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Haumea - goddess of fertility


Haumea is of subtle but "powerful" influence. Of course, she's about birthing but not so much about children per se but what or how we manifest the "re-birth" of a new consciousness or in other words, something "newly learned", on whatever level.... To "birth" or grow something we need clarity of "vision" and mind and of course self-esteem, security and reliance to name some...  She's "standing by", supportive and of mid-wife energy. 

I also see a relationship to themes like "bloodlines", genetics and the "building blocks" within the local Universe...

In a natal chart, she may show where a remake or "refresh" of imbalanced or "outdated"/outgrown expression or "re-invention", re-definition might be needed or might indicate where we "help"/assist others with such endeavors. 

SN: 7°22’ Capricorn  -  NN: 7°22’ Cancer 

Most South and North - Aries and Libra

Aphelion: 3°49 Virgo - Perihelion: 3°49 Pisces

For the discovery chart and more details about orbital points, scroll passed the pictures.... or "jump there"....


Haumea is the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. She did function as a guiding midwife. She's said to grow old and renew her life and so had many children herself who became important deities themselves, so she created a genetic line. An interesting aspect to include here is, that according M.W. Beckworth that her name comes from "hanaumea", which means "sacred birth". 


Some Astronomy: 

Haumea  (minor-planet designation 136108 Haumea) is a dwarf planet located beyond Neptune's orbit. It was discovered in 2004 by a team headed by Mike Brown of Caltech at the Palomar Observatory in the United States and independently in 2005 by a team headed by José Luis Ortiz Moreno at the Sierra Nevada Observatory in Spain, though the latter claim has been contested. Haumea's elongated shape together with its rapid rotation, rings, and high albedo (from a surface of crystalline water ice), are thought to be the consequences of a giant collision, which left Haumea the largest member of. 

Haumea got two known moons, Hiʻiaka and Namaka

Haumea has an orbital period of 284 years and inclination of 28 degrees. It was thought Haumea to be in a 7:12 resonance with Neptune but that's as of 2020 questioned again.  (Ref. Wikipedia)   


Haumea's and Makemake's orbits are connected and they might be in a "special relationship".

Haumea rotation with ring by Tomruen

Haumea's elliptical spin within her ring.
Wikipedia by Tomruen - Own work

Posts involving Haumea

diagram of the orbits of outer planets in the solar system

Orbits of Makemake (blue), Haumea (green), contrasted with the orbit of Pluto (red) and the ecliptic (grey). 

Wikipedia by User: Eurocommuter - Plotted by a program written by the author

Discovery chart, "orbital points" and their indications

Haumea was discovered in December 2004 while she was in the middle of sidereal Virgo in the northern constellation Coma Berenices roughly 13 degrees passed her aphelion and roughly 11 from the North Galactic Pole and the "Super Galactic Center" - Haumea's orbit crosses through these points.

In this region of the heavens we're talking about the "crown", the jewels (representing geometry and natural forces / technology) and with that a use of inner vision, perception and "awakening" - it's energy of the mind.

She was conjoined by
the Centaur Chariklo.
Chariklo is "aiding, assisting" Haumea with her tasks - Chariklo brings discernment of potential. Chariklo also stands for the "misunderstood", the Outsiders etc. 

This "collaboration" also shows in the orbital points - their nodal axis is less than 1,5 degrees apart yet "reversed", meaning Chariklo's northnode in Capricorn and Haumea's in Cancer.... 

Haumea's Southnode in Capricorn - Northnode in Cancer: 

In a cycle, we move from "most southern" to "most northern", which means the ascending or northnode is the first "square" that we encounter. The nodal axis is like an "equator", a path of action... so it's therefore a "decision" that needs to be made, a plan formed etc., yet an axis does stay in constant "communication" and gives each other "reflection".....

The northnode is conjoining the star system Tegmine of Cancer, which stands for the protective shell of the Crab - yet, it's more on the emotional level. In Capricorn, it's more about the physical manifestation e.g. a place. We're talking safety, trust, care, nourishment and governance on this axis.... 
If one a person is more egoic and fear based, a totalitarian or military based system can be produced - whereas when one is more in a spiritual awareness and of "unity consciousness" then maybe a shamanistic retreat can be the space provided.... and of course, anything in between those extremes.... 

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