Taurus and "surrounding"

The Pleiades - "the 7 Sisters" taken by the WISE infrared Telescope/spacecraft (NASA website)

Taurus is of fixed earth and is Venus' home. It's stable, slow, physical, organic, dependable but also sensual. Themes like survival, self reliance, the value system "inner and outer" including material values as mainly property, land but also money itself are important in Taurus. 

The Pleiades are of initiating and seeding energy.

Perseus is the Hero - the forward action to success.


In Taurus we meet many famous names - stars, clusters, galaxies and constellations. The Alpha Star of the Taurus constellation is Aldebaran - he's also associated with Archangel Michael. Aldebaran lies in the middle of the zodiacal sign Taurus at 14°47’. A Little above Aldebaran but also still just south of the ecliptic are the Hyades. The first half of Aries though is also famously occupied with the stars of the Pleiades (often called the 7 sisters), Algol and the Gorgoneas all assigned to Perseus - his alpha star is Mirfak. In the second half of Taurus, we find in the south, half of the constellation Orion (Bellatrix and Rigel in Taurus, Betelgeuse and Saiph in Gemini). In the north we have Augriga with the very bright Star Capella. The Horns of the bull are El Nath (north) and Al Hecka (new name Tianguan) a little south. Just a little north of Rigel (south of the ecliptic) is the star Cursa of Eridanus, which is the start of the river of life until it's "delta" in Aquarius.   

Planetary points in Taurus: (2020 heliocentric data)

Northnode: Ceres 26°, Uranus 19°30', Venus 22° 

Perihelion:  Juno  3° , Mercury 23°   

Aldebaran- the bull's eye - Watcher of the East: He's directly opposite of Antares (Watcher of the West/Archangel Uriel), the heart of the Scorpion. He is kind of the embodiment of Taurus. In Taurus we define our individuality and worth. So it's about values also in worldly affairs - Aldebaran is about taking the lead for the own wellbeing as well as on a global level, meaning it's about the home, business but also politics.. He wants us to take the physical steps towards our goals. 

The Hyades - the bull's head:

Pleiades (the bull's shoulder): The seven famous Sisters are of initiating action but also embody a bit of naivety/ open mindedness towards foreign surroundings. A bit of "watery" quality within the otherwise pretty earthly/ physical realms of Taurus.  

Perseus - the Hero:   Algol and the Gorgoneas represent the fears and obstacles on our path to self mastery and Perseus did slay them - so he stands over them and Mirfak, the alpha star of Perseus, which shines with a luminosity of 5000 times our sun. Mirfak as the alpha star embodies all that Perseus/or Individual has gained throughout the inner and outer process of inner development and to further reasonable action by using discernment.         

Auriga - the Charioteer: Capella (Latin: "female goat") is the alpha star. The driver of the steers above the ecliptic with a "broader" view on things, he seems like a Messenger and Guide, which would be fitting as it's next to Gemini. Also the story of Zeus, using a goat-skin to trick some Titans and then placing the "restored" goat into the heaven, makes some sense too. Fact is, that Capella and Auriga were known in mythologies all over the world and mainly spoke about the qualities of a Shephard and Guide.


Orion:  Probably one of the most famous constellations as it's so easy to spot. I've heard that some Indigenous Americans see Orion as a Spider, which at least right now (November in Thailand), when I look up, watching Orion rising, he looks more like a particular spider net, I photographed a few years ago and then, with it's path along the ecliptic and horizon, becomes "standing" later at night.... Many researchers and Scientists about the Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza saying, that they might be aligned to Orion - as a mapping system, also aligned with other places on Earth, which correlate with other constellations. A map of space and time. I personally think there are additional correlations maybe to be found - the sphinx being "in front" (if we look at the Sphinx representing Leo and maybe Virgo?) then the pyramids could have something to do with the galactic center, solar apex etc.... I really need to find a simulation program for such research ;-) ... In ancient Egypt, they thought Orion to be a "portal" to where the Souls would travel to after earthly death. Associated with the god Sah/Osiris. In the emerald tablets of Thoth there is also a section that talks about a passage way/border being a gate and guarded by two dogs (sounds a bit like Orion).                                     In Greek Mythology Orion is the Hunter Orion (described in several tales).                According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza, the Orion's are of architectural capacity. Especially Rigel and Bellatrix shall embody, direct and execute large, extravagant and grandiose projects, bringing good through commerce and business affairs, which would go along with them still being in the sign of Taurus.       I agree to all the above and interpret Orion truly as a passage-keeper or Guardian. The gateway to combine our inner life with the outer life - to combine "heavy" physical themes of Taurus with the airy, agile and social energies of Gemini. The physical realms with the mental realms or maybe even the spiritual realms.          

Credit constellation map: https://www.fourmilab.ch/yoursky/

References: Ian Ridpath's Star Tales .... Nick Antony Fiorenza (lunar planer)   

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