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Mars  -
"the God of war"



Don't misunderstand this "title" - it may happen, that if in conflict, imbalanced, immature or someone without any self-control can express the needed and wonderful active divinity of Mars in an aggressive and "ballistic" way...

Mars does express in creative, leading activity - the willpower and physical action needed to actualize any idea or ideals.

We also find themes like sexual energy/power (creative), strategic and innovative thinking, self-reliance, protection, survival, bravery, and vitality as key words for him.... 

With this long list of "key words" it's easy to see that we All might be at times in "conflict" with our Mars energies in one way or another or at one time or another... As with any problems, the "location"/situation we find it in can also give an idea of how to balance it out, what there is to "learn" or to "improve"/strengthen.... 


Greek Mythology:

Ares is a son of Zeus and Hera. He wasn't very favored by the other Gods and Goddesses and feared by Humans. He was of aggressive nature and was said to love battle and blood. He had an affair with his sister Aphrodite and they were ridiculed by the others, when Aphrodite's husband caught the Two "in flagranti".  On the other hand, he did protect his daughter of rape and he was on the side of Troja to protect that city (obviously not successful). 

Mars' true colors

Picture by ESA & Osiris team

Mars_true_color by ESA and MPS for Osiri

Mars' orbital points 

(heliocentric data 2023) 

Northnode: 24-25 Aries
Southnode: 24-25 Libra


most southern and northern points same degrees of longitude: 

1-51 degrees South Capricorn

1-51 degrees North Cancer

he's at this latitude (seconds) for roughly 5 days.

Perihelion:  11-23 Aquarius
Aphelion:     11-23 Leo 

Some Astronomy: 

Mars is a terrestrial planet  with a thin atmosphere, with surface features reminiscent of the impact craters of the Moon and the valleys, deserts and polar ice caps of Earth.

Mars has 2 moons, Phobos and Deimos, which are small and irregularly shaped.

Mars's orbital period is 687 (Earth) days - 1,8809 years.

The solar day (rotation around own axis) on Mars is only slightly longer than an Earth day: 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35.244 seconds.

The axial tilt of Mars is 25.19° relative to its orbital plane, which is similar to the axial tilt of Earth. As a result, Mars has seasons like Earth, but nearly twice as long because its orbital period.

Mars has a orbital eccentricity of about 0.09; of the seven other planets in the Solar System, only Mercury has a larger orbital eccentricity. It is known that in the past, Mars has had a much more circular orbit.  (Reference: Wikipedia) 

Animation of Geocentric view of Mar's orbit (incl. his retrograde periods) view 2003 to 2019.

Wonderful flower - Geometry is found everywhere and in everything -  "The Universe is mental and alive"....


Animation by Phoenix7777 - Own work

Earth - Mars dance in heliocentric sidereal Astrology

Mars Earth conjunction wheel in heliocentric planetary cycle Astrology

Earth meets with Mars 9 times - the 9th time also marks the "first" for their next round around the zodiac. 

This means a geometry is formed - it's the "outline" of an 8-pointed star, yet, it's in "irregular" shape... 

An 8 pointed star also means 2 times a square - these shapes were used for example in Buddhist traditions, together with ornaments and paintings for protection.


For more details, and explanation - I created a course...

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References and credits:

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all charts are created using the free software by - choose "extended chart selections".... sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

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