Chiron      -    "The wounded Healer and divine Centaur"    

Chiron speaks about our inner wounds and traumas, that blocks us from reaching our potential. He's a very intelligent Teacher and Healer but he's also an Outsider. Gaining understanding through experiences - to gain consciousness. I also see, that he's talking about the difference between "self sacrifice" and "sacrifice to self". 

The placement in a chart can give us information of how we try to "heal" ourselves - how we can stand in our truth and "sacrifice" our false beliefs. 

Greek Mythology:  Chiron was a son of Cronus and Philyra (a sea nymph) but was abandoned by his mother, due to his form. He was adopted by Apollon who taught him all his wisdom and he was further trained by Apollon's Twin Artemis. He became a master in an astonishing list of sciences and art-sciences. He then later taught Achilles. He was married to Chariklo and they had 3 Children together. Chiron was an outsider but became respected and honored due to his personality and his mastery. He accidentally got wounded and because he was immortal and couldn't heal himself, he gave up his immortality to save Prometheus life. Through this act he was healed and became a part of the Olymp.

Some Astronomy:   Chiron is a small Solar System body in the outer Solar System, orbiting the Sun between Saturn and Uranus. Discovered in 1977 by Charles Kowal, it was the first-identified member of a new class of objects now known as centaurs—bodies orbiting between the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt.  Chiron's orbit was found to be highly eccentric (0.37), with perihelion just inside the orbit of Saturn and aphelion just outside the perihelion of Uranus (it does not reach the average distance of Uranus, however). According to the program Solex, Chiron's closest approach to Saturn in modern times was around May 720, when it came within 30.5±2.0 million km (0.204 ± 0.013 AU) of Saturn. During this passage Saturn's gravity caused Chiron's semi-major axis to decrease from 14.55±0.12 AU to 13.7 AU. Chiron's orbit does not intersect Uranus. Chiron came to perihelion (closest point to the Sun) in 1996 and will reach aphelion mid 2021.    (Ref. Wikipedia)    

Chiron = white    Jupiter = red   Saturn = yellow    Uranus = green      Neptune = blue

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