Ixion        lust for life    

Astrologically Ixion talks about how we react to the power/force of lust. Often mistaken to be desires, which are talking about something already "existing". Lust is a creative power - the one within a seed that grows and forces itself through the soil towards the sun, the air and so on. This creative force, can be misused of course, as any force/power can and it then "backfires" - the power controls us instead of being a creative tool and the same happens, if we suppress it.  Ixion makes us aware of this principle and with being aware of it, we can loose the fear and use the power we have for wonderful creations... 

Mythology:  In Greek Mythology Ixion was a descendent of Ares and also the "grandfather" of the Centaurs except of Chiron of course. In the story we find various themes about manipulations, deceit, murder and treating women like property.  A karmic cycle full of vengeance, retaliation and so on... 

Some Astronomy:  Ixion was discovered on 22 May 2001 by a team of American astronomers at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. Visible absolute Magnitude of 3,83 and an orbital period of 250 to 251 years and he's in the list of the 22 largest TNOs so far and is in an orbital 3:2 resonance with Neptune.    (Ref. Wikipedia)

Ixion by Hubble Space Telescope on 5 02

By Hubble Space Telescope/Michael E. Brown -

taken on 05th February 2006. 


Ixion Orbit by Eurocommuter.png

Ixion's orbit in green. 

Pluto red and Neptune gray/white.


Illustration By User: Eurocommuter - Plotted by a program written by the author, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=722164