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Orcus      -    Protector of oaths

Astrologically Orcus represents the awareness and awakening to our own life purpose and "soul oath" in the meaning of the promises we make to ourselves. He represents the own paths, to follow the "own way", the calling we feel within, the gifts we have in order to "liberate" the flow of abundance. Confidence, "heart" and integrity to Self and therefore others, will open the doors for fulfillment.... 


Orcus belongs to the “Plutonian Bodies” and is in relationship with Neptune as well. There are the themes of greater evolutionary cycles, awareness and consciousness. Orcus is “silent” (more in the subconscious but wants to come to awareness) – Pluto is “loud” in the sense of in conscious awareness. 


Mythology:  Orcus (Latin: Orcus) was a god of the underworld, punisher of broken oaths in Italic and Roman mythology. As with Hades, the name of the god was also used for the underworld itself. In the later tradition, he was conflated with Dis Pater. Orcus was portrayed in paintings in Etruscan tombs as a hairy, bearded giant. A temple to Orcus may have existed on the Palatine Hill in Rome. It is likely that he was transliterated from the Greek daemon Horkos, the personification of Oaths and a son of Eris


Some Astronomy:  Orcus is a Kuiper belt object with a large moon called Vanth.

It was discovered on February 17, 2004 by Michael Brown of CaltechChad Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory and David Rabinowitz of Yale University. With a diameter of 910 km (570 mi), it is a possible dwarf planet.

Orcus orbits the Sun at a distance of 30.27 AU (4.53 billion km) which takes him 247.29 years (Pluto 248.02 years) and so both are in a 3 to 2 orbital resonance with Neptune (163.72 years).

Orcus is just a little smaller than Pluto. Orcus, Pluto and Neptune form a beautiful orbital pattern.  (Ref. Wikipedia) 

Orcus in Garden of Monsters in Italy by Alessio Domato

Orcus axis:

(heliocentric 2020)

Southnode:  4°01' Gemini
Northnode:  4°01' Sagittarius
Aphelion:    15°24' Leo
Perihelion:  15°24' Aquarius

Orcus' mouth at the Garden of Monsters near Bomarzo Italy.

Picture by Alessio Domato

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