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Chariklo   -  Chiron's wife    

Chariklo key words are: Nurturing the “Outsiders”, Optimistic, well balanced, stable, understanding and neutral truth. Unique perceptual capacity (different viewpoints), private, secret and safe places and she's also about the art-sciences.  Chariklo shows us how we build and protect our own "sanctuary" - how or where we feel safe and the boundaries we set for others to be let into our personal space. When we feel safe, we're open to accept other people views even we know, that not everybody's intention may be good we can discern....

As an Centaur, Chariklo is usually behaving as an Asteroid but can become like a Comet - she and all the Centaurs are connecting the outer realms with the societal realms....  Chariklo connects Uranus and Saturn... 


Chariklo was discovered in Cancer conjoining Praesepe M44. 

Northnode: 5°41 Capricorn    Southnode: 5°41 Cancer

Perihelion:  6°56 Virgo            Aphelion:    6°56 Pisces


Greek Mythology:  Chariklo is a divine goddess archetype; her name is from the Greek word, ‘chari’ which means grace, and ‘klo’ which means spinning. It is said that Chariklo weaves grace into creation. Chariklo was also the trusted aide to Vesta, the sacred tender of temple flame and companion and helper to Athena, goddess of wisdom. She's also the wife of Chiron - they lived a bit away from the other Centaurs and had several children together. They were welcoming and helping many who seek sanctuary and wisdom.


Some Astronomy:   Chariklo is the largest confirmed centaur (small body of the outer Solar System). It orbits the Sun between Saturn and 

Uranusgrazing the orbit of Uranus with an orbital period of about 63 years. On 26 March 2014, astronomers announced the discovery of two rings around Chariklo by observing a stellar occultation, making it the first minor planet known to have rings.    (Ref. Wikipedia)    

Chariklo artist impression by NASA Scien

Artists impression of Chariklo and her rings  -   Picture credit:   NASA Science site

Chariklo orbit

Chariklo pink  -  Uranus green - Saturn yellow - Jupiter red

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