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Virgo and her galactic and Universal connections

Virgo constellation map

Virgo is traditionally about refinement and improvement, hard work and service as well as nourishment, sensitive and responsible.

"Birthing process” (ideas – plans then action) therefore organization - traditionally Agriculture. 


As we're talking sidereal, star astrology here, the constellations and their individual stars give us further information about the evolutionary and spiritual meaning. 

Virgo is a very long constellation - it has been "altered" in modern Astronomy and Astrology to be the Virgin laying along the ecliptic, therefore her legs and feet are accounted to the sign of Libra.

Either way, a beautiful area of the heavens.

South of the ecliptic are the two small constellations Corvus and Crater , and just under them, a winding of the Hydra, "separating" the southern Argo Navis (containing the wonderful Carina and it's "clusters" ) sailing along the galactic equator. North, above the Virgin, there is Coma with it's Cluster and the constellation Bootes with it's famous star Archturus. 

Virgo with it's galactic and universal connections is talking about much more than the above mentioned more physical themes. To be conscious about the "birthing" principle, to become aware of the cycle of life on all realms, the "organization and structure" within that process. The awareness of how to "grow, refine and heal" oneself in the wholeness but also the responsibility that comes with it as what we plant we need to nourish. We're also talking about perception of our inner flow and guidance- the ideas, visions, dreams etc. but also the chances and opportunities to fulfill the visions we have. 

Perihelion of Bodies in Virgo:

Chariklo 5°56', Chiron 14° and Eris 19°30'.   (02-2023 heliocentric data) 

Jupiter Aphelion at 19°14' sidereal Virgo

Virgo and her surrounding constellations are at the moment very important for the evolution of Earth and all it's inhabitants - so to us. The March equinox in Pisces means, that the September equinox takes place at almost the same degree in Virgo, which is 4 degrees and 40 minutes in 2022.  It's moving towards the Aquarius - Leo axis in clockwise rotation. The precession of the equinoxes define the so called "ages".  The precession moves around 1 degree in 72 - 75 years.

Above this point (which actually lays right under the head of the laying Virgin) and above the Virgins head there are the Virgo cluster and the Coma cluster - the little "constellation"
Coma Berenices does also "host" the NGP - North Galactic Pole. The close, parallel, between the Galactic pole axis and the precession axis is very important and connects earth' evolution to the galaxy and beyond....   

Spica is the Alpha-Star of Virgo: standing slightly south of the ecliptic at ca. 28°50'. Spica culminates certain themes of the Virgin - as it's kind of the "wheat" or "flower" the Virgin holds in her hand in elder depictions. So it's about "harvesting", which is not only meant in a agricultural way. It's harvesting what we put our focus to - within and without - also what we refine, in any theme. We could also conclude it as being an awareness point.

Above Virgo we see the constellation Bootes, with it's bright star Arcturus (almost same longitude as Spica). It almost seems him to be a Shepard or Guardian of the Virgin or better said the "birthing- or re-birthing process". Archturus is still in the sign of Virgo but most of the constellation stands over sidereal Libra over the Virgins legs and feet. He holds the "serpent" in his outstretched hand or maybe it should be a crook/staph.... Archturus is a very old star and it's speculated, that he might be an actual "Immigrant" from an immense long time ago. In many of the myths Archturus and his constellation are linked to the constellation Ursa Major - the Bear/wagon.  Archturus and Bootes are of protection and directive or better said administrative energies.

The constellation Crater - the cup - is south of the Virgins head (early Virgo). It can be looked at of being the "mystical" cup - a search that doesn't really end until the Seeker looks within self - "salvation" and the "vastness" and "fulfillment" comes from within....

Corvus - the Raven - brings foresight or special perceptual abilities and he's of high intelligence. In some myth, he's said to be able to move between the realms or at least to see through them..... purity is important, otherwise we'll perceive deceptions of the "ego"/past and may "betray" ourselves...

Hydra (part of the "middle" - head in Cancer, tail in Libra) - Crater, Corvus und Hydra are part of a "sad" story, happening because of a lie by the Raven and the constellations are there to remind us about it, or better said, that every ability can be used in different ways - it depends the intention .... 

We have intention as a basis - if we keep it "pure", without adding a specific purpose, we're able to receive the galactic flow of all that is needed - we're free to act from the "Now" - we'll get to enjoy in the fullness and vastness of the Universe.... 


Galaxy M99 in Coma
Credit to: Mount Lemmon Sky Center / University of Arizona

spiral-galaxy-M99-in Coma by SkyCenterUn
NGC-4038-and-NGC-4039 colliding by ESA H

NGC 4038 and NGC 4039 

Antennae Galaxy and Ringtail Galaxy in Corvus. They are "merging" or at least in "contact" -  Photo: ESA/Hubble

an in depth article called: 

Cosmic challenge

modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 

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