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Pallas  -  Pallas Athena or Jupiter's "Brain-Child" 

Astrology: Pallas is a warrior queen as well - with creative, innovative intelligence for solutions - so like a "problem solver". I've read somewhere "she turns every stumbling block into a stepping stone", which I find really very matching. As in the Mythology, she harmonizes the divine feminine and masculine within and uses her abilities for the best outcomes with the least effort. She's also about connecting dots/ information (puzzle) and to defend social equality and acceptance but also individual choices. 



Greek Mythology:  Minerva (Roman) - Pallas Athena in Greek - Both the "Goddess of Wisdom, Reason and Purity".  She also is very brave and got a strategic mind, so she also had a title as the "goddess of war" but not alike her Brother Ares. As an independent "person" she never married. In a competition about the "rulership" of the city of Athens, she won as she gave the people the Olive tree - the people of Athens were actually to pick (kind of an election campaign she won).


Roman Mythology:  Minerva is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl, which symbolized her association with wisdom and knowledge as well as, less frequently, the snake and the olive tree



Some Astronomy:   Pallas is the second asteroid to have been discovered, after  Ceres.   Pallas has unusual dynamic parameters for such a large body. Its orbit is highly inclined and moderately eccentric, despite being at the same distance from the Sun as the central part of the asteroid belt. Furthermore, Pallas has a very high axial tilt of 84°, with its north pole pointing towards the ecliptic. This means that every Palladian summer and winter, large parts of the surface are in constant sunlight or constant darkness for a time on the order of an Earth year, with areas near the poles experiencing continuous sunlight for as long as two years. Pallas is in a, likely coincidental, near-1:1 orbital resonance with Ceres and an approximate 5:2 resonance with Jupiter.  (Ref. Wikipedia)    

two views of the asteroid Pallas as the golfball asteroid

Pallas' axis:  

(heliocentric 2020)

Southnode: 28°13' Aquarius
Northnode: 28°13' Leo
Aphelion:     14°09' Capricorn 
Perihelion:   14°09' Cancer

The "golf ball" asteroid Pallas

By Credit: ESO/M. Marsset et al./MISTRAL algorithm (ONERA/CNRS) -, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Animation of Pallas orbit in the asteroid belt

Animation of the Palladian orbit in the inner Solar system

pink          ·   Pallas
yellow       ·   Ceres
light blue  ·   Jupiter
green         ·   Mars
blue           ·   Earth
center        ·   Sun

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