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Axis and Cycles
- the evolutionary path -
Galactic, Earth and Personal.

Cycles are the whole 360 degrees. Meaning that the Axis are a part or section of a cycle and therefore moving over time. 

The whole Universe(s) move in spiraling cycles. The Axis in this galactic perspective move extremely slow from a Human perspective hard to even grasp, if we "shift" perception to a more "visualized" view of a 360 degrees round chart, it's easier though and that's what we do in Astrology.

The Axis describe the main "grid lines" of the whole web - in the galaxy as well as for each planet and further "down (fractal)/in" our own natal charts. The way of how we're "inter-woven" or corresponding or stand in correlation to the "broader, wider, bigger"...  

the disc of our galaxy with an arrow pointing our solar system location within it

Our Galaxy - the Milky Way and the 
location of our solar system within.

photograph of the milky way taken in Australia

Picture taken by my Friend
Barry M. Ion Australia and New Zealand - his website with many other stunning pictures and films:

Some term-explanations   

Galactic Equator  =  equator of our Galaxy

Galactic Poles       =  pole axis of our Galaxy

Celestial Pole        =  Earth pole (extended)

The Tilt is also the Celestial Pole and it "shifts". We have 2 Poles, if you want - 1 true north/south and the moving magnetic pole, which points to the star Polaris at the moment.

Celestial Equator =  Earth equator (extended) 

Vernal Axis           =   March-September Equinox

It's the place where the Celestial Equator crosses the ecliptic (Orbit of the Earth around the Sun)

The Vernal Axis can also be understood as the nodal axis of Earth - March equinox the Northnode and the autumn equinox the Southnode. It's an annual theme as well as an "age" cycle - we're now astronomically looked at in the age of Pisces and will move into the age of Aquarius in around 300 plus years. This point is marked by the constellation the Sun resides during the March Equinox. This whole cycle is called the Precession of the Equinoxes.  

Please note: In heliocentric view (from the Sun), then the vernal point is located around the "MC" and therefore "most visible", public etc. which also corresponds to 10th house energy. Rising and descending constellations are around the degrees of the solstice axis.... As we look from "spheres" to spheres and on spheres there are no "hard lines" but "bending" lines... 

The Galactic Center:

We see the Galactic Center just south of the ecliptic at roughly 1°51' sidereal Sagittarius. This position changes over time as it depends our "view point'. Earth tilt, as well as Earth eccentricity have an influence on that as well as the path of our solar system around the center of the Galaxy. At the moment our sun, as with it Earth, is travelling in a northern direction (Solar Apex). 

The Galactic Center is kind of the "nuclei" of our galaxy - it's a very dense part of the heavens as the stars are more like light-weeks apart than light-years. It's the Center from where the spiral arms of the galaxy extend - life in our galaxy extends..... 


a center point of life-force. A point where we want to explore and experience all that is life - the core, the essence or maybe search for source. Also a place where we feel very confident and centered and ready to expand.

Galactic center by by Chandra X ray and

The Galactic Pole Axis   -  Earth's and personal Axis  

The Galactic Pole Axis is at around 5° sid. Pisces (south) – Virgo (north) - depending the way of calculation it’s between 4°55’ to 5°4’, so a mean of 5°

As at the moment our equinox axis is around the same degrees, it means that the two axis align / parallel. As the equatorial axis is always forming an exact “cross”/square to the pole-axis, the Galaxy align as well at 5° Sagittarius – Gemini = our solstice area - the exact alignment was around 1998-2000 - such isn't to be understood by "pinpointing" an exact time or date - it's aligned for several years now and will continue to be for some time but by now (2020) already started to slightly move to the "other side"...

Astrologically this gives special meaning to our times now – an alignment like this does give emphasis on our Galactic relationship. Earth evolutionary cycle, the Galactic as well as our own evolution. A time when cycles end and start anew – powerful but sometimes also scary as we are forced to let go of the old and make space for the new – not only on a physical/material level but also on a deep, core level of self and the understanding of life and evolution…. The deep feeling of being a part of something greater (Galactic resonance) – a feeling of unity.

The "southern" points talk about the foundation, the origin, the roots, the "private"  - where we "rebirth" - or simply refresh ourselves after a busy day - a place where we feel safe.    The "northern" points talk about the "outside", what is seen and most public - on a personal level that can mean the work, career but also other things, it's what people (maybe not the closest ones) would describe you as. How we appear in the world, what we show.... 

We can also interpret the southern points as the origin in the sense of intention and the northern points as the "most visible"/mirror point of of that intention and so we can "adjust" what isn't in alignment... 

The equatorial Axis - also the AS/rising - DS/setting Axis of a personal chart 

The equatorial axis is always forming an exact “cross”/square to the pole-axis. The galactic equator is at the moment crossing the ecliptic at around 5° Sagittarius – Gemini, which is currently in "squared"  alignment with our solstice-axis. The exact alignment was around 1998 - such isn't to be understood by "pinpointing" an exact time or date - it's aligned for several years now and will continue to be for some time.


The Galactic equatorial Axis, as well as the solstice axis and also the Ascendant/Descendant Axis (East - West... the stars rising and setting) in a natal chart, are very important. We have them "3 fold" - galactic, local (Earth - meaning the collective) and the Individuum.
In a geocentric natal chart, they are “produced” by the horizon at the time of birth, meaning it’s the personal “equatorial axis”. In cycles, the birth or re-birth (in any form or matter – also for example ideas) are entering at the South-node (IC in a natal chart). In square to that, we come to the AC, where we have the point of “personalization” – the AS-DS axis, our equator is of magnetic energy – the DS point is like a “reflection/mirror” point of what we radiate out from the Ascendant. The AS-placement and its close surrounding show us who we are – personalization or "re-defining" ourselves - as we get "feedback" from the DS, we start to "re-define"/integrate but here is also discernment and "self-reflection" needed, as every reflection also holds the energy of the mirror itself. An axis is in polarization but always work together, “hand in hand” – what we give out, is reflected back, so we can “integrate” the knowledge.
The first quarter in a cycle (from IC to AS) is a growing phase, rooting – we collect information and with this, form ourselves – we “personalize” the information gained – like a Baby for example, learns, gains information from it’s surrounding and starts to develop personality and starts to express this growth. The surrounding will reflect back in this case usually with joy/happiness – about sitting up, the first step, the first word and so on – a reflection (DS). 


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