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Pholus   -  a Centaur 


Pholus is in direct "contact" with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and Orcus. He's a "helping hand" when it comes to "healing" the own abilities but this often includes a profound, unexpected experience. He talks most about abilities and gifts in the field of perception - from the physical eyes and ears, to "visionary/psychic" abilities, dreams or other similar pathways, depending the location in a chart. 


Greek Mythology: 

Pholus was an Arcadian Centaur, wise and gentle and he was the Guardian and caretaker of the Centaurs vineyards and their wine. Pholus hosted Hercules in the cave and gave him some wine, when the other Centaurs arrived a fight started and in the end, Pholus punctured himself on a poisoned arrow he took out of another Centaur and so Pholus died. 


Some Astronomy: 

Pholus was the second centaur to be discovered. Centaurs are objects in between the asteroid and trans-Neptunian populations of the Solar System – that is, beyond Jupiter's and within Neptune's orbit – which behave with characteristics of both asteroids and comets.  The very reddish object has an elongated shape and a rotation period of 9.98 hours. It orbits the Sun once every 92 years and 1 month. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.57 and an inclination of 25° with respect to the ecliptic. It is believed that it originated in the Kuiper belt(Ref. Wikipedia)    

Pholus orbit in comparison with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Pholus axis:  (31.12.2020)

Southnode:  4°41' Capricorn

Northnode:  4°41' Cancer

Aphelion:     0°00' Capricorn     

Perihelion:   0°00' Cancer

no, not a typo - interesting isn't it...

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