The Earth


Astrologically Earth is rarely used in readings. Nevertheless, she's the central point from where we look up - she's our ground, physical rooting, anchor and that's an important part in our lives. How do we ground, how do we relate to nature and the direct energies we take up through our feet and food... maybe also the other "sensory" points - or senses ;-)  

Some Facts: We often think we know "our" home-planet but there are so many things not so obvious or "visible"/perceivable in short periods of time. 

Earth mean speed around the Sun is 29'783 km/second. The rotation speed around the own Polar axis at the equator is 1'674,38 km/second. As a comparison, the Solar System speed towards north (Solar Apex) around the Galactic Center is ca. 230 km/second or 828'000 km/hour and it takes us around 220 to 230 million years to go around once... 

Earth is round, yes, but not exactly round and that's why we have a tilted Pole Axis around/with which Earth rotates/spins once a day. This Pole axis shifts a little over time and creates 2 directions of shifts. It's the one of "longitude" and is called the Precession of the Equinoxes (also called the "ages") a approximately 25'800 year cycle and the shift "north and south" in declination, which is called the Obliquity a ca. 41'000 year cycle.        

Earth obliquity and precession.png

Earth rotates counter-clockwise (east to west) in 1 day (roughly 24 hs). The precession of the equinoxes (spring and autumn equinoxes equatorial points) move roughly 1 degree in 72 years (sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower).

The Pole Axis "Tilt" shift - Obliquity changes from ca. 22.1 to 24,5 degree. That's seen during the solstices, it's marked by the declination of the Sun's position as seen from Earth.  We're now in a "decreasing" time of "tilt" since roughly the year 7420 BC. There was a small "strange action" in 2012 but we're back decreasing until the next change, that occurs roughly around the year 11970...

(These data I researched by using an Astrology program, using the same "0-point", zodiac and calendar system - but might be not the same as an Astronomy program)

Important to know is the fact, that the Polar Axis (Tilt) and the equator are always in a square angle - Cross.

Therefore, when the Polar Axis (Tilt) changes, so does the equator.

Earth Eccentricity is the cycle of change of orbit-shape. From less elliptical shape to more elliptical and back - there are 2 cycles within the one: the "main" cycle ca. 100'000 years and the 2nd one 405'000 to 413'000 years.

Both these two cycles are observable in Geological studies about the climatic periods of such cycles - they did trace these cycles back for something like 200 mio years or so.... 

Eccentricity by Iowa state

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