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Quantum Physics as well as "spiritual teachers" are telling us, that everything is One and entangled. The Universe is "fractal" and therefore each of us a "Fractal" - Astronomy is confirming the tales and myths from our ancestors and Astrology translates this knowledge and wisdom into our every day life, evolutionary paths and helps to become more aware and conscious about the own individual being and the connections to the "All"....

Where the celestial Bodies "stand", viewed from Earth or the Sun at a certain moment gives a lot of information - additional information we gain through the bodies orbits, nodes and cycles with other bodies as well as the angles (Geometry).

As I also like to watch the sky and stars, I use the actual constellations a body seems to stand in and not the western, season based zodiac.

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  • Jupiter's "Trojans" and the resulting aspects incl. Lagrange point explanation and some aspect-patterns like the Kite, which I call a  Pyramid (triangular basis).

  • Black Holes, the Sculptor constellation and "Origins"... interesting scientific findings may "validate" the Astrological interpretations.... 

All my work about planetary cycles you find on the page "Axis and Cycles"  

... an ongoing process..... 

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