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Planetary cycles - Angles and Timequality

As the Planets and other Bodies move in cycles around the Sun, they also move in cycles between themselves - we could call this "interaction" or "communication" - creating a certain resonance, vibration or tone (music). 

These vibrations are also shown in the geometry they form while in interaction = astrological aspects (angles). 

This does give "form" to the quality of time we feel and can translate into "functions" - we pick up on these vibrations, consciously and of course unconsciously. That's what we can see in history - once we understand this, we're able to make predictions about the energies around at a certain time.... Let me explain this with some comparison:

If we watch the interaction of the rings/waves formed after throwing a stone into water - in opposition, the waves (cycles) will "collide" in the "center" and "intersect" as in a Vesica Piscis, we could say "integrating" and forming something "new".

Or - how do you feel, when a car or motorbike is passing you: the air (space) that is pushed away by this movement, may make you move, shake or on a rainy day even shower you but may be subtle when we stand in a “harmonious” angle. Same time we’re also passing it on – a body/thing (also the celestial bodies) that stand in a certain angle to each other, will mix the “incoming” energy with the own and pass it on – just like a ball hits a tennis rack, table tennis, billiard, foot by football or anything alike….

Here we are now - for sure understanding, that it's neither "good nor bad" but by being aware of "events" to happen, we can decide of how we "react or participate", just as like if an event/concert or whatever is announced and we decide, if we go or not and if yes, by car or walk or even fly and also how we gonna dress and if we take someone along or not and so on .... 

There are many cycles - some much longer than others - just like a clock, clicking into each other, the second, the minute, the hour, the day, the week etc.... one connected to the other - one within the other..... so, again the connection to Universal Laws. As a second represents the "detail" to the bigger cycle of an hour or a week... so we experience shorter planetary cycles as "details" of bigger cycles - like a 20 or 30 year cycle is a detail within a 12000 year cycle or even longer ones... and the same is for the planetary evolutions themselves, as like Earth 23 to 26ooo year precession cycle nests within larger evolutionary cycles.... We see these principles manifested in history - cultures and civilizations coming and going as well as nations, animals and of course Humans....

I would like to make a comparison here with a clock - it's the Zytglogge tower in Bern, Switzerland - you can see the "machinery" as the background, how the "cycles" are clicking, rotating, coming together and separating for a period to meet again to create/manifest for everyone to read - the clock....      

a diagram of various planets including outer planets around the sun

An overview of the planets orbits - including some of the minor planets (no asteroids) - sometimes they "meet" and several together, like having a gathering or maybe a party - depending who joins, the quality or vibration is different... 

When we study these cycles and the recorded history of similar "meetings" then we get a feel or understanding of the underlaying vibration.

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