Libra and "surrounding"

Libra is of cardinal air and "ruled" by traditionally and modern Venus (the more mature one). 

Libra is about Justice and Fairness, mutuality, one to one relationships, balance and harmony, co-operations, agreements and legal matters. 

The constellation of Libra was seen by the ancients as “judgement day”, the scales that weigh the soul/ heart. It was also seen as not only the scales but also the clutches of the Scorpion – the balancing act of past and future path and the responsibility we have to take on, as to kind of “finalize” the past. If we carry too much baggage, our life becomes very “heavy” …. We can give this constellation a "karmic" feel - maybe best to understand by the Universal law of cause and effect.

Northnode in Libra: Chiron 4°50',

Southnode in Libra: Eris 11°30', Mars 25°, Mercury 24° 

Perihelion in Libra: Pluto  22°    (2020 heliocentric data) 

Libra is a small  constellation by now; meaning it has been "altered" in modern Astronomy because of the "extension" of the Virgin.  The main stars of Libra named "Zubenelgenubi,  Zubeneschamali and more", so I always call them the "Zubens"... South of the ecliptic we find the Hydra's tail and beneath standing the Centaurus, protecting the Crux (southern cross) which is "crowning" the end of Argo Navis with it's "Diamond".

The Sign of Libra did loose a lot of it's meaning, due to the change of the image - this is maybe a reflection of the actual "spiritual" state the Human collective was in at that time in the western world. A path and truth we have to rediscover in these modern times in order to bring back the consciousness of the natural order of life and it's cycles, which includes death and the incarnational cycle.

In this first half of Libra, we "re-discover" the natural order, the truth that is hidden under the lower body part of the Virgin. We need to "undress" ourselves to find the truth within and act accordingly. We're protected or guided by the constellation Bootes and it's alphastar Arcturus during this process. The re-emerging of the human soul into consciousness.... 

On a more physical level, it talks about the "birthing" of a new idea/manifestation into the judgments of every day life and to take the responsibility for what we "give birth to" (our actions). But also how we think about our own ideas. 

South of the ecliptic, spanning all the 30 degrees of Libra, we see the constellation Centaurus with it's famous Alpha-Centauri A, B, C- named Rigil Kentaurus, Toliman and Proxima Centauri  - this star and planetary system is the closest to Earth.  In Greek Mythology all the Centaurs play a big role with many stories. Some of them are as asteroids or dwarf planets still alive and talk about the "two sides/polarities" we're confronted with in the physical realms and the vicious cycles they create. The constellation though represents the mastery gained by "healing" and the understanding of the natural laws. Interestingly the constellation stands upright on the galactic equator just next and above Crux - the Southern Cross, which is the smallest of all constellations but the 4 main stars are all brighter than  +2.8 of magnitude.

The picture here talks about guarding the cross, symbol for the purity and sacredness of the souls incarnational path and "intent".     

Southern Cross (Crux), coalsack nebula, IC 2944

by Naskies at en.wikipedia 

Credit constellation map:

References:  Nick Antony Fiorenza (lunar planer) and Ian Ridpath's Star Tales and Belmonte_Shaltout (the constellations of ancient Egypt)

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