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Aquarius and its galactic and Universal connections

Aquarius constellation map

Planetary points in sidereal Aquarius:


Juno 25°, Pallas 28°,



Mars 11°23'


Ceres  8°43', Uranus 21°36'      

(2023 heliocentric data) 

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Aquarius is future orientated, about technologies, inventions, distribution and resources, highly intelligent, scientific and an humanitarian. 

Aquarius is about groups, humanity as a whole, families, companies - anything in the meaning of Individuals sharing or enriching a "collective".

Aquarius-constellation's alpha star is the star Sadalmelik - not very bright and not very known. Known is Fomalhaut of Pisces Austrinus as he's assigned to Archangel Gabriel.

Pisces Austrinus lays south of the ecliptic a bit above Sculptor, further south we see the Phoenix rising but just below that the Star Achernar marking the end/delta of Eridanus, the river of life. 

North of the ecliptic flies Cygnus, the beautiful Swan, with it's alpha star Deneb and we see parts of Pegasus. 

Lyra to Lacerta by Urania's mirror

Cygnus "the Swan" and it's alpha star Deneb:  

As with all constellations, there are many different myth and tales told in the various ages/epochs and parts of the world. Some of the myth are talking about sacrifice and others about bridging - I think both should be taken into consideration when talking about Cygnus. Interesting is also that Deneb (the swan's tail) is the same time part of the so called "summer triangle", formed by first Deneb, Vega (Lyra) and Altair (Aquila). 

Deneb is also a star, that has been mentioned in very ancient Egyptian Astronomy and Astrology. It has been ages ago, the Polestar and is therefore linked to the bigger evolutionary cycles our Earth is part of. 

Astrologically this early part of Aquarius is still also influenced by the constellation of Capricorn. The awareness of the structures and it's "limits" and therefore, combined with the gracious ideas of the Swan, we have more "inventive" energies here. To "widen" the structure, to grow them in order to match the awareness and consciousness of the time.... especially in the first 2 degrees we find the theme of the walls we have built around our hearts. We have high intelligence at hand and a "key/dot/aha-moment" energy, that helps us for creative planning and "opening mind and heart".

That "summer triangle" shows us the "connection" of later Sagittarius (ideals, vibration) and earlier Capricorn (focus) with what we "attract" and bring together.

Aquarius constellation and Myth:

In most of the stories, Aquarius is a water-bearer. In Greek mythology, the most famous story is the one, of  Ganymede a young Trojan man, who was "abducted" by Zeus to stay on Mount Olympus to become a servant there (water and wine etc.). In newer Egyptian myth, it's the god that controls the river Nil.  

So in either myth, it's about the water, that brings nourishment to the Earth and therefore flourishing agriculture for the people. Truly a Humanitarian picture drawn here..... Interesting is, that the water flows into the mouth of Formalhaut and it's constellation Pisces Austrinus, which connects the "structures" of Capricorn, as does further up, Cygnus in the more airy realms.

Astrologically the middle part of the sign Aquarius, brings us the awareness of resources and the fair sharing of them. This means also the own Being as for example part of a group, family or society - to bring the fullness of self into such groups for the growth of All. 

Eridanus - the river of life - the "delta" of Achernar:

In Greek myth the story of the river is pretty sad - Helios's Son did ask to steer the chariot along the ecliptic for a day. He wasn't able to control the horses and went north and south, that it had extreme happenings on Earth as a consequence. Zeus did burn the chariot down and Phaeton did fall into Eridanus dead and his close Friend Cycnus (one of the many tales about the Cygnus-Swan constellation) dove into the river in form of a swan to rescue his Friend....  

Achernar was of so much southern declination, that for a long time it wasn't seen anymore from the northern hemisphere. It was listed in more ancient asterism but not in the famous one of Ptolemy. So, when it was re-discovered in the ca 17th century, it became an "extension" of the river Eridanus. 


Read more about the whole constellation Eridanus.


the later part and cusp area of Aquarius is much influenced by the southern constellation of the Phoenix, the Circlet of Pisces (fish-head) and the northern constellation of Pegasus and it's famous "square". The later part (ca. 19 to 24 degrees) is an area where the resources and ideas "meet". As like the Scientist and Inventor meet the Investor - 2 or more types of resources join to become a project for manifestation for the greater good of All. This includes the art-sciences, the "alternative" medicine and similar "technologies".

Yet, there's an even greater/higher aspect of this all - our connections with the galaxy, the Universe and the realms we usually don't see - the connections we built in earlier Aquarius also on a "metaphysical" way are guiding us to the fulfillment and understanding.

Late and cusp area we're already influenced by more "spiritual" Pisces and Pegasus. Here we start to look for "more" than the material world - health and nourishment is a theme here. Practical solutions to integrate or activate the own inner "bio-technology" for a change to come, a change that is deep within like genetics, epigenetics and DNA. An area where we prepare our body-mind-spirit connection.  

You find more information on the Pisces page.

Veil Nebula Cygnus Loop

Veil Nebula in Cygnus

 a wide-field image, made as a color composite from individual exposures, photo: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage (STScI, AURA)-ESA, Hubble Collaboration, and the Digitized Sky Survey 2. – J. Hester (Arizona State University) and Davide De Martin (ESA, Hubble)

modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 


Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar 
                      Ian Ridpath's Star Tales  and  
                      Pdf-link to chapter 6 of "the constellations of ancient Egypt" by: 

                      Belmonte_Shaltout pdf     

the book "Griechische Mythologie" by Marilena Karabatea  

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