Cycles - the evolutionary path -
Galactic, Earth, Planetary and Personal.

Cycles are the whole 360 degrees at it's ending but same time 0 degree as it starts anew - never the same, always changing as it "spirals" in "time-space"...

Axis are a part or section of a cycle - to be specific - the "polar" axis and the "equatorial" axis - each of the 4 mark a quarter of the whole....  more detail: 

Aspects are also parts of such a cycle, discribing not only the axis-cross but all the other "Geometry" formed by angles and therefore talking about the "evolutionary" state of the cycle.  

The whole Universe(s) moves in cycles and spirals and so do we... scroll for more detail.

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The natal, heliocentric chart gives us an idea about our "potential" but also about a "task, goal".... the Cycles in the charts and their evolutionary "stage" (aspects) give us an idea of what we have to do within that cycles theme (planets and their placement at conjunction)... the older we become, the longer term cycles may have "progressed" a little bit and the shorter ones may have started anew many times as they talk about the "little steps" we take on the way - or let's say "sub tasks" and their tools....

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