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Quantum Physics is telling us, that everything is One and entangled. The Universe is "fractal" and therefore each of us a "Fractal" - Astronomy is confirming the tales and myths from our ancestors and Astrology translates this knowledge and wisdom into our every day life but also into evolutionary paths - Astrology may help to become more aware and conscious about the connection each and everyone of us got - the individual being....
Where the celestial Bodies "stand", viewed from earth at a certain moment gives a lot of information - additional information we gain through the bodies orbits, nodes and cycles with other bodies as well as the angles (Geometry).
As I also like to watch the sky and stars, I use the actual constellations a body seems to stand in and not the western, season based zodiac.

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- Jupiter's "Trojans" and the resulting aspects           incl. Lagrange point explanation and aspects -       the Kite and it's other aspects within.