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Capricorn and its galactic and Universal connections

Capricorn constellation map
Capricornus by Urania's mirror

Capricorn traditionally represents structure and order. It's about maturity, focus (commitment), responsibility, steadiness, reliability.

Here we can bring the "higher learning" from Sagittarius into physical manifestation - a kind of "learning by doing" attitude as in "practicing", testing etc. We see in the cuspal area, if the dreams and ideals we had are practical and sustainable. 

In essence - embodiment of the "higher" learning, the vibrations on a cellular level and even further... 

As we're talking sidereal, star and constellation based Astrology, we get more information about the evolutionary and spiritual meaning of individual parts of Capricorn by interpreting the star's energies.

Capricorn's constellation nicely lays along the ecliptic, looks like "cut in half" by it - it's stars are not as spectacular. Yet some stars of neighboring constellations are pretty known and bright. It's in general an intense area and an old constellation.

South we find Microscopium, Indus and Grus. Pisces Austrinus' tail.

Lyra to Lacerta by Urania's mirror

North we have bright Altair of Aquila and his constellation, Sagitta and Delphinus and Vulpecula. Cygnus the Swan or better said, it's head here in Capricorn bringing the evolutionary insights from Aquarius. As Sagittarius, also Capricorn was already known to the Babylonians and the Sumerians. The name was Suhur-mash-ha in Sumerian, which means "Goat fish or Sea Goat". In the Babylonian star catalogue the constellation got the same meaning  and was associated with the Sumerian God Enki, who was one of the main creator Gods.In Greek astronomy the constellation was named Aigokeros, meaning "goat horned" and was often associated with the god Pan. Sometimes Capricorn was also associated with Amalthea - the Goat who nursed Zeus when he was an infant and had to be hidden from his father Cronus. It seems, there are several stories in Greek myth associated with the constellation Capricorn.

Planetary points in sidereal Capricorn: 

Northnode: Chariklo 5°42',

Southnode: Pholus 4°38', Haumea 7°17', Neptune 16°55', Sedna 29°30' 


Most South: Eris ca. 11°07"

Aphelion: Pallas 14°42', Venus 16°29'    

(2023 heliocentric data) 

calculated with: true

NGC6751 the glowing eye nebula by NASA H

"The glowing eye" Nebula in Aquila (NGC6751)

Credit: Hubble space telescope - the picture won a contest in an Australian School Astronomy contest.

Aquila - the Eagle - and it's bright star Altair: 

In Greek mythology, the Eagle was always associated with Zeus (Roman myth as well). He was the eye, messenger and was a carrier for Zeus. 

This energy is especially present in Altair "the eagle's eye" - that's where the saying "watching with eagle's eyes" is originated. Generally the Eagle is patient, focused but also graceful in it's moves.. The neck and shoulder stars are called by their Arabic names Alshain (the falcon) and Tarazed (the beam of the scale).... Altair is one of the stars forming the summer triangle - together with Vega of Lyra and Deneb of Cygnus.  

Astrologically these 3 stars bring interest and vision of global affairs and it's perspectives to and from a personal level/interests/abilities, which also brings strategic thinking and planning... therefore, in classic astrology, this area was associated with all kind of "military affairs". 

Algedi is the Alpha-star at around 8°45' 

and marks the horn of the Goat. It's conjoined by Beta Capricornus which marks the head. The Two are about secret or sacred places - anything from a spiritual retreat to a space where strategies are discussed and planned - the places where the dreams and ideals brought over from Sagittarius are put to a practical analysis, which needs a bit of a "solitary" space. It can also mean, the safe space within ourselves (Cancer) as well as structures like DNA, cells and so on...

Microscopium in the south,

tells us that the Universal laws aren't only in the "big picture" (Telescopium in Sagittarius) to find but also, as a fractal in the "small" (each of us is such a "fractal" too as simply everything!) - the micro-macro cosmos - the "as above, so below" principle.... Microscopium in a more "materialistic" way, talks about the details we have to take in account, when planning/for strategy....

There is also the possibility of creating from what we already have - just like in cooking - sometimes we have an idea and so we get everything from garden/shop and sometimes we still have things and think about what we could create out of that....

Beside that, we also use the microscope to make structures visible - like the cells. There is "dark light microscopy" through which, in one drop of blood the whole body is visible - yep, true fractality....

This first half of Capricorn is therefore all about the "manifestation" or structure. The "higher" our vibration, the clearer we are and depending our intention, such "structuring" is taking more or less effort (or perception of such). Let me explain with an example: 

A Musician might be very passionate and not perceiving it as "work" but in order to practice and maybe writing music, a "solitary" space is needed, the Musician will also think about how to make the creations available for the public.... when this Musician sent out clear "intention and wishes" to the Universe (by focus), the possibilities and chances will open, ready to be taken with "earthly action".... Therefore, the more aligned we are with our creations, the easier it becomes - kind of "effortless" but if we do, just to survive without any "passion" behind it, it may feel "hard and heavy"....


There are quite a lot of "planetary points" (see list further up) in this first half of Capricorn alone - linking the opposite points in Cancer for teamwork - a back and forth... 

The bodies are of "different" realms here - I think it's important to note, that Eris' most southern point is reached at around 11 degrees in longitude but 44 degrees south of the ecliptic, connecting the constellations Pavo, Toucana and Indus...

Within the middle part of Capricorn, the energies change as the influences of Aquarius and Cygnus are already radiating, giving the "solitary" Capricorn energy a bit of an airy, sharing, "futuristic" or "enthusiastic" energy. This shift is marked with the stars Albali of Aquarius and Armus of Capricorn at around 17 degrees, they bring the communicative parts into the play. In the South of the ecliptic there are the two "Magellanic clouds",  which are said to be "passing galaxies", which we could interpret as being of "witnessing energy".  


There's also Neptune's Southnode and Venus' Aphelion in this area - we have harvest or "retrieve", discern and seed for something new/"further" (dreams, ethereal worlds, veils, vision) as well as gaining momentum from the own inner space of heart and values. 

Remember - teamwork with Cancer points.... 

The later degrees of Capricorn

are marked by the Southern constellation Piscis Austrinus, Gruis (the crane) and Tucana - in the North:  Aquarius, Delphinus, Equuleus and Cygnus. Many of these constellations are overlapping, both Aquarius and Capricorn....

In this later part the sharing of knowledge and information or "creations" in general becomes more prominent - the arm of Aquarius is reached out, Pisces Austrinus swims towards Aquarius and Cygnus flies from it - so this picture does indicate the exchange theme here - the Individual communicates, shares and may receive "back"  - it's a "maturing" energy, a growing up from the solitary (secret), manifesting state to sharing, guiding and exchange. That's the reason why this area is often associated with institutions (a. e. publishing houses,  media)  that work in this field or stand for such sharing (a. e. libraries, internet)...  the outstretched hand / wand, also stands for the "universal answers" - for the opportunities / teamwork that may open and for magic to happen...  

Deneb Algedi (Delta Capricorni) ca. 28°32'

is the brightest star in the constellation and visible to the naked eye. It's name comes from Arabic meaning "the tail of the goat". 

Together with some other "luminaries" in this longitude and into very early sid. Aquarius, we're getting a kind of "putting the puzzle together", connecting dots energy - the "other" side of the "knowledge keeping and gathering places"... Deneb Algedi is fast spinning and "metallic", which I guess gives high "electromagnetic" energy.


modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 


Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar 
                      Ian Ridpath's Star Tales  and  
                      Pdf-link to chapter 6 of "the constellations of ancient Egypt" by: 

                      Belmonte_Shaltout pdf        

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