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FA's astro-talk, course, meetings, events...

I was "interviewed" - my, I was nervous .... 
links to You Tube - One Sky Astrology by Michael

Part 1           Part 2  

We talked about heliocentric sidereal Astrology and then we went "beyond", I presented some more "scientific" aspects yet in a hopefully understandable way as I'm a layperson in this as well.... then we went on to "philosophize" as well.... 

Course parts 01 to 04.3 are live!!!! 
From introduction up to Pluto....

The course features many topics:  

History and mythology, the solar system, the planetary bodies (Mercury to Pluto), the cycles of Earth and planetary cycles as well as their Geometry 
and much more... 

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updates on what is planned or new on the pages, blog posts etc. 

FA's astro talk - my new additional blog

FA's astro-talk  -  LINK....

introduction picture with text about FA's astro-talk on Substack

Upcoming Events

  • FA's community meeting
    FA's community meeting
    Sat, Oct 15
    community meeting
    Oct 15, 2022, 4:00 PM – 11:30 PM GMT+7
    community meeting
    I love to talk astrology and whatever else related (pretty wide topic range) and I would love to exchange with you All... I'm also ready to answer questions regarding the course...
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