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Cancer and its galactic and Universal connections

Cancer constellation map

Planetary points in sidereal Cancer: 

Southnode: Chariklo 5°42',

Northnode: Pholus 4°38', Haumea 7°17', Neptune 16°55', Sedna 29°30' 


Most North: Eris ca. 11°7'

Perihelion: Pallas 14°42', Venus 16°29'    

(2023 heliocentric data) 

calculated with: true

Cancer themes are safety, the home, family but also about trust and to gain "wisdom" through experience.  Cancer is like a "womb", a sacred and safe place where we can return to and "charge our batteries" or gain wisdom - the inside holds it all for us.

Cancer is also a "processing center" in some ways - information is discerned, validated or dismissed etc. but Cancer is also emotional and those do bring "things into motion", which can bring big transformation - like a little bird learning to fly to leave the nest, or the caterpillar cocoons and then flies off as a butterfly... 

In ancient Egypt, Cancer was depicted as the Scarabaeus - kind of "cleaning"/discerning but also "breeding" - a very transformative sign - it was thought to be very spiritual (from inside out) as to be able to "self emanate"  in the sense of generating the own light and creations. 

Sometimes Cancer was depicted as a turtle - also in other traditions. 

The constellation Cancer is "unspectacular" - like the crab itself, it's soft inside with a protective shell, the whole area of the zodiac seems to be protected from all sides. Just as there would be a secret hidden in the foundational womb of the crab's shell - maybe part of our individual truth....


Canis minor's Procyon is in the early part of sidereal Cancer. The Lynx (Mountain Cat) stretches from Gemini all over the constellation of Cancer. Half of Ursa Major is above Cancer. Just south we see the head of Hydra and further south the beginnings of Argo Navis, it just had started in late Gemini with bright Canopus.

Monoceros and Canis Minor Gemini Cancer
Argo Navis by Johannes Hevelius

The cuspal area between Gemini and Cancer:

in the south Canis minor and Monoceros and the beginning of Argo Navis marked by the very bright star Canopus at around 20 degrees Gemini, ending under Virgo/Libra with the Carina clusters in full sight or just before the southern Cross.

In the North the Lynx (Mountain cat) and Telescopium.

Lynx by Urania's Mirror

Gemini-Cancer cuspal area:

 Here we find Procyon of Canis minor as well as Aludra of Canis major. In classic astrology Procyon is said to bring wealth and good fortune  - sometimes also called the "faithful hound of Pollux" (Pollux is the immortal one of the Twins). All over the world, we find Procyon in tales and mysteries - for sure there is a connection to the greater evolutionary process at work - being on the "Cancer side", may extend the protection and "intention" to the inner "sacred" life of the crab....  

Aludra of Canis major, seems to be lost and alone there on the cancer-side, and that might be exactly what she stands for, another realm and the ability to stand as an individual, unique being even against "blame" or conventions.

The Lynx (Mountain-cat) and Monoceros (Unicorn) give the Cancer the ability, from within, to move between the realms and that "seen yet not seen" (which I call "under the radar"), kind of "protected" ... 

The middle of Cancer  

is a good example for the works of "evolutionary and spiritual Astrology". It holds the "Beehive Cluster" also known as Praesepe M44 (a beehive is contained of lots of hexagons - 6 pointed star shape / container - just like Saturn's northpole) and stars like Decapoda a little north of the ecliptic at around 11 degrees sid. Cancer.

Here we talk about "engineering the self", structuring and optimization - the least effort and resource for the best of outcome.  Same time it's a completion of self that leads to the ability to see the "other" as "self". Just like loving self is a building block for the ability to truly love another. 

 In this area we become aware of the Hydras head and her message here is, be aware of your "loops", let go of the "heads" (thoughts and ideas) that no longer serve you and with that transform the "monster's head" into the 9-peddal lotus. 

Isn't it interesting, that the glyph of Cancer looks like a 69 (horizontal) or two 9's - either way, it connects to the quantum geometric physics (Adam Apollo - YouTube) of communication and eventually the "3rd eye".

With Decapoda - which means "10 legged" - we finish or complete something, we're becoming "self aware" - yet, that's not the end....   

I find it truly interesting that the perihelia of Pallas (creative solutions) and Venus (heart, values, beauty), as their most influential points, lay at around 14 and 16 degrees and then Neptune's northnode (path of action) at almost 17 degrees - all above the Hydra's head - communication, which can occur in many different ways, even through dreams.... 

With all these planetary points or "axis" involved, there's a direct link with the opposite constellations or sign created - that means in this case with sidereal Capricorn - a "back and forth"....


a little story (no tale) that "matches":

Ankor Wat in Cambodia is considered to have been started to be built in the 9th century (first were Preah Ko and Bakong). I'm not sure when (11th or 12th century), yet there was a Chinese merchant visiting Ankor and wrote a journal, which is preserved. He wrote, that he heard the king talking at night but no "physical" being has been seen and that it was said, that the king is in communication with the Hydra (or maybe a Naga?). 

 The lion's head: 

is expressing through late Cancer. Algenubi, the eye of the lion and Rasalas, the crown of the lion. The lion calls out to explore the "renewed" life and gives freely of his adventurous and free thinking abilities. It's an area where we start to explore the abilities or freedom gained - just like one starts to leave the nest...

It's in my "books" significant, that Sedna's Northnode is in this cuspal area - a shift of building the "own kingdom", creating from a state liberated of the abandonments and betrayals we may have experienced in the outer world as a reminder not to abandon oneself.... 

Ursa Major 

the great Bear, big dipper, wagon - spans over Cancer and Leo with it's head over Cancer (the nose over the Twins in very late sidereal Gemini) and tail over Leo, therefore in the direction of the precession of Earth (just like the lion). I though have also seen depictions, where the tail became the head - maybe a personal decision one has to make here.... 

Ursa Major in general is perceived as of "governing" energy, leading and nourishing - on a "higher" level.... 
There's another constellation - Ursa Minor - the "little bear" - therefore a "parenting" energy can be added to Ursa Major.

The stars Talitha and Alkaphrah mark the forelegs / paws of the bear and lay in longitude at around 9 to 10 degrees sidereal Cancer.

The star Upsilon Ursa Majoris marks the hip of the Bear (in older depictions though, the chest of the Bear) and stands at roughly the same longitude of the ecliptic as Praesepe (beehive), yet very north of the ecliptic - this star marks the most northern point of orbit of the outer planet Eris
These 2 or 3 degrees in longitude are of supportive energy - it's especially when it comes to protect the emerging "self" out of the shell. Anything that is based on "inner freedom and truth" and therefore holds a heartfelt inspiration and goal. 

Dubhe is the name of the alpha star and marks the middle of the back of the bear in longitude at 20 degrees sid. Cancer and the beta star Merak marking the belly/side at around 24 degrees (over the nose of the lion) - both these stars stand over Leo minor... 
Dubhe does hold the energy of envisioning / planning a path even if it's against the current "paradigm" of political or religious dogmas. Merak can then bring some "urgency" feeling of taking action accordingly. 


modern constellation map created with:
Urania's Mirror - Johannes Hevelius 

References: Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar 
                      Ian Ridpath's Star Tales  and  
                      Pdf-link to chapter 6 of "the constellations of ancient Egypt" by: 

                      Belmonte_Shaltout pdf        

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