Cancer and "surrounding"

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Cancer is of cardinal water. Themes are safety, the home, foundations, family but also about trust and to gain "wisdom" through experience.  Cancer is like a "womb", a sacred and safe place where we can return to to "charge our batteries" and to gain wisdom - the inside holds it all for us. The Lynx (Mountain-cat) and Monoceros (Unicorn) give the Cancer the ability, from within, to move between the realms and that "seen yet not seen" (which I call "under the radar") -in this area we become aware of the Hydras head and her message here is, be aware of your "loops", let go of the "heads" (thoughts and ideas) that no longer serve you and with that transform the "monster's head" into the 9-peddal lotus.

Planetary points in Cancer: (2020 data)
Neptune's Northnode at 16°54'

Pallas perihelion 14°30' and Venus at 16°57'   

Beside both cuspal degrees the whole Cancer-area is "unspectacular" - like the crab itself, is soft inside with a protective shell, the whole area of the zodiac seems to be protected from all sides. Just as there would be a secret hidden in the foundational womb of the crab's shell - maybe part of our individual truth....

Cancer is a small constellation and does not have any bright stars to mention. It's interesting though, that Canis major's Procyon is in the early part of sid. Cancer. The Lynx (Mountain Cat) stretches from Gemini all over the constellation of Cancer. Half of Ursa Major is above Cancer. Just south we see the head of Hydra and further south the beginnings of Argo Navis, it just had started in very late Gemini with bright Canopus.

Gemini-Cancer cuspal area: Here we find Procyon of Canis minor as well as Aludra of Canis major. In classic astrology Procyon is said to bring wealth and good fortune  - sometimes also called the "faithful hound of Pollux" (Pollux is the immortal one of the Twins). All over the world, we find Procyon in tales and mysteries - for sure there is a connection to the greater evolutionary process at work through him too - being on the "Cancer side", may extend the protection to the inner "sacred" life of the crab....  Aludra of Canis major, seems to be lost and alone there on the cancer-side, and that might be exactly what she stands for, another realm and the ability to stand as an individual, unique being even against "blame" or conventions.

 The lion's head: is expressing through late Cancer. Algenubi, the eye of the lion and Rasalas, the crown of the lion. The lion calls out to explore the "renewed" life and gives freely of his free thinking abilities. 

The cuspal area between Gemini and Cancer:

in the south Canis minor and Monoceros and the beginning of Argo Navis marked by the very bright star Canopus at around 20 degrees Gemini, ending under Virgo/Libra with the Carina clusters in full sight or just before the southern Cross.

In the North the Lynx (Mountain cat) and Telescopium.

Monoceros and Canis Minor Gemini Cancer
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Credit constellation map: - Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius (Argo Navis)

References:  Nick Antony Fiorenza (lunar planer) and Ian Ridpath's Star Tales and Belmonte_Shaltout (the constellations of ancient Egypt)