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Libra and her galactic and Universal connections

Libra is traditionally about justice and fairness, mutuality, one to one relationships, balance and harmony, co-operations, agreements and legal matters. 

In sidereal, star- and constellation based Astrology, we gain a lot of additional information about the galactic and Universal connections on our evolutionary and spiritual paths. 

The constellation of Libra was seen by the Ancients as “judgement day”, the scales that weigh the soul/ heart. It was also seen as the claws of the Scorpion – the balancing act of past and future path and the responsibility we have to take on, as to kind of “finalize” the past. If we carry too much baggage, our life becomes very “heavy” - just like the ancient Egyptians used a "feather" to weigh the heart/soul - the more we're "trapped" in the material world (only presence) and it's desires and emotions, the heavier our hearts weigh. 

The old Greeks depicted "Justitia" as a woman holding the scales, with open eyes (not blind folded) and carrying the double edged sword in the other hand. She was called Themis, a daughter of Gaia and Ouranus and Sister of Cronus/Saturn. She was the divine justice and order, the universal law and order (not man made laws) and was part of the oracle of Delphi.... Her daughter Eunomia (Asteroid 15) took over the "job" as "Justitia" (several sisters)... 

you can read more about Themis on 

Libra and Virgo constellation

Planetary points in sidereal Libra: 

Northnode: Chiron 4°34',

Southnode: Eris 11°19', Mars 24°40', Mercury 23°32' 

Perihelion: Pluto  21°16'    

(2023 heliocentric data) 

calculated with: true

The Sign of Libra - shared constellation:

Virgo, Libra and Scorpio - the depictions as said above, changed a lot. Virgo laying instead of standing and the Scorpion without "claws" and yes, Libra with nobody holding the scales up. Maybe it's now the time to remember the original depiction as a reminder, to get the awareness of the natural laws, the order and the truth about cycles of life. 

In the first half of the sign of Libra/lower body of Virgo, we "re-discover" the natural order, the truth that is hidden under the lower body part of the Virgin. We need to "undress" ourselves to find "hidden jewels" within and act accordingly. We're protected or guided by the constellation Bootes and it's alphastar Arcturus during this process (Archturus in late sidereal Virgo). The re-emerging of the human soul into consciousness.... 

On a more physical level, it talks about the "birthing" of a new idea/manifestation into the judgments of every day life and to take the responsibility for what we "give birth to" - our actions, our thoughts and our ideas. 

The stars and constellations:

I call the stars of Libra or "Scorpio's claws"  the "Zubens"... Alpha and Beta Librae are called Zubenelgenubi (Arabic: al zuban al janubiyy – southern claw) and Zubeneschamali (Arabic: al zuban al samaliyyah – northern claw). There are more stars starting with the word "Zuben" in Libra and early Scorpio. 

South of the ecliptic we find the Hydra's tail and beneath standing the Centaurus, protecting the Crux (southern cross page) which is "crowning" the end of Argo Navis with it's "Diamond" (Argo Navis page). 

The Centaur spans over all the southern 30 degrees of Libra with his famous Alpha-Centauri A, B, C- named Rigil Kentaurus, Toliman and Proxima Centauri  - this star and planetary system is the closest to Earth.  

In Greek Mythology all the Centaurs play a big role within many stories/tales. Some of them are as asteroids or dwarf planets still alive and talk about the "two sides/polarities" we're confronted with in the physical realms and the vicious cycles they create. The constellation though represents the mastery gained by "healing" and the understanding of the natural laws. Interestingly the constellation stands upright on the galactic equator just next and above Crux - the Southern Cross, which is the smallest of all constellations but the 4 main stars are all brighter than  +2.8 of magnitude.

The picture here talks about guarding the cross, symbol for the purity and sacredness of the souls incarnational path and "intent".  But also about the sacredness of the Cross - the galactic cross as well as Earth own cross (equinoxes and solstices, the 4 cardinal directions).

As mentioned further up - Justice - had a different meaning in ancient times... it was more about the Universal laws and especially about the "cause and effect"...  we could "justice" also call a "consequence" that happens whether we "punish" someone or not.... 

Southern Cross (Crux), coalsack nebula, IC 2944

by Naskies at en.wikipedia 

go to page "Crux" for more details.

crux and coalsack nebula and IC 2944 by

There are many questions: 

For so long time, there was an actual "figure" weighing/controlling the scales and for a few hundred years now, the scales are kind of "abandoned", laying there with no strength in it's "emptiness".... even though a part of the mythical picture is still there by the claws of the Scorpion and the laying Virgin giving birth but I think the more "evolutionary" picture is kind of hidden now.... BUT there's more of course.... 

When we look at whole constellation map, we can see that the constellation of Drago is going all around and that circumpolar but there's a little "cap" between the head and a swing of the tail and that "cap" is the sign of Libra but a little further - this "cap" starts at the tail-swing in ca. middle of Virgo to the head in ca. middle of Scorpio (around the longitude of Antares).... 

In the middle of this "cap" you can see standing "bright" the constellation Corona Borealis... and in the very south the constellation Crux/Southern Cross.... 

I think the changes in the depiction of the heavens do symbolize the state of collective consciousness we're in and that is about to change now again ...  Soooo many people are asking questions, doing research in all kinds of areas of life and science - it's not avoidable that answers surface...  I got various "ideas" and hints already but my research is ongoing and so I will leave the question open for everyone to think about..... 

modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 

References: Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar 
                      Ian Ridpath's Star Tales  and  
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                      Belmonte_Shaltout pdf        

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