Eris      "female warrior Queen"      

Eris' themes are reality and truth - she's also a Rebellion.  No fear nor hesitation - she wants to expose the reality of situations and it's truth - she often can be difficult to handle as we may be ignorant to the themes or in denial and so we feel like the ground is shaking. So again - shadow-work to do - exposing our own reality and truth, exposing the lies in and to ourselves, which are therefore shown in our environment.  

Mythology:  Discordia (Roman) - Eris in Greek - Both the "Goddess of strife and discord". She wasn't invited to a wedding and became spiteful - she seeded lust and conflict between other goddesses and this did lead into the competition between them and through the involvement of Paris as the "judge" and Aphrodite's trick, in the end resulted in the Trojan war. 

Some Astronomy:  Eris is a dwarf planet and the ninth-most massive known object directly orbiting the Sun, and the sixteenth-most massive overall in the Solar System (including moons). It is also the largest object that has not been visited by a spacecraft. Eris has been measured at 2,326 ± 12 kilometers (1,445 ± 7 mi) in diameter. Its mass is 0.27 percent that of the Earth and 127 percent that of dwarf planet Pluto, though Pluto is slightly larger by volume. Eris has an orbital period of 559 years. Its maximum possible distance from the Sun (aphelion) is 97.65 AU, and its closest (perihelion) is 37.91 AU. It came to perihelion between 1698 and 1699, and to aphelion around 1977, and will return to perihelion around 2256 to 2258. Unlike the eight planets, whose orbits all lie roughly in the same plane as the Earth's, Eris's orbit is highly inclined: It is tilted at an angle of about 44 degrees to the ecliptic.   (Ref. Wikipedia) 


As of my own "studies" of her path through the heavens, I see she comes VERY south of the ecliptic (further than Sirius) at her perihelion and therefore "cutting" or "linking" with the orbits of many of the other Bodies. I find this significant -  also in terms of Astrology!! 

Due to her long orbital time of roughly 560 years, all her cycles with the even further "outer" bodies are very long and therefore co-forming long lasting "themes" in our (humanity) evolutionary cycles. - I call it "overtone".

Eris and her moon Dysnomia discovery ima

This is the "discovery picture" of dwarf planet Eris and her moon Dysnomia, as seen on September 10, 2005. The discovery of the moon is important because it will permit scientists to determine the mass of Eris. 

W.M. Keck Observatory .  

Eris_Orbit by Orionist.png

Graphic reference:  By User: Orionist - Own work, Based on data obtained from:, CC BY-SA 3.0,