Pisces and "surrounding"

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Pisces is of mutable water and "ruled" by ancient Jupiter and modern by Neptune. Pisces is about dreams, illusions, disillusions and transcendence. As a water sign Pisces embodies intense  emotions. Pisces wants to feel "connected" and being in the flow - but in which one... Spirituality, Mysticism, dreams but also escapism are themes of Pisces.

When we explore the surrounding constellations, we see that there is much more to Pisces than we would notice at that first glance. Pisces is in between the "conformity" of sameness (Cetus) and the flight on the back of Pegasus towards the infinite unknown.

Pisces wants clarity - to see through the veils/ masks of what seems obvious as so often the "obvious" that seems real, is just a mere illusion. So we end up to be on a quest - a quest for clarity.  

Planetary points in Pisces: (2020 heliocentric data)

Southnode: Quaoar 14°

Perihelion: Haumea 3°, Varuna 6°, Jupiter 19°,                                 Makemake 22° and Neptune 24°  

Aphelion: Chariklo  6°, Chiron 14°,   Eris 19°    

The vernal point (spring equinox) was in 2020 at ca. 4°42’ Pisces and the Galactic South Pole enters Pisces at the southern constellation of Sculptor and the ecliptic at around 5 degrees Pisces - so these two axis are almost parallel. The northern points of the axis are therefore in the constellation of Virgo or GNP in Coma Berenices. 

Under the "clockwise swimming fish", there is the tail and part of the body of Cetus. South of Cetus the Pisces part of Eridanus, the river of life. North of Pisces we have the huge and famous square of Pegasus and above the upright swimming fish we have Andromeda - part of both of these latter parts are assigned to the tropics of Aries. The "clockwise" movement of this fish ends with the "circlet" at the Aquarian cusp, and swims in the same direction as the precession cross.  There's also the upward jumping fish. It looks almost as he would like to just jump out of this realm towards the outer realms of the solar system (maybe further!?) 

The counter-clockwise swimming fish (Pisces Austrinus with it's alpha star Formalhaut) starts under late Capricorn all through Aquarius to the cusp "under the circlet" and is also the direction in which the planets move around the sun. Yes, doesn't belong to the sign of Pisces but it's interesting nevertheless....

This current "Age of Pisces" is also often called the "dark age" but I can't really agree, to give Pisces such a "negative" attribute. Pisces is "hidden, veiled by the emotional turmoil, nebulous" and so we have to find our way through that, without falling into the trap of taking the illusions for the only reality. Pisces is a world for itself, which requires a shift of perception and consciousness to navigate in - actually to broaden and "open" the eyes or general perception is a big task here.     

Pegasus - the mythical divine winged horse - north of the ecliptic:  The Square starts in Aquarius with the Star Markab then north in Pisces Scheat, to the east Alpheratz and down south Algenib. Alpheratz is a "shared" star - it also belongs/co-forms the constellation Andromeda.... The stars of Pegasus are about liberating the soul and spirit of the Individual but also the Human collective. To rise up from the entrapments and to allow oneself to live and enjoy the expression of Self - just like in the mythical picture, to leave the self-opposed limitations behind and fly off with the dreams to realms yet unknown....

Cetus - the mythical sea monster/kraken for what Andromeda was chained to a rock:  The head is south of Aries, the belly and tail south of  Pisces....  Cetus is about the "conformity" of societal structures or better said consciousness and the fears it creates. The situations and mindset we create in order to "fit" the momentary "normal". The story of Andromeda and her Family are representing this whole theme.  We see in our recent history, to what cruelty such "conformity" can lead to. We may create a mindset, that allows us to function in this "collective consciousness" but same time we actually trap our individuality in it. We need to break free of these chains, in order to create an individual life and same time, contribute to change the collective consciousness.

Pisces and Pegasus and Aquarius by Flams

This is a constellation map by Astronomer John Flamsteed (1646-1719) work published in 1795 ...

You can see, the "borders" of the constellations aren't "clear" but also obvious, Pisces and Aquarius are connected by Pegasus... and the vernal point now, as you can see above in the modern constellation chart, is under the circlet  (fish near Aquarius) and under the wings of Pegasus (Pegasus is sometimes drawn as "laying" on the ecliptic and sometimes standing over it - either way, the square always marks the body and we can either take the offer and "fly" or not)

modern constellation map created with: https://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/