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Earth' galactic connection and cycles

Earth polar axis is "tilted" and that also moves within an approximately 40'000 year cycle. The Orbit isn't exactly circular and therefore there's also cycles involved of 1) of 101'000 years and 2) of 405'000 years. 

There's also the change of Ages - we're currently in the Age of Pisces - and this cycle is called the precession of the Equinoxes and takes roughly 25'770 to 25'920 years. 

More about these cycles called "Milankovitch cycles" on the Earth-page:

We All know about the "prophecies" by various people and ancient texts as well as calendars. I couldn't see anything "special" for the December-Solstice 2012 in the normal astrological charts but I later found out about a different "view-point" on things. - There is the "galactic cross" connection, which I talked about in one of my video presentations, which I will link below as well... 

In the word-chart below, you can see my research about the Sun's longitudes and declinations at various equinoxes and solstices throughout the millennia and the same for the Galactic Center. 

I knew, as Astrology (if based on Astronomy - observable data) is a science as well, we can "prove" or follow these cycles also in astrological charts... some findings: 

The Galactic-Cross and Earth-Cross "overlay" can only happen every roughly 6'400 years when we're in the mutable "age" cross. It's happening now - was exact around 1998 to 2000 and is now slowly moving apart again but we're for sure in a "special" time, that can't happen very often... 

The Galactic Center longitude (sign) position moves back and forth and therefore doesn't change sign - at least not in the for me accessible time frame (the Sun needs a mean of 225 million years for a cycle around the galactic center). In 12970 BC the GC was at a longitude of 1°58'4" sid. Sagittarius and will be in the year 3000's at 1°51'3" and will start to "move back - increasing" -it's slow, it stays sometimes for 1'000 year at the same position during March equinox. In the year 15800 it will be at 1°55'56" still in sid. Sagittarius.... 

In reference to the celestial equator, the declination (similar to latitude) of the Galactic center moves "up and down" over time... the most "northern" declination I found around the times of the year 10'926 BC (age of Virgo) and the most southern one in the year 2357, which is the last year of the "age of Pisces" in the sidereal ayanamsa (zodiac) and sign (not constellation) I'm using for all chart calculations. Yes, it doesn't change from south to north within a year, as the sun does, but it moves over millennia from northern declinations to southern and back... 

In reference to latitude from the ecliptic, there I could only find increasing southern positions. from 3°55’30” S in 12'999 BC to 6°52’59” S in the year 15800. 

The "highest" declination I found for the Sun was in the year 7422 BC at 24°13'31" and the "lowest" at 22°37'8" in the year 11970.

I think all these data do "shift" according the precession cycle and maybe also "tilt shift" ... - the ecliptical latitude change though seems different as it doesn't shift but continuously increases towards South....

Word data sheet with my research data

Years: 12999 BC to 15800 AD

(Origin: my laptop - my local word)

Accessible only to Members on the "cycle research data sub-page"

All charts calculated using the software of - sidereal ayanamsa galactic equator Fiorenza. 

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