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Argo Navis - an "old" constellation re-awakened

Argo Navis
Argo Navis by N A F.

In modern Astronomy and Astrology the Argo Navis is no longer in use - only the different "parts" of the ship. I think it's time to give this ship its purpose and meaning back.....

Astronomy and Astrology used to be a science not "split apart" and was told over and over again in many myths and tales all over the world, in the Western world, most known are the tales of Greek and Roman Mythology, which are based on Babylonian and Sumerian teachings. The myths are talking about the astronomical, universal and galactic relationship with our "earthly" life and in the end our "essence". 

The ship Argo Navis was built by Jason with help of Athena and Zeus. Jason got his crew, the Argonauts, together to be able to conquer all the obstacles that would arise during their journey, their search for the golden fleece. A hero's journey.

The reconnection of Self with a greater purpose, with awareness and conscious use of the Universal laws for the fulfillment of the evolutionary path of the Soul. 

The Argo sails in the clockwise direction, which is the direction of the Earth and Galactic evolutionary paths. Many Heroes join the journey (experiences gained, lessons learned) on the way into the unknown realms......


Canopus - Alpha Carinae - marks the bulb of the bow of the Argo - which gives the energy of the "director" of the ship.  His constellation Carina represents the whole kneel of the ship. 

The constellation Puppis, mainly under the sign of Cancer, forms the bow, figurhead and extending the aplustre of the Argo... the stars here speak about the trust in the self , elevated states of awareness and the promises and enthusiasm for the journey ahead. 

Pyxis, just under Leo, represents the Argo's "crows nest", a place where we need our visionary abilities, to be open to see the unknown, the not yet physical.... 
Vela spans all over and under Leo into Virgo and represents the sail. Here we're asked to use the information gained, to be discerning and creative, to stand with the own truth in order to sail instead of being sailed. They also talk about the need to see with clarity the deeper means of mundane happenings., in order to move through these distractions in galactic flow. 

Now we come to the stern of the ship - marked by stars of Carina and the star clusters - in the drawing above (1801), you can see, these star clusters were depicted as part of the tree of life - they lay on or around the galactic equator and represent the greater evolutionary cycles we're part of. They talk about the mysteries, the esoteric knowledge and wisdom to be embodied and lived....
In that picture you can also clearly see the Crux constellation - commonly known as the "Southern Cross", just nesting under or between the legs of the protective Centaur in the longitude of middle Libra or we can also say under the feet of the Virgin. 

The constellation Columba (the Dove) is an accompanying Guide for the Argo. In the Myth, the Dove flew ahead of the ship and when it came to its most dangerous passage, the dove lost feathers by helping... 

Carina nebula mystic mountain by NASA an

Within the tempestuous Carina Nebula lies “Mystic Mountain.” This three-light-year-tall cosmic pinnacle, imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 in 2010, is made up primarily of dust and gas, and exhibits signs of intense star-forming activity. 

The colors in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green) and sulfur (red).

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

Text: Yvette Smith NASA site

References and modern constellation map:  
Nick Antony Fiorenza (lunar planer)

ancient constellation map: year 1801 by J. E. Bode - link: (ETH Bibliothek Zurich)

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