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Pisces and its galactic and Universal connections

Pisces is about dreams, illusions, disillusions and transcendence or in other words, covering and uncovering... Pisces wants to feel "connected" and being in the flow - but in which one... Spirituality and mysticism are themes of Pisces but also the collective consciousness and the past/future in it's totality and the fine line between using the past as a tool or getting lost in it. - specific information is given by the stars...

In sidereal Astrology, the stars and their constellations do play a major role and give information about the evolutionary and spiritual path. 

When we explore the surrounding constellations, we see that there is much more to Pisces than we would notice at that first glance. Pisces is in between the "conformity" of sameness (Cetus) and the flight on the back of Pegasus towards the infinite unknown.

Pisces wants clarity - to see through the veils/ masks of what seems obvious as so often the "obvious" that seems real, is just a mere illusion. So we end up to be on a quest - a quest for clarity and possibilities. 


Planetary points in Pisces:

Southnode: Quaoar 14°

Perihelion: Haumea 3°, Varuna 6°,

Jupiter 19°, Makemake 22° and Neptune 29°  

Aphelion: Chariklo  6°, Chiron 14°,   Eris 19°

(2023 heliocentric data) 

calculated with: true

constellation map of pisces

At the neck of Circlet (fish-head) we have the current vernal point (March equinox) was in 2023 at ca. 4°40’ Pisces and the Galactic South Pole enters Pisces at the southern constellation of Sculptor and the ecliptic at around 5 degrees Pisces - so these two axis are almost parallel, yet in a "square sense". The opposite points of the two axis are therefore in the sign of Virgo,  GNP in the constellation Coma Berenices.... (more details further down).

Here we meet with our foundational "fabric" like the beliefs and way of thinking - what we consider possible or let's say "imaginable" and "dreamable".... 

This current "Age of Pisces" is also often called the "dark age" but I can't really agree, to give Pisces such a "negative" attribute. Pisces is "hidden, veiled by the emotional turmoil, nebulous" and so we have to find our way through that, without falling into the trap of taking the physical world for the only reality.

Pisces is a world for itself, which requires a shift of perception and consciousness to navigate in.  Feelings, emotions all emerge from the past and as long as we "feed" them with our focus we blur our vision by creating expectations - what we define as "possible" is the basis on which we build reality/future as what we can dream, imagine in whatever form becomes a possibility for "chances" and opportunities to open.   

The Bodies move in a counter-clockwise motion and therefore the "beginning" of Pisces is at the Aquarian cusp and ends at the cusp to Aries.... Earth precession moves clockwise from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius.

The "start" of the constellation Pisces,

is under the "circlet" with Pisces Beta-star named Fumalsamakah in later sidereal Aquarius. South Reticulum, Horologium, Eridanus, Phoenix and Sculptor and in the North mainly Pegasus and Lacerta - further north and further into the sign of Pisces, there's the constellation Cepheus (the king and father of Andromeda, his wife Cassiopeia further in Aries). 

Fumalsamakah means "the mouth of the fish" and marks a "transitional" part of the zodiac and therefore the energies shifting from "full flow" (the manifestation of life/experiences in all it's variety), social and intellectual, logic thinking to the more metaphysical ways of perception and "integrated" thinking. In a transitional sense we're also asked to "discern" - we decide what of that "flow" we consume to become a "seed" for the future.... 

Pisces is kind of "fundamental" - we need to "integrate" the "full flow" of experience in Aquarius to become kind of "empty" again, to be free for new experiences, a new "cycle"....  

Physical, mental and energetic wellbeing is "one" as one influences the other - it just goes much further than many would belief possible - the lets say "fluidity" of our DNA (in the meaning of not stiff, it's changeable - epigenetics and "expandable") and all the flows in our body, the "physical" as well as the energetic ones "form" the environment for our cells, their "re-generating" abilities, the "environment" here means the body as well as the mind and the emotions.... It's like "surrendering" the logic intellect, releasing emotional baggage ....



early sidereal Pisces and the Galactic South Pole 

The galactic South Pole lays in ecliptical longitude at around 5 degrees sid. Pisces, in southern latitude near the alphastar of the constellation Sculptor and our March Equinox point (vernal point also called 0-point Aries) and therefore the celestial equator aligned with the galactic pole axis. 

If we think of an equator in general (physics) as a very fast and active region or band, we could call that the "path/plane of action", yet caused by the axis of rotation or in this sense the polar axis as intention.... 

"Galactic intention", meets with Earth path of action - yet, there's a 3rd view point here and that we see in heliocentric Astrology - as around these degrees we have the "mid-haven" (because the Sun has a different equator, axis tilt and orbit center). The mid-haven or 10th house marks a point or area of "public life", seen, visible, obvious. 


The path of action (Earth) makes seen and obvious (Sun) the intentions in the galactic or deeper, spiritual sense (whatever that means to one personally). 

During the March Equinox, the Sun stands at north of the SGP whereas Earth stands opposite "under" the North Galactic pole.... axis - always a "two way street" , reflecting back and forth and same time "infinite" in "length"... those points are just "markers"- I mean, imagine the Earth polar axis far into space, where would you end - it's a directions, "directing"....  

As we know, there's not only the galaxy (the beautiful Milky Way), but loads of galaxy within our now visible Universe.... it goes on and on and on .... 

In between, we see "darkness" - we know by now, that's not "nothing" but something we can't yet see.... something that may one day become visible, on "whatever level".


Everything grows from "inside out", from down to up, from small to big and the underlaying principles are the same - fractality - shape and size do not matter.


Pegasus - the mythical divine winged horse - north of the ecliptic: 

The Square starts over sidereal Aquarius with the Star Markab then "into/above" Pisces the star Scheat, to the east Alpheratz and down south Algenib. Pegasus is seen over most part of Pisces. Alpheratz is a "shared" star - it also belongs/co-forms the constellation Andromeda as it's alpha star....

The stars of Pegasus are about liberating the soul and spirit of the Individual but also the Human collective. To rise up from the entrapments of the past and to allow oneself to live and enjoy the expression of Self - just like in the mythical picture, to leave the self-opposed limitations behind and fly off with the dreams to realms yet unknown.... Pegasus wants us to shift from mere "belief" into experience and therefore knowing.

The Star Sheat of Pegasus, at around 5° of the sign of Pisces, is aligned with the galactic axis, which I just explained above. Scheat is about water in general but also our body is made of water - around 75 to 80% of our body is water - cell-water - an essential part of our wellbeing and the environment in or with which our cells thrive - water is changing and forming and reacting and holds memory... 

The Star Alpheratz of Andromeda and Pegasus in the ecliptical "middle" of Pisces, is talking about the connection of the mind to all realms. If we "limit" our mind to what is "commonly accepted thought and belief", we're not going to go further, we don't explore, we sit there chained without a way out.... We do consist of a "material" body but also an "ethereal" body - one that is free to fly off the celestial realms, free to go wherever - just like in dreams but consciously experienced (like lucid dreaming, "astral travel")... We need to open to the possibility - it's our core belief and mindset that makes the difference. 

Further north we see stars of Cepheus and Drago - the "around" middle part of Pisces also talks about the responsibilities we carry - especially when we're in any kind of authoritarian position or being parents - responsibility is felt - to make sure the wealth is shared and the emotional stability secured. It's easy to fall into the "conformity" of Cetus in such situations and emotions. In this part, we're asked to gain clarity of our emotional state, see through this "fog" and use our connections, our guidance and inner intelligence, to trust our own abilities to find solutions outside of "the box".... There is also the responsibility for our own evolutionary cycle - the understanding of incarnate life as being a "product", an effect from a choice, cause....

Cetus - the mythical sea monster/kraken

for what Andromeda was chained to a rock:  The head is south of Aries, the belly and tail south of  Pisces....  Cetus is about the "conformity" of societal structures or better said consciousness and the fears it creates. The situations and mindset we create in order to "fit" the momentary "normal". The story of Andromeda and her Family are representing this whole theme.  We see in our recent history, to what cruelty such "conformity" can lead to. We may create a mindset, that allows us to function in this "collective" but same time we actually trap our individuality in it. We need to break free of these chains, in order to create an individual life and same time, contribute to a collective that shines in a variety of sparkling beautiful colors....  It's like the collective storage of emotions and experiences - there to be digested.... 

Late Pisces and early Aries 

The cuspal area brings the future into the picture - the upwards swimming fish, seems to want to "jump out" of this realm, out of the "current". It's the higher realms we want to reach, out of what is keeping us "low" - we need in order to "raise", to purify or empty ourselves from what makes us feel "heavy" or chained. We also need to see, that all that we went through in life is an experience - we can either let it defining us and our future or leave it behind as knowledge and wisdom to be "used" when needed  and "fly off"  in the lightness ... 

Alrescha (Alpha Piscium) marks the "knot" of the tying strings of the two fishes (in sign Aries).

Pisces and Pegasus and Aquarius by Flams

This is a constellation map by Astronomer John Flamsteed (1646-1719) work published in 1795 ...

You can see, the "borders" of the constellations aren't "clear" but also obvious, Pisces and Aquarius are connected by Pegasus... and the vernal point now, as you can see above in the modern constellation chart, is under the circlet  (fish near Aquarius) and under the wings of Pegasus (Pegasus is sometimes drawn as "laying" on the back over the ecliptic and sometimes standing over it - either way, the square always marks the body and we can either take the offer and "fly" or  at least try to get up after a "fall", well, or not - it's a choice) .

modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 

References: Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar 
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                      Belmonte_Shaltout pdf        

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