto in sid. Leo

12.06.1966  Saturn - Chiron in late sid. Aquarius 

18.08.1980  Chariklo - Sedna in sid. Aries

09.06.1988 Saturn - Uranus in early sid. Sagittarius

18.07.1989  Saturn - Neptune in mid. sid. Sagittarius

23.05.1990  Chariklo - Varuna in early sid. Gemini

02.08.1992  Chiron - Orcus in sid. Cancer

20.04.1993  Uranus - Neptune in sid. Sagittarius

09.05.1994  Chiron - Makemake in sid. Leo

10.05.1995  Pluto - Ixion in early sid. Scorpio


8.12.1995  Nessus - Pluto in sid. Scorpio

31.08.1996  Pholus - Haumea in sid. Virgo

08.02.1997  Pluto - Quaoar in sid. Scorpio

13.11.1998    Chariklo - Orcus in sid. Cancer

02.03.2000 Chiron - Pluto in sid. Scorpio

09.07.2002  Chariklo - Makemake in sid. Leo

07.04.2005  Chariklo - Haumea in sid. Virgo

04.12.2004  Chiron - Nessus in sid. Capricorn

21.08.2007  Saturn - Orcus in sid. Leo

26.02.2010  Chiron - Neptune in early sid. Pisces

28.11.2013   Chariklo - Ixion in sid. Scorpio

14.02.2014  Chariklo - Pholus in sid. Scorpio

10.12.2016   Uranus - Eris in sid. Pisces

04.07.2017  Saturn - Ixion in late sid. Scorpio

27.10.2017   Saturn - Pholus in early sid. Sagittarius

21.04.2020  Saturn - Chariklo in early sid. Capricorn

20.06.2020  Chariklo - Pluto in late sid. Sagittarius

these cycles last all for at least 30 plus years - I did not put every single one here, but those I find relevant for the time being... 

Long term Planetary cycles 

are giving an "overtone" - some last several hundred years, some just around a hundred and some several decades - shorter ones aren't listed. 

Here more details and some interpretations about a selection of above listed conjunctions.

Pluto (248 years-orbit) and Eris (557 years orbit) 

07. Jan 1757  in sidereal Scorpio  26°54’1” - Pluto in Ophiuchus and Eris near Ara and the Great Attractor. (Mercury Aphelion, Venus + Uranus + Ceres Northnodes)

Eris is told to bring "disruptions" but for the purpose of "awakening", to see the reality of things.  Pluto is the Transformer, he rises from the "ashes" as the Phoenix. - I think, their "collaboration" is very obvious and their placement truly significant for our path of evolution and growth.  - This placement and longitude of the heaven is talking about Self-Mastery, we attract and we discern. We place what is "binding" or hindering us onto the Altar of surrender and freedom. We're pulled towards a new way of being and same time "attract" that as well, through a higher consciousness and integrated being. 

(start of the "industrial revolution" around 1760) Eris and Pluto are very powerful and initiate big changes in the evolutionary cycles - these are long term changes, that within a cycle contain different "phases", just like a human life does have different phases....

Their next conjunction will be in November 2115.

Eris (557 years-orbit) and Sedna (11’400 years-orbit)

13. Sept. 1264 at 23°44’37” in sidereal Capricorn (near Sedna’s Northnode). Eris at 43° south of the ecliptic “between” Tucana and Grus. Sedna 1° north of the ecliptic just between Capricorn and Aquarius. Haumea (the “midwife”) at 27°22’10” in the constellation Capricorn…  all Three are opposing Neptune (Spirituality, mysticism, esoteric – clarity) at 24°16’18” sid. Cancer under the Lion’s head and Orcus (oath, life path under the universal laws) at 28°51’53” conjoining Ukdah of Hydra (also his discovery placement in 2004).

Eris is about disruptions for revelations, which can include natural “catastrophes”. Sedna, usually very far out, just recently gained our awareness represents exactly that part of the feminine principle – the “limitless possibilities”, the yet unknown…

It's about birthing a "higher" state of consciousness, to be aware and using the own natural pathways within - our "built in biotechnology" for communication of wisdom and knowledge, new forms of "storage" (libraries are now on the net, DNA etc.)  – for this we need to “shed old skins” / old beliefs etc. and we need to stay open for the new, the yet unk own,  in order to “re-emerge” in clarity, confidence and beauty of self, as part of the “galactic family”….

They will meet again in August 2248.

Pluto (248 years-orbit) and Sedna (11'000 year-orbit)  

8. Sept 1814 in sidereal Aquarius at 28°19'32" - both in the southern heavens with Ixion nearby at 26 ° - all passed the Urn of Aquarius and stand over the constellation of Sculptor. Uranus's Aphelion near at 26° and Pallas' Southnode at 28°.

Pluto the Transformer meets with Sedna the "exiled feminine" at the end of the "liberating" sign of Aquarius, under the "Fish-head" and above the "manifesting" energies of Sculptor and further down we see the constellation of the Phoenix... this longitude speaks of integration and the responsibility for the healthy collaboration of all of our "bodies". - also interesting, Ixion - the lust for life (and what we sacrifice for it) as "companion".... 

Their next conjunction will be in August 2215 in late sid. Leo with Saturn as companion. 

Neptune (164 years-orbit) and Pluto (248 years-orbit)        to Neptune-Pluto page

29. Jan 1892 in sidereal Taurus 14°31’22” - Pluto stationing, as often when they conjunct. I made a study about their cycles, they momentarily only meet in Taurus since 3800 BC and will continue so, until the year 4110 when they'll meet in Aries. 

Ixion's Southnode is at 16° Taurus (he's standing for the "lust for life").

Neptune (Clarity, Spirituality) stands close to the stars Aldebaran and Ain of Taurus and Pluto (Transformation) further South near Tabit of Orion (at the shield). These stars talk a lot about the planning and protecting phase of any project. We need an environment that is nourishing to what we want to achieve. This is true also for example for our body-cells, if the "environment" is in anyway disharmonic, then the replication will be as well and "dis- ease" can be the result. 

They will have their next conjunction in April 2385 at 11°49’17” sid. Taurus. 

Chiron (51 years-orbit) and Uranus (84 years-orbit)  

Ok, so this is a bit of a special case here - usually they meet every 110 to 140 years - I made another "study" about that. As other planets, they didn't or couldn't meet during the world wars as would have been predicted due to the above mentioned periodicity. They came as close as roughly 26 degrees and then "interchange of speed" happened and no conjunction... this closest "distance" was in the early 1920's. 

14. Dec. 1898 in sidereal Scorpio at 10°26'22". Both actually at the head of the Scorpion.

Chiron is the "Master of loops" (where we spin in repetitive cycles) and Uranus is the Liberator, Humanitarian and "Scientist".  The head of the Scorpion asks for conscious awareness of the use of the neurological pathways for transformation or "refinement". Emotions are translated by the brain/mind and if this pathway isn't in coherence, then the outcome is accordingly. 

Their next conjunction will be in March 2043 at 20°14'9" sid. Cancer.

Varuna (279 years-orbit) and Eris (550 years-orbit)  

27. Dec. 1929 in sidereal Pisces at 7°30’26”. They're both in the southern skies, taking the star Diphda of Cetus into "sandwich". It's notable, that there was the same time the Saturn-Pholus conjunction at 8° sid. Sagittarius and the conjunction of Pallas and Nessus at 25° sid. Pisces.  

Varuna ("all knowing creator god", universal and natural law and order (the law of "rhythm")  and Eris the "Disruption for awakening to reality" were meeting at a longitude that talks about the collective consciousness and that it can become either a wonderful "Being" or more like a "Sea Monster" that enslaves us, or at least is trying to do so. 

Their next conjunction will be in June 2493 at 8°53'45" sid. Pisces. 

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Pluto (248 years-orbit)            to Uranus - Pluto page

8. Jan. 1966 in sid Leo at 22°17'22" conjoining the hindleg and tail of Leo, under Ursa Major and over the Argo Navis, opposing the "triple conjunction" of Saturn, Juno and Chiron in Aquarius and same time there's a separating conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Libra. This meeting point is only 4° degrees away from Uranus' perihelion and Juno's Northnode.... btw. Juno is about relationships - "one to one" relationships of all kinds and I think most importantly about the one with the Self....

Uranus the Liberator, Humanitarian and Scientist and Pluto the Transformer and Phoenix, meeting in an area, where we can find immense creative powers but the same time also the potential for misuse of that. The Sail of the Argo Navis suggests, that we need to include the alignments with our inner passions/heart with bravery and "full sail"... 

Chiron, Saturn and Juno talk about the "loops of old" we take, the relationship with the own Self and the general structure is in direct connection with the theme of Uranus and Pluto, that the way to liberate the real creative power, we need to heal the relationship with self and structure/redefine societal structures the same time.  

Now we know, why the "flower power time" was then and there...

Their next conjunction will be in April 2104 in sid. Aries. 

Saturn (29 years-orbit) and Chiron (51 years-orbit)

12. June 1966 at 28°25'13" sid. Aquarius with Pallas as companion at 29° (her Southnode at 28° Aquarius).... kind of confirming the Uranus-Pluto theme but now including Pallas, who brings strategic, balanced and solution orientated thinking into the play personally and "nodal"... She wraps up and starts anew at that point... Keep in mind, also Uranus' Aphelion (comparable to his IC) is near at 26°.


This zodiacal longitude talks about our body being our “vessel” and not the other way round – with Chiron, it’s about healing and Pallas adds balance and creative solutions with what is available. It’s about the “holistic” approach in Medicine, balancing and maintaining health on all levels – meaning physically, mentally and spiritually… to use our own inner bio-technology to bring balance and harmony into our very own systems and to share/ teach the possibilities there are - same time we re-structure ourselves, mature and help to re-structure the health-system…   We need to learn to trust our own abilities and limits – to know when and how we can help ourselves and when we have to go and get advice (best to ask the Self!!) …. 

Their next conjunction is in August 2028 in between Aries and the neck of Cetus. 

Saturn (29 years-orbit) and Uranus (84 years-orbit 

9. June 1988 in sid. Sagittarius at 4°5'19" - conjoining the Solstice axis and the GEN (Galactic equator node) with Chiron at opposition at 4°51' Gemini (so conjoining the axis and nodes there)... Pallas at 8°7' Sagittarius and Neptune at 13°... 

Structures need to change in order to liberate the full potential we have. This special axis area in Sagittarius and Gemini are talking about the higher mind and the more "daily life" basis of mind, which should become aligned - one is feeding the other.... We can use our "galactic connection", our higher view-points, ideals and truth to create a different life in the "Earthly/material realms" by realizing and healing our "loops" and repetitive behavior that keeps us "trapped".  

The next conjunction will be in July 2032.

Saturn (29 years-orbit) and Neptune (164 years-orbit)       to Saturn - Neptune page

18. July 1989 at 16°13'50" sid. Sagittarius with Vesta at 16°42' as companion - conjoining stars are Nunki of Sagittarius and stars of Corona Australis . Pholus is approaching Chariklo in late Taurus. Jupiter's Southnode is at 15° sid Sagittarius. 

Saturn (structures of all kind) and Neptune the ruler of all water (could include the ether) and that combined with Vesta, the sacred inner fire, the devotion... what a powerful alignment in an area that represents the spiritual warrior, the galactic connection, the truth but also talks about the focus needed in order to "hit the task". The stars of Corona Australis (Southern Crown) are representing the "alchemical" processes - the energies we access to create our own "resonant environment" according to our very own paths...  

We can access these energies at any time but Vesta is giving us an idea and direction of how our personal "gate"/path may look like in order to be able to truly change our structures within and gain the "spiritual clarity" (truth about Self) and reach the "etheric realms".... 

Saturn and Neptune will conjunct again in December 2025 at 5°52'18" sid. Pisces 

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Neptune (164 years-orbit)

20. April 1993 in sid. Sagittarius at 24°21'27" - under the constellation Lyra.  

Same time we see the approach of Juno 18° to Orcus 19° in Cancer, both in opposition to Pallas in Capricorn. 

Uranus the Liberator and Scientist meets Neptune the Spiritual and ruler of all Liquids. I know, it sounds like "opposites" but have you ever noticed, that many great Scientists are also very "spiritual" and many have made actual "proof of connection" even though that's often not "common knowledge" (or even suppressed). 

Lyra represents the "heavenly harp" - the tone/vibration and the geometry they form - also within water for example. Within the Self, the thought makes the tone and its resonating within our cells geometry.

Juno and Orcus do confirm here, that's it's all about the relationship we have with ourselves, that we need to "cocoon" to center and work with our own "resonance" in order to fulfill the oaths and promises we gave to ourselves, to live the sacredness of life or the "joy of life". The structures and "life" that surrounds us, can be used as "stepping stones", once we're ready to integrate those and not to see them as an "enemy".... with that we transform and our life (reality), structures (cells, body, belief) changes and transforms and therefore we liberated ourselves from the loops of repetitional behavior on all levels.

It's a process that doesn't happen from one day to another usually - it can but not as common yet .... therefore we have some time - Uranus and Neptune will meet again in December 2164 in sid. Capricorn. 

Chiron (51 years-orbit) and Pluto (247 years-orbit) 

02. March 2000 in sid. Scorpio at 15
°56'13" conjoining the star Han of Ophiuchus north of  Scorpio's alphastar Antares - Vesta at 15°36'20" also north of the ecliptic and Earth at 16°29'24" sid. Leo in Square together with Mercury conjoining Earth - same time we see Jupiter approaching Saturn in sid. Aries (exact on 23.06.2000 at 27° sid. Aries) with Sedna there as well.

Antares brings more of the "Plutonian energy" - through Chiron we already have the theme of "healing" or overcoming loops of repetition and Pluto speaks of the transformational process of the "Phoenix" or "death and rebirth" - an incredible life-fore and power... we need to "clean out" our old patterns based on emotional imbalances - such a process  unfolds the own potential and power in order to rise renewed and aware.... We need to go through a "dark night of the soul" individually as well as the Human species.

Han (the left knee of Ophiuchus) according to Nick A. Fiorenza "delineates the actualization of a transformational process and impels us to establish a stance in life based on the awareness that we create our reality and that its our responsibility to apply our creative potential to create the lives we want." 

Their next conjunction will be in July 2069 in sid. Pisces.

Chariklo (63 years-orbit) and Makemake (306 years-orbit)

09. July 2002 in sid. Leo at 22°50'6".  Makemake in the north over Leo and right under the star Chara of Canes Venatici and Chariklo in the South conjoining the star Pleura of Hydra and stands over the sail (Vela) of the Argo Navis.

Chariklo is about "sacred and safe" places as well as outsiders. Makemake is about governing/managing resources and their use/application.

This area of the zodiac brings powerful creative forces, that want to shine out in whatever way and manner, including an inner intelligence or knowing about the evolutionary pathways. The northern stars of Ursa Major do bring the theme of "governing powers" as well, so Makemake is for sure further influenced in that theme and together with Chariklo, there could be the theme of "secret" places, where decisions about the use of resources and general directions are made. Creative, outward orientated forces can of course also bring deception and playing with "realities".... 

On a personal level, it may talk about the creative ideas from within that want to break out into the world but that the own resources of all kind should be used wisely and nurtured, as otherwise one can kind of "burn out" - it may also warn about deceit of self in questions of direction we lead ourselves to....

Their next conjunction will be in August 2072 at 27° sid. Libra. 


Chariklo (63 years-orbit) and Haumea (284 years-orbit) 

07. April 2005 at 16°25'53" sid. Virgo - Chariklo in the South, conjoining Minkar of Corvus and Haumea in the North conjoining Diadem of Coma Berenices.

Nearby and "between" at 13°42'16" sid Virgo, conjoining Porima of Virgo stands Hygiea. Jupiter conjoins from the other side at 19°9'10" sid. Virgo together with Earth/Moon. 

From our inner sacred space up to the crown - a "spiritual", yet also an earthly connection - a communication system within, that needs to be used, nourished and trained just as any "muscle" within us. It may require some solitude at times but always with the "higher task and purpose" in sight. We have the abilities, the perception of detail  and foresight for any task at hand, to create and anchor into the world... expansion of awareness will lead to a change in consciousness and in the end, a new way of living - first individually but it's a "butterfly effect" working here as well.... the awareness, that we create everything - from within to the outside, not the other way round....

Chariklo and Haumea will meet again in July 2079 in sid. Sagittarius. 


Chiron (51 years-orbit) and Nessus (122 years-orbit) 

04. Dec. 2005 at 7°50'42" in the constellation Capricorn, conjoining the stars Giedi Secunda and Dabih. In loose oppositions to both Mercury and Saturn in Cancer - all together in a T-Square to Jupiter at 7° sid. Libra constellation Virgo. Pallas (4°), Pholus (5°), Hygiea (7°) in sid. Scorpio - constellations Hercules, Ophiuchus and Scorpio in opposition to Mars at 4° sid. Taurus conjoining Alcyone of the Pleiades. 

Chiron (sacrifice to self / loops) and Nessus (abuse / learning from past experience) and Mercury and Saturn all 4 stand on the nodal axis of Chariklo and Haumea and therefore link the cycle described above and this cycle.

The whole "picture" speaks of the mastering the emotional turmoil that produce a kind of "frozen state" (as like the psychological response to stress as in fight-flight-freeze) of emotions that keeps us in repetitive cycles. It talks about the initiation of self-mastery. To use our mental power, a broader perspective to allow the emotional wounds to surface in order to "work" with them, to integrate them in a way that it becomes a "lesson learned" a Teacher and Guide in the transformational process...

Chiron and Nessus meet again in March 2085 at 7° Taurus.... 


Chiron (51 years-orbit) and Neptune (165 years-orbit) 

26. Feb. 2010 at 1°5’10” sid. Aquarius conjoining the stars Bunda of Aquarius and Deneb Algedi of Capricorn, under Sadr of Cygnus and over Pisces Austrinus. Chiron is the wise Teacher and Healer (of “loops” especially) and Neptune is the ruler of all waters (emotions - seeing clear, spiritual etc.).

They are in square to Juno (one to one relationships and with self, teacher-student interchange) 0°35’ sid. Taurus under Perseus and “Medusa” and they are in a loose opposition to Mars in late sid. Cancer under the Lion’s head. Note: Juno’s Perihelion (her influence point) is at almost 3° Taurus.

This area of the heavens talks about abundance that can flow, when we break through the veils/ walls we built around our hearts. It also brings high intelligence and seeing the keys/ dots hidden within “puzzle parts” and therefore has also a creative, planning theme…

We need to integrate the action, the vision and bravery of Mars and Leo, in order to use the challenge of Juno and use her abilities in that region to gain mastery over our fears, to act freed of them, to liberate our “frozen hearts” (hearts of stone). When we share our knowledge, ideas for the greater task we visualize, we may gain the “galactic nectar” flowing back – it’s a cycle, a loop that needs to be “spiritualized” in a “higher” form, as long as we’re trapped in the loops of greed, jealousy and other such emotions, we can’t enter the promised flow…. Another hint here is, the Vesta – Orcus conjunction around 6° Leo, bringing the themes of passion/devotion and life-path according natural universal laws into the picture…

They will meet again in November 2094 at 8° Leo with Mars conjoining….

Pholus (92 years-orbit) and Ixion (250 years-orbit)

03. Oct. 2012 at 23°44’2” in sid. Scorpio and constellation Ophiuchus and conjunct Juno at 23°49’ conjoining alpha Serpens. 

Ixion is of Pluto’s realm but is also the “Grandfather” of the Centaurs, his mythology isn’t very nice – he represents the “lust for life”, which, as in his case, can be overpowering everything and everyone. Pholus, a Centaur that helps in transformational processes – he’s kind of an Assistant in those more “plutonian themes”. Juno talks about the relationship we have with ourselves and with others (partnerships etc. one to one but general)…. The theme is self-love in order to transform the “lust for life” or better said, how we use that force/power. Pholus tends to bring sudden, unsuspected and rather challenging events in order to push us towards such transformational processes. As Ophiuchus stands over the tail of the Scorpion and speaks about mastery over the own “traumas”, fears, judgments we placed into our subconscious that poisons us from within…  We need to overcome our "stubbornness"  and take the challenges as opportunity we may in the end find the passion/ devotion needed to act according the inner knowing/burning instead of “programmed duties”.

It's a special case here with Pholus and Ixion – usually it would take around 100 years for them to meet again but due to interchange of speed, they’ll meet again already end of July 2035 and then, after going together for years, interchange speed again and they’ll meet again in July 2076 (conj. Chiron) after, they go back to their roughly 100 years cycle time. 

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Eris (557 years-orbit)   

10. Dec. 2016 at 27°52’42” sid. Pisces opposing Haumea conjoining Arcturus of Bootes (sid. Virgo). Mercury conjoins Chiron at 28° sid. Aquarius constellation Pisces (star Simmah). Pallas just separating conjunction to Neptune at 16°-15° Aquarius.

A very important cycle-start-chart… In order to birth that liberation, the integration of past and accepting it, the reality of everything we need to heal the “loops” of our way of thinking, our way of intellectual perception, communication and so on. We need to focus on our own body as a “transmitter – and receiver” (generally bio-technology). We will then be able, to really liberate and build different structures within self as well as the planet. This will lead to nourishment of the life-paths, the universal laws and the assistance in the whole transformational process….

They will meet again in April 2106

Saturn (29 years-orbit) and Chariklo (63 years-orbit) 

21. April 2020 at 0°35’55” sid. Capricorn conjoining the star Terebellium of Sagittarius – Pluto at 28°1’33” Sagittarius – the Three are in square to Eris in late Pisces. Mars conjoins Pholus at 7° Sagittarius. Vesta and Hygiea in conjunction at the Horn of Taurus.

Saturn stands for maturity, self-responsibility and structures whereas Chariklo provides us with the space needed, the inner sanctuary for such growth furthermore, we have Pallas, the wise, strategic solution orientated energy. This cuspal area under Lyra, Aquila and over Pavo talks about the vibrations (tones/music), focus of sight as well as “foresight” (also in strategic ways) as well as beauty as a part of immortality (which can also be through creations of art etc. beside the immortality of soul/essence). We start to create the fundaments from where we manifest our visions by same time discerning what got potential to proceed with in order to reach the "higher goal", so this might also include the own boundaries….

Saturn and Chariklo will meet again in July 2075.

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